Turkish beach destinations

Which are the perfect Turkish beach destinations in your guidebook? The answer is definitely not straightforward. It depends on certain factors but we will try listing the most important of them here. While showing the pros and cons at the same time.

Which beach in Turkey?

The best beaches in Turkey are in the south, especially in the area between Antalya and Bodrum. There are large tourist destinations on the coast but the nice beaches are usually small, hidden or tucked away in less accessible areas.

Here are some of the Turkish beaches that you might consider:

Konyaalti Beach in Antalya

This long stretch of pebble beaches is the most famous and one of the favorites.

Why you would like Konyaalti Beach:

  • wide beach
  • awesome facilities and wide range of accommodations
  • clear water
  • close to the city
  • many restaurants and bars on the beach and nearby
  • Antalya has transportation to many cities in Turkey and even international flights

Why you might not like Konyaalti Beach:

  • could get pretty busy during the high season (waking up early to get a good spot is important)
  • water is not as clear as in other beaches such Kemer, Olympos, etc.
  • not a sand beach but a pebble beach

Lara Beach in Antalya

This beach is located on the East side of Antalya, which is the opposite of Konyaalti.

Why you would like Lara Beach:

  • sandy beach
  • not as crowded as the Konyaalti Beach
  • close to the city
  • Antalya has transportation to many cities in Turkey and even international flights

Why you might not like Konyaalti Beach:

  • shallow water that looks a little muddy to sand
  • few restaurants and bars located on the beach

Kleopatra Beach in Alanya

A beautiful setting near the castle.

Why you would like Kleopatra Beach:

  • awesome location near the Alanya Castle
  • sandy beach
  • located right in front of the hotels
  • wide range of accommodation options
  • plenty of bars on the beach

Why you might not like Kleopatra Beach:

  • water is not that clear
  • can get very crowded in the high season
  • there is a cement fault built right on the edge to prevent erosion (must avoid when swimming)

Kemer Beach

Beach with crystal clear waters located not far from Antalya.

Why you would like Kemer Beach:

  • clear waters (some of the cleanest)
  • many affordable all inclusive hotels nearby
  • Kemer is a small town that is easy to walk

Why you might not like Kemer Beach:

  • it can get very crowded (most guests are from Russia and Ukraine)
  • few food options unless you’re staying in an all inclusive hotel
Kemer Beach near Antalya, Turkey

Olympos Beach in Olympos

A beautiful setting near ancient ruins.

Why you would like Olympos Beach:

  • beautiful scenery and clear waters
  • located near the ancient Olympos Greek ruins
  • located near Cirali Beach (which is more family oriented)

Why you might not like Olympos Beach:

  • limited accommodation options (most are little wooden houses)
  • having to pay extra for the ruins on the way to the beach (multi-day passes available)
  • far from larger towns