Thailand Scenery in Krabi
Thailand Scenery in Krabi

Thailand Special Tourist Visa is a Crazy Prospect

Thailand Special Tourist Visa is kind of a joke, literally. It is presented as a solution but it feels like the opposite is the actual goal. Thailand used to discriminate even before this “pandemic” situation, but now their gigantic needs shows that their policy makers are out of touch with reality.

This new Special Tourist Visa shows that the Thai leaders are banking on tourists being desperate and not being able to travel to other destinations. And then they come up with rules and and requirements that make me stop reading the list to the end. One could say that under this visa that the travel restrictions amount to almost barring tourists from entering the country – just as before.

In what perfect world you have to give up your life just to travel to Thailand. I’d rather forget about this “special place” and head over to Mexico instead. Or try getting an Indonesian Business Visa. Or even traveling to Phu Quoc in Vietnam where the visa is not needed. The hassle is worth it for those prospects. But not the crazy hassle of getting the Thailand Special Tourist Visa.

The Thai requests, rules and requirements for this Special Tourist Visa are really way too much. Outrageous rather. But let’s try breaking them down one by one and find out what they mean.

Thai Special Tourist Visa Requirements

Just take a look at what getting this Thailand Special Tourist Visa involves. Even the name in itself tells a lot. It seems to be tailored to a rich segment of tourists that really want to be in Thailand.

The Bad Stuff

  1. The fees. The visa fees are a lot higher than normal visas. It costs 10000 Thai Baht (about $312.00 USD) to process the visa. The Thailand Special Tourist Visa itself costs 2000 Thai Baht which is about $65.00 USD.
  2. Limited number of visas available. Apparently there are only 1200 of Special Tourists Visa that will be given each month. This number is nothing but a lottery.
  3. Proof of prepaid accommodation needed. In order to start the application process the applicants must show that have paid in full for their hotel or other accommodation. This must be done for the full period of 90 days of the visa validity.
  4. PCR negative and 14 days quarantine. At arrival you must get a PCR Test and also spend 14 days in an approved quarantine center. PCR result must be negative otherwise you’ll be sent to an approved hospital. However, who knows what kind of tests are they running. As the FDA itself is saying that this SARS has not been isolated. So there is a chance that you’ll spend your time in a Thai hospital even though you’re healthy.
  5. Health Insurance. A health insurance that covers the “Covid” situation is also needed.
  6. Proof of funds. You need to show that you have at least 400000.00 Thai Bhat in funds to cover for medical emergencies, etc. This is almost $13000.00 US Dollars and you could probably a citizenship in some country.

Did you feel that this stuff is similar to an application to live on Mars? Because I did and, unless they change this nonsensical rules, I won’t hurry to apply for this visa.

The Good Stuff

Yes, surprisingly this program has also good points. But I really doubt it will survive due to the absurdities above.

  1. Length of the visa. It is given for 90 days. It can be extended two times which is up to 270 days.