Travel restrictions due to coronavirus

Travel restrictions due to coronavirus

Travel restrictions due to coronavirus are here to stay. Everything we’ve managed to achieve in the travel for the past decades will suffer changes. We lose due to fear (of the people), due to stupidity (of the governments) and greed (of us all). But what is new? That is how our brain works.

What new travel restrictions to expect?

The future of travel will surely bring significant changes, such as the option to clean your own hotel room. I mean, why not? It only seems natural. You’re cleaning your own home anyway. Hopefully you are. Yes, it is a joke. But it makes sense. And probably a few others make sense as well. Such as paying more, waiting longer and travel less often. It’s not ideal but this is what happens when we feel fear.

There are global risk that come with global ambitions. When borders are open, the planes may bring more than the passengers. There may be a disease as well. It would happen without the help of airlines, but perhaps slower.

Travel restrictions will increase travel prices

Why and how you’ll be paying more for travel? Here is a list:

  1. Less passengers means less flights and higher fares to make a profit for the airlines.
  2. Air-planes, airports, public, private transportation, hotels and others will require better cleaning – hence extra fees for supplies and staff.
  3. Extra fees for additional medical screening tech, security tech and personnel.
  4. Extra fees for other Corona-virus excuses real or imaginary.

Travel will take longer

It is obvious why that is but here is a breakdown of the reasons it’ll take longer to travel from Rome to Rio.

  1. Additional health screening both on arrival and departure. From what I’m aware the United Kingdom and Mexico are the only countries that did not impose any travel restrictions so far. I am referring to explicit travel restrictions. However it seems that the UK will soon enforce a 14 days quarantine to all the passengers arriving by air. If you think it is a ludicrous solution you’re not the only one. When most countries are starting to relax travel restrictions the UK wants to employ the opposite. Also, people could fly to France then take a train to London – if they really want to bypass these restrictions.
  2. There will be a vast reduction in visa exemption and visa on arrival schemes. You won’t be able to just jump on a plane and arrive in Kazakhstan to have your passport stamped upon landing. You’ll have to go to the embassy first, setup an appointment and then hopefully get the visa. Visa requirements may differ yet surely you’ll be asked for immunity passport (possibly) or a health report or a fit-to-fly certificate. You may be required to provide a return ticket and an itinerary. Some countries may even require a vaccination certificate. All these documents take time, and money.

No more travelling with fever

No matter the reason for your fever, you won’t be able to travel. Until you take care of it. You could, technically, take fever reducing pills but there’s no guarantee how well it’ll work. And the legality of it. Read about the Chinese woman that took fever suppressing medicine to fly from the US to China.

Travel in mask fashion

Either you like or you don’t, you’ll have to travel in fashion. Mask Fashion. Does the mask prevent coronavirus spread? Probably not. But it is there for the peace of mind of your fellow passengers. As they are traumatised by the mass-media death counters and doomsday news. So, better start shopping for the luxury face masks. I haven’t seen any Burberry face masks. Or do you prefer Prada?

Travel restrictions by country

I will try to update this thread as much as possible. As I am more up-to-date with the situation in Asia I will focus on this part of the world. I am stranded in Bali, so I will start with Indonesia Travel Restrictions then go North from there.

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