Visit Antalya or Alanya – this is the question.  Sea and sun vacationing in the south of Turkey? If you are looking to find which place is best for you, we can help. We are comparing these two destinations by price, beach ratings, hotels and restaurants, other attractions and transportation.

Is Antalya or Alanya cheaper?

Turkey is the cheapest “European” seaside destination, along with Albania probably. Cheapest does not mean low quality services. Quite on the contrary, we believe that Turkey offers comparable services to Spain and Greece at a lower price.

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Again, prices are quite affordable in both places. Generally the restaurants and food prices are about 20 percent higher in Alanya. Alanya being an exclusive tourist destination must rely on income on this income while Antalya is basically a working city.

Hotels rates are again very similar but accommodation near the beach is a little cheaper in Alanya. Also, clothing shopping and shopping in general is cheaper in Alanya.

Alanya Beach and the Alanya Castle in the background

How do Antalya and Alanya beaches compare?

Here is where Antalya shines. Konyaalti Beach is the main beach in Antalya. This long stretch of beach pebbles is wider and nicer than the both main beaches in Alanya. The only advantage is that the beaches in Alanya are sandy beaches. Konyaalti Beach water is cleaner due to the pebbles instead muddy sands. There is also Lara Beach in Antalya and this one features sand but the water is rather shallow and not that clear.

How are the hotels and restaurants in Antalya and Alanya

There is virtually no difference between hotels and restaurants in these two cities. Perhaps a little mention that Antalya, being larger, features more hotels and especially larger selection of all-inclusive offers. There are more local Turkish tourists in Antalya while Alanya receives mostly Russian tourists. The foods seem to be really similar. A quick mention is that, apart from the fish market restaurants, fish is not that popular dish in Alanya.

What other tourist attractions can be visited near Alanya or Alanya?

Both Antalya and Alanya feature interesting tourist attractions other than the beach areas. I found that the Alanya Castle and grounds are more impressive than the Antalya sights. But there are more places to see in or nearby Antalya. There are enough water sports options in both cities. But of course the best places are the Turkey beach destinations.

Location and transportation

Antalya is the largest city on the south coast hence their airport has the most connections. Many daily flights to Istanbul and many other cities in Turkey. Alanya airport is quite small and the buses usually head to Antalya or Konya. There are a few daily buses from Antalya to other tourist destinations on the coast such as Kemer, Kas and Fethiye.

Massage in Antalya and Alanya

Turkish massage is highly regarded. What is called Hammam is actually the Turkish Bath that includes massage and spa. You can find lots of Hammam options in both cities. Prices are affordable.

No matter if you decide to visit Antalya or Alanya, we are certain that you will enjoy it. Don’t forget to try the local traditional foods such as gozleme and sarma.