Yangon Massage Places
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Yangon Massage Places

When you’re visiting Yangon you really need to take some time for a massage. There are so many massage centers in the town that it’s even difficult to choose one. For massage shops in Mandalay see here the current list of top locations.

Massage parlors in Yangon

Here are the 2 best massage places in Yangon:

Inya Day Spa

Address: 16/2, Inya Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). It is near Yangon University (click here to launch map)

Inya Day Spa is just the perfect place to relax. It’s conveniently located and it’s open from 10am to 8pm, 7 days a week.
Either you go alone or with some friends, you’ll immediately forget about your rush life by enjoying some of the treatments they offer. From getting a Thai full body massage which will help your flexibility and circulation for just 20,000 kyats ($17) for 90 minutes to a Thai Foot Massage for just 13,000 kyats ($11) for 75 minutes. You can even take a nap since you’ll be completely relaxed. Or you can choose to make a more “normal” massage like an aromatherapy massage for just 37,000 kyats ($31), an Inya Signature Massage for just 45,000 kyats ($38), a Back & Shoulder Massage for just 20,000 kyats ($17) for 30 minutes, or even a 2-Hand Hot Stone Massage, for 52,000 kyats ($44) for 90 minutes.
One of the biggest advantages, when you go to the Inya Day Spa, is that you’ll feel like you’re at home. Even if you don’t speak Burmese, you can find English native speakers that will do everything in their power to provide you with a great relaxation day. Also, you could download the Android Massage App and book therapists online.
Customers are just saying positive things about them. From the welcoming staff to people loving their massages especially the foot massages. After walking a few days around Myanmar, their feet needed a break and they couldn’t have found a better place than the Inya Day Spa. There’s only one thing you need to make sure you do: you need to book it. If you don’t book the massage earlier, you may find there’s no vacancy and it would be a shame if you couldn’t take advantage of this Spa.
Website: Inya Day Spa
Phone: +95 1 537 907

Thaya Day Spa

Address: Building 17, 3rd Floor, Junction Square, Pyay Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). Near Yangon University (click here to launch map)

Thaya Day Spa is also open from 10am to 8pm, 7 days a week giving you a lot of time to schedule your visit.
At Thaya Day Spa, you can get different types of massages and there’s one thing that puts them aside: they only products with natural ingredients. At Thaya Day Spa you can get the Thai Foot Massage for 13,000 kyats ($11), for 75 minutes which will allow you to completely relax and energize your entire body. You can also schedule a Thai Full Body Massage for 20,000 kyats ($17) for 90 minutes, an Aromatherapy massage for 37,000 kyats ($31), a 2-Hand Hot Stone Massage for 52,000 kyats ($44) for 90 minutes, or even a 4-Hand Hot Stone Massage for 63,000 kyats ($53) for 90 minutes as well.
Customers are also very happy with their experience when they had a massage on the Thaya Day Spa. They had relaxing massages and they will be back when they return to Yangon. However, some people are more happy with the foot massage rather than with Thai massage.
Website: Thaya Day Spa
Phone: +95 9 731 73979