Travel to Countries that DO NOT Require Quarantine or Covid Test

Travel to Countries that DO NOT Require Quarantine or Covid Test

The information below, regarding whether a country requires a covid test or quarantine, is valid as of November 26th, 2020. However, it is not guaranteed as governments may have not publicized their recent updates. Your citizenship matters. Citizens of certain countries, or even certain regions, may not be allowed to enter. The situation is fluid and is best for travelers to check with the immigration officers at their destination. This is an approximate guide.

NO Travel Restrictions

For the past few months, the traveling restrictions have been shuffled and reshuffled. It is almost daily that we learn about new rules being put in place. Most of these travel restrictions do not make real sense. One could say that travel has been politicized. Indeed the current rules have little to do with how many “cases” are reportedly found in one country.

Look at India and the United States for example. They have reported some of the highest numbers of infections in the world – that does not change the fact that many countries will allow citizens from India and the US to enter their borders. Malaysia and Thailand allow US citizens with Thailand issuing a special visa only for US tourists. Japan and India now have a sort of a travel bubble while blocking citizens of most other countries. And the list is quite large. We look to expanding on this topic, but you get the idea.

As December is almost here, many of us are looking to spend the winter holidays in a special place. Difficult as it has become there are still havens out there. And by haven, I mean a country or a region where you can fly and stay without having to quarantine or take a PCR covid test.

European countries without quarantine or covid requirements


Turkey is technically only partly European yet is currently one of the most important destinations – due to being open to any travelers, regardless of their citizenship. Turkey has been one of the few countries open to tourists early this summer. So far there are no travel restrictions for any of the travelers no matter where they fly from. Turkey has no RT-PCR, antigen, or any other type of testing requirements. And there is no quarantine imposed on any of the travelers, tourists, or business people.


Serbia stayed open during the summer when most countries shut their borders. There is no quarantine on arriving in Serbia and for most travelers, there are no tests required either. The only exception is for passengers departing from Bulgaria, Croatia, or Romania which must hold a negative PCR test result for Covid-19 not older than 48 hours.


Starting July 1st, 2020, Albania has lifted the entry regulations regarding the Coronavirus SARS-Cov2. There is no quarantine for travelers arriving in Albania either flying or overland. Moreover, there is no need to show a Covid test.

Other European countries that do not require quarantine or covid test and do not impose other travel restrictions are Kosovo, Malta, Montenegro, Ukraine (only certain nationalities), and North Macedonia.

Countries in the Americas that don’t require testing or quarantine

(including Central America and the Caribbean)


There is no country in the world like Mexico. When it comes to freedom of travel. Since their borders were always open during the “height of the pandemic” when world travel was basically non-existent. They do deserve a prize for keeping travel addicts sane. Too many passengers arrive in Mexico every single day. They arrive not only from the US, Canada but also from Europe and all over the world. Covid tests have never been asked for in Mexico since opening up and there is no quarantine for tourists, no matter their nationality or departure city.


Another huge destination in the Americas is of course Brazil. Beaches, jungles, history, and culture – they’re all amazing in Brazil. And there is no quarantine for those traveling to any part of this beautiful country. Covid tests are not required either.

Other countries in the Americas that accept tourists without imposing a quarantine or mandating a covid test are Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Honduras (with a Rapid Test?), and Haiti.

Other Regions that do not require quarantine or covid testing

Finally here is a list of other countries that do not require quarantine or covid test. This array is in continuous change but here are the latest updates: Tanzania, Seychelles, Tonga, Nauru, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, and Afghanistan.

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