Tokyo Shoe Store
Buy cheap shoes in Tokyo, Japan

Well, this article is about Tokyo shoe stores and not directly about massage. Surely it will be useful for those interested Tokyo cheap shoes shopping. Obviously there are so many places where one can buy clothing and shoes in Tokyo. Yet amazingly I found that there is no good value for money as more often prices seem inflated while product quality is pretty low. And I mean for guys. Women always have more options to chose from. One has to spend at least 14000 yen for a decent pair of shoes. That if you want leather and medium quality from the products made in China or Japan. European imports start around 16000 yen and the quality is significantly better with threaded bottoms and good leather.

Where to buy good cheap shoes in Tokyo

But there is hope still. My number one pick is Shoe Plaza Store which seems to be present in some good locations as Shinjuku (Chiyoda Shoe Plaza Store), Tokyo Station, Ikebukuro and a few other busy neighborhoods. Their prices are better than most stores around and I mean a decent pair of leather shoes 5000 yen. At times they have sales where you can buy them for 3000 yen. Of course you still have to shell around 9000 to 12000 for a good pair of business shoes. I actually found some Italian brands (the label stated) at 10000 yen. The best deal I noticed was a few pair of winter shoes that were made of durable leather and priced at only 6000 yen.

Click here to see the Shoe Plaza location in Shinjuku on Google Maps


Another store that meets some of the expectations is called ABC-MART and probably has more locations than the previous outlet. It seems that they carry more renowned brands however the prices are a bit higher. I find their selection is good but not as impressed as with Shoe Plaza. Probably because ABC MART does not put the accent on fashionable but mostly on walking, sport and business shoes. Prices start low but make sure you need anything from the cheaper selection. I would say that the quality ones start at around 11000 yen. Check out their web site before walking to their outlets.

Here is the ABC-MART location on Yasukuni Dori, Shinjuku


On the other had here is a store (which is so awesome and has so many great products) where you should not go shoe shopping. Don Quijote (Don Quixote) sounds too Spanish for a Japanese store but is one of the most interesting places to shop for fun party products, erotic toys, girls (and boys) accessories, make up and such. But it is not the best place to buy shoes. Their selection consists of cheapos fair enough but is mostly rubber-made and not at all nice looking. Stick to the stores above if you want the best bang for your buck.

Funny Japanese shoes

You won’t have to look long. I mean if you are searching for the cute or the creepy styles of shoes it is easy to find them. Usually throw an eye in one of the small stores nearby one of the big store listed on this page. One can find Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon and all kinds of anime monsters boots, slippers and colorful sneakers. See the one below and decide whether it fits you well.

    • Spa Queensway
    • 60-0023 Tokyo, Shinjuku, Nishishinjuku, 1 Chome-19, Keio Mall Annex Mall