Massage in Jakarta

Indonesian economy is growing rapidly. Prices are also considerably higher than before, but the current situation is that other countries are still a lot more expensive. That’s why in Jakarta, you can get a stable technical massage at a low price in a clean shop. Introducing Jakarta’s massages and spas, as well as 5 recommended massages and spas in detail.

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About Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a highly populated megacity. It is the largest city in Indonesia and the center of economy and politics. It is also famous that many Japanese companies are expanding into Jakarta. The number of foreigners living in Jakarta for work, such as expatriates and overseas business trips, is increasing, and the number of popular western restaurants is also increasing.

About Jakarta

Indonesia’s economy is growing rapidly, but there are considerable disparities between cities. Among Indonesia, Jakarta is expensive and the minimum wage is twice that of the ancient city of Yogyakarta. It’s also a problem that there are so many differences within the same country. Jakarta is one of the most expensive in Indonesia.

Comparing the minimum wage between the USA and Jakarta, the US is more than several times higher. Prices in Jakarta are cheaper for local Indonesians to buy and use, and whiskey and other alcoholic beverages and western restaurants are more expensive than in the west.

Massage Shops and spas in Jakarta

The metropolis of Jakarta has a variety of massage and spa shops. There are a variety of shops, from popular shops that locals go to, to popular luxury spas targeting foreigners. There are many famous luxury hotels in Jakarta, and the hotels have a spa, which is a little cheaper than the spas of the same level in other expensive countries.

Of course, it is also nice to relax at the luxury spa in a luxurious atmosphere. But in the rapidly developing Jakarta, we especially recommend getting a satisfying level of massage at a low price. It’s a little more expensive than the locals go to, but it’s still a lot cheaper than in Europe or the US, and there are more and more clean shops where foreigners can relax.

Many foreigners, are stationed or visiting in Jakarta. You can rest assured that these massage and spa shops targeting foreigners are accustomed to serving and responding to foreigners. Many foreigners stationed in Jakarta regularly go to these massage and spa shops.

Characteristics of an Indonesian Massage

In Indonesia, traditional massages such as Balinese massage and cream spa are famous and popular with tourists. Both use oils and creams for body and head massage. Even in massage and spa shops in Jakarta, it is common to use oils and creams.

Speaking of Ma’s popular massage shops in Jakarta, there are many reflexology shops, and this type of shop offers body massage as well as foot massage. Oil is often used on the neck and shoulders, and you need to take off your clothes if you want to receive it. Most massage and spa treatments start from an hour or more.

Jakarta Massage Prices

There are many beauty salons, spas, and massage shops in Jakarta. In Jakarta, which is one of the most expensive in Indonesia, the price of massage is also a little higher comparing to the rest of the country. A 1-hour aroma massage at a luxury hotel spa can cost you 1.000.000 IDR Indonesian rupiah, or about $70 USD.

The massage and spa shops introduced here are a little more expensive than the shops that locals go to, and they are clean and have services and technologies that satisfy foreigners. Around 120.000 Indonesian rupiah (about $8 USD) for 1 hour even at a slightly higher price.

About Jakarta Massage Cleanliness

Some of us worry about cleanliness, especially when it comes to massage. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and the city, is becoming more and more modern with new buildings. However, the cleanliness is inferior to that of Japan. It is a daily occurrence that garbage is falling on the road and flies are hungry for food stalls. For foreigners who like beauty, some people are concerned about the hygiene in Jakarta.

Many foreigners are visiting or living in Jakarta, and the number of shops for foreigners is increasing. Local people know that some foreigners are concerned with hygiene. So they’re improving their massage shops and spas to cater not only for the locals but also for the foreigners who are accustomed to luxurious conditions.

Is Massage Reservation Required in Jakarta?

As in Japan, it is safer to make a reservation in advance at a massage shop in Jakarta. Especially at beauty salons and spas, it may take some time to prepare, so it is better to make a reservation so that you can receive it smoothly and comfortably. However, it is of course possible to get a massage by diving without making a reservation. If you are in a shopping mall or a massage shop on the road, you can feel free to take it if it is available.

Massage Tipping in Jakarta

Indonesian guidebooks may say that you don’t need a tip. In fact, Indonesia also has a habit of tipping. In a taxi, small amounts are rounded down and the driver may not give you change instead of a tip. Also, if you receive any service such as a hotel or a beauty salon, you may give it to the other party with gratitude.

Tipping is not required if you have a massage in Jakarta, but it is smarter to tip for good service. The market price of tips given to practitioners at massages and spas is 10,000 Indonesian rupiah (IDR). If you are very impressed, and you think that you will return, it is a good idea to give a nice tip.

Massage Shops and Spas in Jakarta

Please see our article about the top Massage Shops and Spas in Jakarta. Additionally, you may want to read about Yogyakarta Massage as well – the prices in Jogja are cheaper and the location is beautiful.

Other Massage Places in Asia

You’d be pleased to hear that Asia is the place for massage, especially oil and soapy massage. Japan and Thailand, of course, are the top countries for this type of massage. But Taiwan is also a great destination. Check-out 個工 which is the Spaland in various Taiwanese locations such as Taichung, Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Tainan.

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Thailand borders are open visa-free for tourists

Thailand borders are now open and VISA-FREE for citizens from select countries including the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and most of the EU countries. The announcement was made on December 17th, 2020.  See here the full list of 56 countries.

Visa-Free Travel to Thailand for Select Travelers

After many flip-flops, that seemed to never end, the Thailand government just confirmed certain nationals may fly directly and enter the country without having to apply for a visa. These are not the previous E-Visa, Visa on Arrival, or the Thailand Special Tourist Visa programs but, yet again, a new program that was launched just in time for the winter holidays in 2020. Christmas 2020 is a few days away and it used to be the busiest time for tourists to visit the Land of Smiles.

These recent changes do not seem very attractive. For some travelers, the 14 days quarantine is a deal-breaker, and for good reason. For those looking at a fast choice, I would instead recommend a list of countries that do not require Covid-19 testing and DO NOT IMPOSE QUARANTINE on travelers. Thailand was looking to have a travel-bubble with countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and a few other Asian countries. The Japanese blogs were talking about this situation since Japanese travelers like to travel to seaside resorts in Thailand.

Need to know about traveling to Thailand

True enough, the visa requirements have been dropped for certain nationalities. Yet there are still a few hoops to jump through. Here is what you still need to do as a traveler to Thailand in December 2020.

  1. Quarantine is still required for travelers. A 14 days quarantine program is in place for all travelers arriving in Thailand.
  2. A COVID-19 test with negative results is required. The test must be taken less than 72 hours before arrival.
  3. All travelers must book a “quarantine hotel” approved by the Thai government. That is to say that it could get expensive as only select hotels pass the government’s health and safety criteria.

Program update for travelers to Thailand

The current program being put in place in December 2020. Here is what has changed from previous programs.

  1. The number of testing taken during the quarantine has increased from 2 to 3 times! This seems like a step backward. There are no details as to what will happen if travelers will test positive during the isolation.
  2. The visa will be amended after the quarantine time to allow travelers to stay 45 days instead of 30 days. It is said that this way to compensate for the quarantine time loss.
  3. The Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations are not canceled, as of December 18. However, the Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha mentioned that the local authorities may cancel any festivities if health protocols are no being followed.

List of countries without needing a visa to Thailand in 2020-2021

  1. Countries that may enter Thailand visa-free for a period of 90 days

South Korea, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru

  1. Countries that may enter Thailand visa-free for a period of 30 days

United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bahrain, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Principality of Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Monaco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, San Marino, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Republic of Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Hong Kong, Vietnam

Still to be clarified

There are still many unknowns as with all of the recent announcements made by the Thai Kingdom. Some statements are rather confusing such as the Health Minister saying that these programs are aimed at visitors from “low-risk” countries. It is a fact that the USA and Brazil are two of the countries with some of the highest number of infections, and they are still being placed on the current visa-free list.

Starting January 1st an assessment project will gather data and recommend if a 10-day quarantine is feasible. This will improve the situation a bit though generally many will still regard it as the biggest impediment.

It is unclear how citizens of other countries, not on the above list, may enter Thailand and when. According to a spokesman of the Thai Foreign Affairs Ministry, travelers from other countries may still be eligible for a 90-day stay. The complete details are missing.

List of Quarantine Hotels in Bangkok

Travelers must quarantine only in special hotels approved by the Thai government. This certainly adds a high cost to your trip to Thailand as these hotels are on the high end. The quarantine hotels in Bangkok start at around 80 euros per night.

Here is a list with Quarantine Hotels put together by the

It seems that was bypassed by this booking offer while Agoda is selling rooms in the officially approved Bangkok hotels.

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Nepal has opened for tourists in December 2020

Now that mount Everest has a new official height, would you like to spend Christmas or New Year’s Eve in Kathmandu? Hard to believe but it is now possible as Nepal has opened for tourists again in December of the infamous year 2020. Actually, Nepal is the first Asian country that opens for real, after (or during?) the so-called Covid-10 pandemic. That is if we don’t consider the curious case of Cambodia which requires travelers to make a deposit of $2000.00 USD  (previously $3000.00) towards a potential Covid-19 treatment in a local hospital.

This is a step forward from the previous opening in October 2020

Previously, Nepal was “kind of open” for tourism starting October 17, 2020. Though the October opening phase was meant to allow exclusively trekkers. The rules and conditions were confusing enough to make navigation hardly possible.

Luckily there is good news coming out of Nepal. Tourists may again travel to this beautiful country and the Himalaya mountains. Read on to find out what is needed in order to be able to enter the country. As there are a few hoops still such as quarantine, even though the quarantine time has been reduced to 7 days.

New rules of the December opening phase

Yes, this time is official and comes at a time when the locals need it most. However, this could have been done earlier. The best time for trekking in Nepal is in October and November. While December the sky is clear and the views are amazing, the temperature plummets while hiking up the mountain.

The Nepal Department of Immigration released a statement with some of the most important rules for tourists wanting to visit.

  1. Tourists arriving in Nepal must apply and get a visa from Nepal Embassies or consulates abroad. We think that it could be any diplomatic mission and not only in the countries of residence. As there are no Nepal consulates in all the countries of the world. That is not something confirmed at this point.
  2. Tourists must arrive by air. That is not to say that Indian tourists are not allowed to cross the land border. It probably means that tourists must fly into Kathmandu. The land borders are still shut.
  3. A Covid-19 PCR test with a negative result must be presented. This test must be taken within 72 hours of arrival at Kathmandu airport.
  4. All travelers to Nepal must undergo a 7 days quarantine in a hotel in Kathmandu. There are no details if only certain hotels are approved to host tourists. Most likely there are no such designated hotels and every traveler should make their own arrangements.
  5. Travelers will be tested on the 5th day of the quarantine and they will be released on the 7th day. We still don’t know what will happen if this test on day 5 will return positive results.
  6. Apparently, travel insurance (health insurance?) that covers COVID-19 is required. This insurance must cover at least $5000.00 USD.

Other things to note about the current situation in Nepal

  1. There are no restrictions as to which nationalities are allowed to apply for a Nepal tourist visa.
  2. Tourists may be asked to wear face masks while in Nepal. There was even talk of face shields required for passengers on long journeys.
  3. Nepal’s government had stopped international flights on March 20, 2020, and placed the whole country in a lockdown from March 24 to July 21. Certain restrictions are being enforced.
  4. Flights between Nepal and India to start as an “air bubble” project on December 17, 2020.
  5. Nepalese travelers to India must present a PCR test and will be required to spend 2 weeks in quarantine.

Types of activities open in Nepal

  • Trekking and climbing activities are open. They do require a permit though.
  • Hotels and lodgings are open.
  • Restaurants and supermarkets are open.
  • Tourism attractions and activities are open.

Flight Prices to Kathmandu in December 2020 and January 2021

As many airlines have canceled some of their flights to India and Nepal it is becoming ever more expensive to travel to this part of the world. Here are some of the flight fares we have found available for booking online. Keep in mind that these flights may be canceled and prices do fluctuate often.

The following are ONE-WAY flights.

Delhi to Kathmandu Flights

December 2020

From $60.00 to $120.00 direct flights
From $230.00 to $250.00 (indirect flights via Dubai or Saudi Arabia)

January 2021

From $60.00 to $120.00 direct flights

London to Kathmandu Flights

December 2020 Flights

$400.00 with 2 stops via Istanbul and Dubai
$450.00 with 1 stop via Delhi
$600.00 with 1 stop via Doha

January 2021 Flights

$400.00 with 1 stops via Istanbul
$460.00 with 1 stop via Delhi
$475.00 with 1 stop via Abu Dhabi

Singapore to Kathmandu Flights

December 2020

$420.00 with 1 stops via Dubai
$660.00 direct with Singapore’s Silk Air (only a few dates available)

January 2021 Flights

$320.00 with 1 stops via Delhi
$410.00 with 1 stop via Kuala Lumpur
$510.00 with 1 stop via Abu Dhabi
$650.00 direct with Singapore’s Silk Air (only a few dates available)

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What to expect at a Massage Spa Shop in India during the Pandemic?

What to expect at a massage or spa shop in India during the pandemic?

We all know that a Massage Spa is to get a full relaxed mind and luxurious feeling. It is to enjoy the most unforgettable and splendid experience of pampering. But, is it safe to visit a Massage or Spa shop right now? We all know how the importance of staying at home or maintain hygiene & physical distancing with others. It can help us to keep our loved ones and ourselves fit and healthy.

In India, almost all the major or metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and others have Massage/Spa centers. By the way, this industry is continuously growing at a fast pace for the past few years!

Why do we need a massage and a spa treatment?

There are tons of benefits one can enjoy from a regular Massage Spa:

  • – Helps in better breathing
  • – To get relief from different kinds of stress
  • – Avoids wrinkles and aging issues
  • – To get strength in the weak muscles
  • – Helps in maintaining better heart rate
  • – To release the stored tension
  • – Lessen the blood pressure
  • – To relax the muscles
  • – Cures back pain, fibromyalgia, back pain, arthritis, and rheumatic conditions
  • – A sound night sleep
  • – Relaxation from chronic muscle pain
  • – Body detoxification
  • – To treat temporary paralysis, nerve damage, internal bleeding, and allergic reactions in facial massage
  • – Enhance alertness
  • – Digestive wellbeing and better bone blood supply
  • – To get out of pains and aches
  • – Helps in reducing body weight
  • – To give relief from constipation and gas
  • – Enhance the circulation and flow of Blood
  • – To control stamina and anxiety
  • – Rectifies muscular imbalances
  • – To maintain emotional balance and better concentration power
  • – Helps in the development of the immune system
  • – To flush out the metabolic wastes
  • – Fewer Headaches, More Happiness
  • – To enhance the energy levels
  • – Relaxation from Fosters
  • – To break the Scar Tissue
  • – Rehabilitation of the Injured Muscles

The big query is, is it Safe to attend a Massage Session in this Pandemic Period?

Let us briefly look at the common doubts people generally have in their minds and answers. All of them might help you to find the answer to the above big query!

Do you book a Massage/Spa online or by phone?

It depends from one service to another about whether they are allowing online or telephonic appointments or not. It is the best option that you should try to avoid getting yourself exposed to a large number of the public at the waiting lounge of the spa center!

Do you walk in directly or wait outside the Spa until they call you?

Once you have the appointment, it is best to inform them about your presence and wait until they call you. It can help you to maintain a safe distance from other people inside. Otherwise, you need to walk-in and discuss your requirements.

How are clients being kept separated from other Guests?

Most of them take care of staggered entry with proper social distancing to a limited number of their clients.

Do people get infected at the Spa or Massage shop?

Till both the clients and staff follow the safety protocols and hygiene, the infections can be prevented from spreading much. You can consult about the procedure before finalizing any service. As an alternative, online therapy and consultation are better solutions that the Massage centers can try.

Do people still get a massage now, or are they afraid?

During the lockdown, most people suffer from poor mental health, stress, sleep disorder, and depression. As per WHO, wellness is to achieve social, mental, and physical well-being.

After going through the above benefits of taking massage and Spa, we cannot deny that this therapy will keep us fit and healthy. But the main issue is that people fear the new COVID-19 virus!

Are the massage spa therapists still employed, and are they afraid to work?

Yes, of course, since the staff is also normal humans. They are having the risk of being working in proximity to many new clients every day. However, every problem has a solution.

The Spa industry also needs to come forward and promote their service. They need to find newer strategies to offer their service to prove it completely safe for their clients.

Is it safe to take professional massage?

Spas already included Ayurveda in their treatment process that denotes ‘Ayur’ life and ‘Veda’ or knowledge. So a Spa or Message is beneficial but Labor intensive service.

Today many spa management is following the right precautions. It can help you save your clients and staff from the virus to ensure their business runs like ever. Today, you can find the following changes in the spa centers;

  • – It is mandatory for the staff to wear gloves and face masks and do not hesitate to use sanitizers whenever required.
  • – Regular monitoring of body temperature.
  • – Fitness certificate of clients from a Doctor.
  • – They are maintaining proper required hygiene.
  • – Top-notch air circulation and purification systems.
  • – Using better quality of water.
  • – They are discarding used face covers and gloves properly after the suggested usage limit.
  • The shops won’t take a booking from travelers that arrived in the country without following the proper travel protocol. Covid travel restrictions do play an important role.

You can also follow proper precautionary steps from your side like Family vehicle is the safest transportation mode.

Final Thoughts

People love to be at home to maintain social distancing as much as possible, so these services’ demand has dropped a lot. Appointments for spa and massage were dropped at a fast pace since the rise of the pandemic. It is all because the therapy heavily relies on human contact.

There is still a possibility of danger for many small businesses and need support from their clients to survive further. Many spas or massage centers still need to realize the importance of switching their company on online platforms. They can use digital marketing to revolutionize their sales.

Many massage spa businesses offer gift cards, voucher codes, and discounts to their clients for long term benefits. They at least need to target the local people who are living within small motorable distances. They must avoid temporary discontinuation or complete closure of services.

Some people do not like the squeaky sound coming from the latex gloves and the disinfectant smell. Anyhow, we all need to manage and fight the ongoing issues for a better future.

By the way, the main motto of the spa is to get a piece of mind without any stress. If you still fear getting harmed by the virus, you should avoid it this time and be safe from any chances of counter-productivity. So it is best if you estimate everything before taking the final decision.

If you are still in doubt, it is better to avoid taking only a feel-good massage for some more time. It is just a tough time for the Spa and Massage centers. Otherwise, this is an ever-growing industry. After all, almost everyone among us would like to stay healthy and look great!

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Travel to Countries that DO NOT Require Quarantine or Covid Test

The information below, regarding whether a country requires a covid test or quarantine, is valid as of November 26th, 2020. However, it is not guaranteed as governments may have not publicized their recent updates. Your citizenship matters. Citizens of certain countries, or even certain regions, may not be allowed to enter. The situation is fluid and is best for travelers to check with the immigration officers at their destination. This is an approximate guide.

NO Travel Restrictions

For the past few months, the traveling restrictions have been shuffled and reshuffled. It is almost daily that we learn about new rules being put in place. Most of these travel restrictions do not make real sense. One could say that travel has been politicized. Indeed the current rules have little to do with how many “cases” are reportedly found in one country.

Look at India and the United States for example. They have reported some of the highest numbers of infections in the world – that does not change the fact that many countries will allow citizens from India and the US to enter their borders. Malaysia and Thailand allow US citizens with Thailand issuing a special visa only for US tourists. Japan and India now have a sort of a travel bubble while blocking citizens of most other countries. And the list is quite large. We look to expanding on this topic, but you get the idea.

As December is almost here, many of us are looking to spend the winter holidays in a special place. Difficult as it has become there are still havens out there. And by haven, I mean a country or a region where you can fly and stay without having to quarantine or take a PCR covid test.

European countries without quarantine or covid requirements


Turkey is technically only partly European yet is currently one of the most important destinations – due to being open to any travelers, regardless of their citizenship. Turkey has been one of the few countries open to tourists early this summer. So far there are no travel restrictions for any of the travelers no matter where they fly from. Turkey has no RT-PCR, antigen, or any other type of testing requirements. And there is no quarantine imposed on any of the travelers, tourists, or business people.


Serbia stayed open during the summer when most countries shut their borders. There is no quarantine on arriving in Serbia and for most travelers, there are no tests required either. The only exception is for passengers departing from Bulgaria, Croatia, or Romania which must hold a negative PCR test result for Covid-19 not older than 48 hours.


Starting July 1st, 2020, Albania has lifted the entry regulations regarding the Coronavirus SARS-Cov2. There is no quarantine for travelers arriving in Albania either flying or overland. Moreover, there is no need to show a Covid test.

Other European countries that do not require quarantine or covid test and do not impose other travel restrictions are Kosovo, Malta, Montenegro, Ukraine (only certain nationalities), and North Macedonia.

Countries in the Americas that don’t require testing or quarantine

(including Central America and the Caribbean)


There is no country in the world like Mexico. When it comes to freedom of travel. Since their borders were always open during the “height of the pandemic” when world travel was basically non-existent. They do deserve a prize for keeping travel addicts sane. Too many passengers arrive in Mexico every single day. They arrive not only from the US, Canada but also from Europe and all over the world. Covid tests have never been asked for in Mexico since opening up and there is no quarantine for tourists, no matter their nationality or departure city.


Another huge destination in the Americas is of course Brazil. Beaches, jungles, history, and culture – they’re all amazing in Brazil. And there is no quarantine for those traveling to any part of this beautiful country. Covid tests are not required either.

Other countries in the Americas that accept tourists without imposing a quarantine or mandating a covid test are Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras (with a Rapid Test?), and Haiti.

Other Regions that do not require quarantine or covid testing

Finally here is a list of other countries that do not require quarantine or covid test. This array is in continuous change but here are the latest updates: Tanzania, Seychelles, Tonga, Nauru, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, and Afghanistan.

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Travel restrictions due to coronavirus

Travel restrictions due to coronavirus are here to stay. Everything we’ve managed to achieve in the travel for the past decades will suffer changes. We lose due to fear (of the people), due to stupidity (of the governments) and greed (of us all). But what is new? That is how our brain works.

What new travel restrictions to expect?

The future of travel will surely bring significant changes, such as the option to clean your own hotel room. I mean, why not? It only seems natural. You’re cleaning your own home anyway. Hopefully you are. Yes, it is a joke. But it makes sense. And probably a few others make sense as well. Such as paying more, waiting longer and travel less often. It’s not ideal but this is what happens when we feel fear.

There are global risk that come with global ambitions. When borders are open, the planes may bring more than the passengers. There may be a disease as well. It would happen without the help of airlines, but perhaps slower.

Travel restrictions will increase travel prices

Why and how you’ll be paying more for travel? Here is a list:

  1. Less passengers means less flights and higher fares to make a profit for the airlines.
  2. Air-planes, airports, public, private transportation, hotels and others will require better cleaning – hence extra fees for supplies and staff.
  3. Extra fees for additional medical screening tech, security tech and personnel.
  4. Extra fees for other Corona-virus excuses real or imaginary.

Travel will take longer

It is obvious why that is but here is a breakdown of the reasons it’ll take longer to travel from Rome to Rio.

  1. Additional health screening both on arrival and departure. From what I’m aware the United Kingdom and Mexico are the only countries that did not impose any travel restrictions so far. I am referring to explicit travel restrictions. However it seems that the UK will soon enforce a 14 days quarantine to all the passengers arriving by air. If you think it is a ludicrous solution you’re not the only one. When most countries are starting to relax travel restrictions the UK wants to employ the opposite. Also, people could fly to France then take a train to London – if they really want to bypass these restrictions.
  2. There will be a vast reduction in visa exemption and visa on arrival schemes. You won’t be able to just jump on a plane and arrive in Kazakhstan to have your passport stamped upon landing. You’ll have to go to the embassy first, setup an appointment and then hopefully get the visa. Visa requirements may differ yet surely you’ll be asked for immunity passport (possibly) or a health report or a fit-to-fly certificate. You may be required to provide a return ticket and an itinerary. Some countries may even require a vaccination certificate. All these documents take time, and money.

No more travelling with fever

No matter the reason for your fever, you won’t be able to travel. Until you take care of it. You could, technically, take fever reducing pills but there’s no guarantee how well it’ll work. And the legality of it. Read about the Chinese woman that took fever suppressing medicine to fly from the US to China.

Travel in mask fashion

Either you like or you don’t, you’ll have to travel in fashion. Mask Fashion. Does the mask prevent coronavirus spread? Probably not. But it is there for the peace of mind of your fellow passengers. As they are traumatised by the mass-media death counters and doomsday news. So, better start shopping for the luxury face masks. I haven’t seen any Burberry face masks. Or do you prefer Prada?

Travel restrictions by country

I will try to update this thread as much as possible. As I am more up-to-date with the situation in Asia I will focus on this part of the world. I am stranded in Bali, so I will start with Indonesia Travel Restrictions then go North from there.

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Where to stay in Bali in 2020

Do you know where to stay in Bali in 2020 and is this question worth asking? Yes, I think it’s worth asking if you have your flight ticket booked. By the way, if you want ideas on how to book a flight in 2020 just follow this link.

Bali is an island

Did you know that Bali is an island? Yes, I am not joking. Most virtual travellers see photos of Bali on the internet and think of it as a city. But if we look at an actual map of Bali then we notice it is quite a large island. That mean many locations, villages and attractions spread across. Add distance and traffic and you’ll spend a day on the road from one major tourist attraction to the other. Hence the need to choose a location to stay.

Main areas in Bali

Saying “I am staying in Bali” does not disclose the location. It could be near the airport or it could be 60 miles away on the North side. There are different ways to dissect the areas but most would agree that Denpasar and Ubud are the two main “cities” if you wish. Denpasar would the only place that could substitute the word Bali. Though Denpasar does not ring a bell when it comes to tourism. Most tourists don’t even know of it. Kuta is probably the most known place as it is closest to the airport and lots of tourists just stop there.

Here is a simple breakdown of most-known touristic areas in Bali:

  • Kuta is nearest to the Bali Airport (Ngurah Airport) and is part of Denpasar. Kuta is probably the most popular and well-known area. Kuta Beach (also Legian, Seminyak and Canggu) is good for beginner surfers.
  • Legian is right next to Kuta and is quite small.
  • Seminyak is located on the left of Legian.
  • Canggu continues left from Seminyak and is quite popular to long-term expats.
  • Jimbaran is on the right of the airport, on the map. It is famous for their seafood restaurants on the beach.
  • On the right of Jimbaran is the huge and isolated Uluwatu. Uluwatu has splendid views but hotels are spread out and one certainly needs a scooter to go places. Uluwatu and Jimbaran have some high waves beaches for hardcore surfers.
  • On the East you’ll find Sanur which is a more quiet and relaxed area. The beach is usually not as crowded, water shallow and waves are calm.
  • Going north about 25 kilometres (roughly 2 hours from airport in good traffic) is Ubud. Ubud is a more natural type of place. You’ll find music, ethnic dances, cultural places and crafts centers here. Also a plethora of temples and palaces. Plus you get to stay in hotels or guesthouses that look like Balinese palaces. And all the houses have small (or larger) temples inside their courtyards. There are rice paddies, forests and waterfalls nearby in Ubud but there is no beach.

So where to stay in Bali in 2020?

I think it would matter if the tourists will be coming back. I do think that this is going to happen but slowly. And it will take a while to receive the same numbers as before. Otherwise this article would be pointless. Without the beaches, tourist attractions and most hotels being open, there are not enough benefits to come to Bali. But if tourism is back in full swing here is where we think that you should stay. And I mean tourism that includes water-sports, museums, clubs, Bali massage, shopping malls and ferry boats to the Nusa Penida and the other islands. Actually we’ll just point out the major reasons and the major inconveniences for each location.

Why stay in Kuta when in Bali

  • Kuta is close to the airport.
  • Kuta is close to the beach.
  • The beach is quite nice especially for surfing and sunsets.
  • Many bars and clubs are located in Kuta.

Major inconveniences while staying in Kuta

  • Kuta can be noisy especially at night.
  • Accommodation generally is expensive for what it offers (value for money is better in other areas).
  • Traffic is heavy especially in the afternoons and evenings

Why stay in Sanur when in Bali

  • Sanur is generally more quiet.
  • Calm beach and plenty of seafood restaurants.
  • The beach is not as crowded and there are no waves.

Why stay in Ubud when in Bali

  • Natural setting and calm area.
  • Wide range of affordable accommodation.
  • Plenty of tourist attractions to visit.
  • Discover the Balinese culture and vibe.

Major inconveniences while staying in Ubud

  • Far from the airport and the beach (at least 2 hours in good traffic).
  • Some of the cheaper accommodation (eg homestays, guesthouses) offers only basic facilities.

The other areas in Bali

The other areas also could be mentioned. However they are not so far or different from Kuta or Denpasar. Except Uluwatu which, in my opinion, is worth visiting for the day for the views at the Uluwatu Temple. Or with a scooter and staying at one of the resorts on the South side – amazing sunset scenery.

Other seaside destinations around the world

Beach and massage go hand in hand. That is why we want to make a category for the sun and the spa. Apart from Bali in Indonesia we will be covering destinations in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Turkey and a few others. Have you heard about Hammam or the Turkish Bath and Massage? Find out about it in our article about whether you should visit Antalya or Alanya on the Turkish South Coast.

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How to book a flight in 2020

How to book a flight in 2020? “Book a flight to nowhere.” This could be the title of an adventure novel. In a normal world. Unfortunately this could be happening to you if you don’t pay attention. Booking an international flight in 2020 is really a headache since there are so many unknowns. Honestly, I was hoping that soon we will witness Moon and Mars colonisation. Instead we can’t even take a flight to the neighbouring country.

Parts of the advice and recommendations here would have been looked at as ridiculous just 2 months ago. But this is the new status quo. 

So here is a list with situations to observe and advice of how to book a flight in 2020.

Make sure that the borders at destination are not closed

First of all make sure that your destination country is open to receive international flights. It may sound ludicrous but some airlines are selling tickets to countries in quarantine. For example at the beginning of May, you can buy tickets from UK to Portugal but the country is closed. Except for its citizens and a few other exceptions. And there are many other examples. You can purchase a flight ticket to many destinations but you can fly to almost none.

How can you check if flights land at your destination and if you’re allowed on the plane? And that you’re allowed to disembark.

  • Check with the airline. Most times you’ll have an unpleasant surprise of being turned away by the airline at check-in. Hence do call the airline before purchasing your flight tickets.
  • Check with embassy of the country of your destination.
  • Check with the Immigration department of the country of your destination. This may be a challenge but there is a chance that they do respond to email messages. Some are even active on Twitter.
  • Check the IATA Travel News and Travel Restrictions. It is not guaranteed that all their data is accurate but is one of the best sources of travel restrictions listed by country. And is being update daily.

Get a flexible or a refundable ticket

Do not hope that your ticket will be refundable or extendable due to certain circumstances. It used to be the case but you’ll find that a huge number of would-be passengers are still waiting for their refunds – which they will probably never receive. Make sure you ask and get proof that your ticket can be refunded or changed. If you’re making a flight search through SkyScanner for example, you will see that some flights are marked as “Flexible.” Read on the details to understand the conditions.

Purchase travel insurance that guarantees flight refund or change

Alternatively, you could purchase through various travel agents that offer insurance. The terms of the insurance varies from agent to agent. They usually work independently from the airline and will cover part of the fare. However make sure that you read all the terms and conditions of the offer. As there may be a catch.

Don’t buy a ticket long in advance

With this virus pandemic situation in certain countries changes often; it could be either way. Booking your flight way ahead of your travel date becomes risky. There is no way to know in advance should the borders will be closed.

As the airlines are trying to assess the situation, at the moment flight fares criteria are in disarray. Booking in advance becomes risky since we don’t know which way the market is going. I do not see an advantage in booking a flight way ahead as the cost can’t reflect the reality. You might get lucky but that is another thing. For example, at the moment I am stranded in Bali, Indonesia. Searching for flight options everyday is a habit now. The logistics are incredible for flights of long duration. It is not a problem finding flights to the capital Jakarta. But just to Singapore (which by the way does not allow transit passengers or “short-duration” passengers) one would have to fly through Tokyo or Taipei (which also does not allow transit passengers).

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Food Delivery Apps in Bali (Grab vs Gojek)

If you’re like stranded in Bali due to Coronavirus, such as myself, then you need to eat well. And since most restaurants, small and big, are closed down you need to find a way to get food. You could walk around the town and scout what is still open but that might vary from day to day. You also cook if your accommodation has a kitchen. Cooking, however, is definitely not a great option since you’ll need to buy groceries first. And if there are few restaurants still open there are even fewer grocery and supermarkets open. And in many cases the groceries are more expensive than cooked food. But yes, the quality of the groceries you buy would be better. And there are items such as certain imported vegetables and fruits that you won’t find on restaurants’ menu. That’s when you need the tech – food delivery apps in Bali are just a finger tap away.

Eating in Bali during the Coronavirus times

We are still lucky in Bali since there is no real quarantine that keeps you inside the house. Of course you can’t go to the beach, you can’t visit the waterfalls or the museums and local attractions and you can’t spend the night out at a club either. So, you could take a walk on the street or ride around town on your rented motorbike. But the choice of places where you can get food is very limited. Yes, there are some warungs (small family owned restaurants) that serve local Indonesian food. But you can’t have the rice, chicken, fish, tempeh and tofu everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or perhaps you can?

Food delivery apps in Bali

Enter the virtual food ordering options – the food delivery apps in Bali and Indonesia as a whole. As with transportation systems such as hailing a virtual taxi or even a motorbike taxi, there are apps that let you order food and deliver it to your hotel or home. Actually they are the same apps – in Bali, and Indonesia in general there are two apps that compete against each other. They are Gojek and Grab. Gojek is a local startup while Grab started in Singapore – or with Singapore backing and ownership.

Gojek Go Food vs Grab Food Delivery

These two apps share most of the market. There may be other smaller companies that deliver food but they’d be virtually insignificant. I am only aware of these 2 apps as I’ve used them in the past 4 years.

There are only minor differences between Grab and Gojek when it comes to transportation or taxi services. In fact, when it comes to taxi fares they basically mirror their prices – or otherwise have a very similar price calculating algorithm. In most situations the transportation fares from A to B is virtually the same when it comes to motorbike taxi rides. But I did find that Gojek car rides in “smaller vehicles” tend to be cheaper than their Grab counterparts.

The apps are also similar in most aspects of the food delivery as well. There are minor differences however they are worth mentioning. Yes, you could save a little money, if you’re on a tight budget, in the long term, by using one or the other app. If that is important to you then you need to develop a strategy. Otherwise just use any of the two.

Similarities of the Grab and Gojek Food Delivery Apps

  • They are both free and easy to use.
  • Both apps have a huge selection of restaurants and warungs (some restaurants appear in both apps and some are exclusive to a network).
  • Prices are very similar though certain promotions can help you discount up to 50% of the price.

What I like about Gojek Food Delivery App

  • Fine-grained search. Search lets you find a specific food item quicker by bringing highlighted results on the main screen.
  • It shows price category in search results.
  • Gojek Go Food app has a system which responds better when certain restaurants are closed. Grab on the other hand does not which sends customers and food delivery drivers on a wild goose chase. This is from my own experience.

Download here the Gojek Android App – Food delivery and Taxi, Moto-taxi

Gojek Gofood food delivery app in Bali and Indonesia. This app lets you order food to your hotel
Gojek Gofood food delivery app in Bali and Indonesia. This app lets you order food to your hotel

What I like about Grab Food Delivery App

  • Grab App features a wide range of discounts and promos.
  • There is a rating for restaurants that are rated 4 stars and up. (I am not sure how true the ratings are though but certainly the higher the rating the higher the menu costs).
  • It seems to have more restaurants and better deals – but I might be wrong since I only have 1 month experience in ordering (at least 2 orders per day).

Download here the Grab Android App – Food delivery and Taxi, Moto-taxi

Grab Food Delivery App lists a wide range of restaurants. You can order and pay by cash on delivery or with credit card online.
Grab Food Delivery App lists a wide range of restaurants. You can order and pay by cash on delivery or with credit card online.

Food Delivery Prices in Bali

While Bali is probably the most expensive region in Indonesia (generally speaking and that’s valid mostly for tourist areas) food and especially food delivery items are quite cheap. Yes, there are expensive restaurants in Jakarta, Batam (due to proximity to Singapore) and regions like Papua in the East; but as an average Bali is still more expensive. The reason why the food delivery is cheap is due to high competition – there are so many restaurants registered. And of course the labour is cheap hence delivery fees are keeping low. Of course, as everywhere else in the market, the food prices vary from restaurant to restaurant on factors such as popularity, size and quality.

When ordering food there will be basically 3 price segments:

  1. Food Cost and Tax
  2. Convenience Fee (usually symbolic and waived by many restaurants)
  3. Delivery Fee (for the motorbike driver that delivers the food)

Example of food delivery price for a pack of Indonesian foodRice, Vegetables and Grilled/Fried Fish

  1. Food Costs and Tax – starting at 40000 IDR ($2.5 USD)
  2. Convenience Fee – starting at 0
  3. Delivery Fee – starting 0 but usually at around 4000 to 10000 IDR (roughly $0.5 USD)

Example of food delivery price for: 1 Pizza

  1. Food Costs and Tax – starting at 80000 IDR ($5 USD)
  2. Convenience Fee – starting at 0
  3. Delivery Fee – starting 0 but usually at around 4000 to 10000 IDR (roughly $0.5 USD)

Gojek and Grab Coupon Codes

The promos and discounts have certain limits such a maximum use per day or a minimum order amount. Grab has lots of coupon codes to apply. Usually you apply the coupon code to your cart after adding items. This is solution seems to work best for me. Gojek instead seems to let restaurant owners discount individual food items then list them. I haven’t done the maths but I think Grab solution is more advantageous for buyers – which could also be beneficial for a seller that uses this strategy to attract more customers.

App specifics and generalities

Grab operates in more countries in Asia such as Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Grab and Gojek operate and deliver food basically anywhere on the island of Bali. However, especially now, in times of the coronavirus in Bali, there are less active drivers and there is no guarantee that you will find someone to deliver your food in far away areas such as Uluwatu or in the North part of the island.

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Massage in the Coronavirus times

Why a massage during the Coronavirus?

It is important that we take care of ourselves. We could be locked inside without sunshine, without movement and without a proper physical exercise. A massage cannot replace all those but it does help. Our bodies need the feeling, skin and muscles need the touch. Massage can alleviate stress and even help you sleep better. 

Would you take a massage during the quarantine?

Would you get a massage during the coronavirus pandemic or whatever this may be called. I am sure most folks would say “no way, not a chance” and I can’t blame them. But what if this takes more months, more years? What if life as before never returns? As I understand, there has never been a vaccine created for any coronavirus of any type. Let alone the all feared COVID19. Or perhaps this entity is not exactly what it seems and we have been scared by the media. In any case, we must adapt, as humans always did. Read THIS ARTICLE about a 100 Million years old virus that still lives inside of us. There is nothing to fear but to understand.

We do live in interesting times. Perhaps not the happiest, it is true. But make no mistakes, happiness grows everywhere, you just need to pick it up. The past few decades brought change at a speed and pace never before seen. So, try to relax a bit. And see how you can get a massage without fear.

Criteria for getting a safe massage during the coronavirus times

Here are some ideas as how to stay safer when ordering a massage. This is just a small list and we always must exercise caution. But completely disconnect we should not.

  1. Have your wife, husband or someone in the family give you a massage.
    You’d be the first to admit that this is the safest way. True, probably not the best rub, but you decide what’s more important. And there are many videos online – one can learn how to pull those muscles back. And there is time. Plus, is also the most affordable. Though that I can’t bet.
  2. Find a massage therapist you can trust.
    “Trust is a must. And it’s good for you too.”  That’s how an older song goes. And it’s a valid reason. You could ask a friend or a colleague to recommend you a massage therapists. And then, when you trust that therapist you can contact him/her when needed. This relationship may bring mutual benefits to both parties.
  3. Find a rated massage provider
    This is still a better idea than just getting a massage at the shop in the corner. Not all massage establishments are alike. Even if you need to pay a little more know that safety is worth. Places with reputation strive to keep that reputation. They will hire massage professionals and will check their health as a routine. This is important.
  4. Finding massage therapists online
    This option requires most scrutiny as anybody could offer massage services on the internet. It is wise to ask for their massage certification proof. Unless you’re much into adventures and risk. There are quite a few options out there. Best to stick with massage listings that give you the most options. One we recommend is Book Massage App on Google Play, which is only for Android phones. Should you decide to use their services, know that there are a few ways to contact the therapists. The simplest would be a booking via the email. But if you’re looking for an immediate answer there are also these options: phone call, SMS and Whatsapp contact. What is best is that you can post a rating after receiving the service. These ratings and reviews bring more trust into the application community.

Stay optimistic and smile

So, it is not really the end of the world. You could get a massage during the coronavirus times. And other dark times. Let’s keep ourselves optimistic, constructive and ingenious. 

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Adult Massage Hotels Jakarta 2020

Adult Massage Hotels in Jakarta 2020

Jakarta is one of the most popular cities in the world today. Many people come to this place for business, leisure, or school. Many great things are offered by this city. It is the capital city of Indonesia. If you visit Jakarta for any reason, you may want to consider trying the adult massage in Jakarta. Some popular massage centers are available in this city. Some of these places offer adult massage sessions for all customers. This massage session can make you enjoy your time while you are in Jakarta.

How much is the adult massage in Jakarta?

The price varies between one adult massage hotel and the other. You have to take a look at some popular massage places before you can decide to visit the best one for yourself. The price of one massage session is usually ranging from $40 to $1,000. This is the normal range of adult massage session in Jakarta. However, some places offer their private massage sessions at a more expensive rate than the regular rate. Here are some popular places in Jakarta that offer great massage sessions for all customers.

Top Adult Massage Venues in Jakarta

Malio Hotel

It is one of the most famous places that can offer the best massage service in Jakarta. This hotel has a modern look and design. It has a nice spa area, a strip club, and also karaoke rooms. You can find more than 100 beautiful girls who are working in this hotel. Most of them are Indonesian. Malio Hotel also has some girls from Vietnam, China, and also Uzbekistan. Most of these girls are beautiful and sexy. The price of these girls is ranging from $50 to $300 depending on the girls that you choose. You should try the body to body massage when you visit this hotel.

Hotel Travel

If you are looking for the best adult massage place in Jakarta, you can take a look at this place. This place offers great massage service at a very affordable price. In general, you only need to pay for about $30 to $50 for each massage session. You can also pay more if you want to have a threesome massage service from your favourite girls. Most girls from Hotel Travel are in their early 20s. They are very attractive and cute. You will never forget your experience when visiting this place.

Classic Hotel

This is another great place that you should visit when you are in Jakarta. The massage parlor is located on the second floor of this hotel. When you come to this place, you are going to meet a lady who comes with some pretty girls. This lady is going to introduce you to all pretty girls, so you can choose your favourite girl easily. It is a good idea for you to take some time by ordering a beer first in this hotel, so you can check out all the girls who are available in this hotel. Classic Hotel also has live music every night after 9 pm.

Emporium Hotel

Emporium Hotel is located in North Jakarta. It is managed by the same group that also runs the Malio hotel. Therefore, this hotel has some similarities with the Malio hotel. When you come to this place, you can meet a lot of beautiful and attractive girls who are ready to give you the best adult massage in Jakarta. The price of all girls in this hotel is ranging from $100 to $200 depending on the quality of your favorite massage therapist. This price will include the use of the spa area inside this hotel. Those are some of the most popular massage places in Jakarta. When you want to get the best adult massage in Jakarta, you can visit any of those places. Those places are very popular for their happy ending massage services. It is recommended for you to bring enough cash when you visit any of those places. Don't forget to give a good tip to your massage therapists, so they can give the best service to you. They will be very happy to make you get an unforgettable massage experience in Jakarta. Jakarta will be the best place for you to have a good adult massage session in your life.

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Massage and Spa Booking Technologies – It is All Online Now

Massage and Spa Booking Technologies

So you want to use a new massage and spa booking technology. It is not difficult but it has become the norm rather. With the rise of machines, and I am talking machine learning and AI, perhaps at some point, we will be able to get robots to provide some deep tissue massage. We’ll quickly summon a perfect artificial masseur that will be familiar with our bodies. It would be more like a personal chiropractor. Having our physiological information stored in its database a proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure would be a piece of cake. Or rather a piece of software. But until then we still need to find that massage therapist that is available when we need help.

All bookings are online now

Hence the online services. The apps are becoming more and more popular, being downloaded by the billions. It is true, teenagers are leading the pack with most app installations and usage. Yet, slowly they are training the adults into this digital cornucopia of products and services. Mostly free.

Free Massage App

Massage Open App

Massage Open App

About Ionic and Firebase

There are two distinct categories when it comes to apps or applications. There is the web app which is basically an application that is run in the browser and that can be on a desktop, laptop, or a mobile device. And there is the mobile which is what it sounds like – an app built specifically for a smartphone or other devices such as tablets. There is a third type which can be run on a desktop but outside the browser but that market is barely making a difference.

The app we are presenting today belongs to the mobile apps category. In fact, it can be used inside a web browser as well but that is just a side fact and not of importance here. When it comes to mobile apps there two main providers or stores that eclipsed all the others. And you sure know which I am talking of Google with its Google Play and the Apple Store. Of course, there still are some other “insignificant” apps stores such as Blackberry, Windows, and Amazon. But again, their market share is almost invisible.

Nowadays we could use almost any programming language and build a mobile. But that does not necessarily make it a quality product. Technically speaking you could make a mobile app in Python but many of its features will lag when compared to Java. It’s just not like Java native code since that’s what Google chose for its Android. Now, Apple is even more restrictive. Therefore only a few technologies are dedicated to building good code for mobile apps. But that is changing fast. Ionic is one technology that is bringing a wind of change. With the use of Angular and Cordova, Ionic gave options to Javascript developers a way to make mobile applications without having to spend years learning Java.

Firebase is another Google product that is basically an “always online database” that stores objects in a JSON-like format. What made it attractive was its real-time capabilities (at least it was marketed as such) and its packages that take care of authentication. Authentication and security is always a difficult thing to build and maintain. By offering authentication as a service part of its database package Google made Firebase an attractive product. In reality, there are issues but as with all software technologies, they are quickly improving.

About the Book Massage App

You can find more about the app from its Book Massage Android App documentation. It is built in Ionic and Firebase and there are plans to launch a new version of the PWA (Progressive Web App) in Polymer which will be easily accessed in-browser without the need of downloading or installing any additional software. The app appeals to those looking for massage therapists and doesn’t have the time to travel to a massage and/or spa establishment. Most of the certified massage therapists do house calls and Massage Open decided to list them in a database that can be accessed by all users free of charge.

Most app users are registering from Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar. As we know massage is a lot more popular and more affordable in Asia. However recently a spike in registrations from Europe and the USA has been recorded. There is also a version in Bahasa Indonesia with the name Indonesia Massage Aplikasi Pijat and it has its own users – massage therapists and customers.

Massage App Features

Main features are as listed below but Massage Open is continuously upgrading the application adding new features needed or requested by users.

1. Signing up for the service is free of charge but does require an email address. Further profile enhancements can be made on the profile page.

2. The app allows users to register as regular users (looking to purchase massage services) and as massage therapists.

3. Massage therapists may add service listings (offers) in any location provided that ads are not duplicates.

4. Regular users and therapists alike may contact each other inside the app via private messages or chat messages.

5. Massage seekers may send a Booking Request to any therapist. In response, the massage provider will respond with availability and details.

The technology behind contact messages and notifications

The private messages (chats) will be sent to users via push notifications on smartphones and e-mail notifications. Such notifications may be turned off in the account. Both notifications are being sent with the help of AWS Lambda Serverless via a Sparkpost API. On the other hand, the Booking Requests are directly sent as messages by a function in the Google Cloud Messaging. In short Google Cloud Messaging (recently updated to Firebase Messaging) is easier to install and manage since it’s a one-step application rather than using 2 separate entities such as AWS and Sparkpost.

Bottom Line Regarding Massage and Spa Booking

While there are things to be improved and the database to show more variety and options, we would recommend this application for massage and spa booking. In short the Massage Booking Online App it’s worth trying especially if you’re traveling to Asia and would like a quick way to book massages. The application is indeed helpful to both parties therapists and massage clients. As there is no cost to install or use the app and no advertising, it adds to the list of benefits. We have noticed that the database is relatively current, and up to date. That means that you increased your chances to get a response quickly. As of March 2019, the Massage Booking Online App can be installed only on Android smartphones after an easy install from Google Play. For additional info, feature details, and an explanatory video you can access the massage app presentation on the Massage Open website.

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Indonesia Travel Restrictions

Here is an update on Indonesia travel restrictions due to coronavirus as of today, May 21st, 2020. Yes, it’s a mess. It is your choice to believe what you want. But do think twice and don’t trust literally everything you see in the mass-media. News agencies are blowing this out of proportion due to many reasons. First one being money. They don’t have the means, or the will, to verify the information received from various agencies. But is that a problem? Since they’re being paid, they will publish it.

What are the latest Indonesia Travel Restrictions?

As of May 7, people can travel on and about in Indonesia. However, each individual would need a health letter and a purpose to travel. Basically the exceptions are being made for medical workers, business people and people that have no choice but to travel – think emergencies of different types. My conclusion is that if you’re willing to spend some money you can travel anywhere in Indonesia. If you don’t have the funds then it’s difficult.

Of course this is being enforced more strictly on flights and less on ferries, trains and even less on buses and other road transportation. My Grab driver won’t ask me for a health letter to take me from Denpasar to Ubud.

Indonesia Flights Situation

At the moment I am in Bali and I’ve been following closely the events unfolding. Here, the Dengue fever is a lot more dangerous than the so-called coronavirus. There are domestic flights running from Bali to Jakarta, Surabaya, Lombok, Semarang and possibly a few other places.

There are, of course, many more flights originating in the capital Jakarta. Jakarta to Medan, Jakarta to Surabaya, Jakarta to Manado, Jakarta to Bali are among many other current flights started in May 2020.

I could not find any international flights directly from Bali. However the situation is better from Jakarta – I could buy a direct flight from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Doha and a few others. I could buy a flight ticket – getting on the plane is a different matter. Most of these countries won’t allow transit. So you won’t get anywhere coming from Indonesia, in my case. Unless you reach home on a direct flight.

You may want to get ready for the future plane travel and consider a few things. Getting to the destination suddenly became a lot more difficult. Read how to prepare and book a flight ticket in 2020.

Surf Bali with the mask on

Some good news. Kind of. Two of Bali’s best surf beaches are open as today, June 1st, 2020. There is a catch though – these beaches are open only for surfers from outside Indonesia. In other words, it is OK to be on the beach if you are a foreigner but not a local. This is gross discrimination no matter that it tries to help easing the lock-down situation. In any case, these two beaches are Canggu Beach in Canggu and Padang Padang in Uluwatu.

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