Massage in Siem Reap
Traditional khmer massage near Angkor Wat

Where to get massage in Siem Reap? The answer is: ANYWHERE. Yes indeed. There are massage shops almost anywhere inside or outside your hotel, hostel, guesthouse, lodging villa or renting apartment. But if you really can’t find that place head over to the Pub Street/Night Market area and chances are, by the time you get there, you will be asked a few times if you want a cheap and good rub. Well, I mean professional massage.

The prices for this type of service are very competitive in Siem Reap. Since the competition is high. As for service quality, we think, that is where you need to shop a bit more if you don’t have the time to spend. Since the money is not that much to be honest. But it counts since we all want good experience. That is when you go over to our shop listings in the area and read or add your own reviews that help fellow travelers. Massages start at 1 dollar and that is usually for foot massages on the street or near the bars and restaurants. You can also try the doctor fish massage where the little fish eat the dead skin off your feet. But be careful not to dip your feet inside a piranha aquarium! And if after all these intense relaxations you still want to explore around the area then you might want to try the local crocodile pizza or hamburger. And let us know if it’s tasty!