Happy Ending Massage in Bangkok 2018
Getting a happy ending in the capital city of massage

Happy ending massage in Bangkok

After a long day of sightseeing in the great city of Bangkok what is the best way to relax? A Thai massage of course. If you ask people in the United States what country is best known for their massages, the most popular reply would be Thailand. You can even find Thai massage locations in many US cities. But wait a second. What about a happy ending massage? Isn’t that the reason Thailand is number one destination for adult single males? Ehm, perhaps so. Hence, read on.

What do I do when I want a massage?


When the massage starts you are asked to change into a robe, leaving your undergarments on, before you lay on the massage table. It starts with a deep foot massage and then slowly working up the legs and back. The massage lasts on average about an hour to an hour and a half. Different locations will use different products in conjunction with the deep tissue massage but in general, no special lotions or oils are used, just the smooth hands of your masseuse. Receiving a massage in Thailand is relaxing and invigorating at the same time.  Your muscles are soothed and any stress you may have started with will have vanished. Thai massages are not only for men, women also enjoy this tradition of relaxation.


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Most of the massage parlors in Bangkok are “clean” (if you know what I mean) and friendly.  On average a full body massage will cost approximately ฿150 baht which is equivalent to about $5 US. Contrary to what the movies and television might lead you to believe, the massage industry in Thailand does not offer massages with “a happy ending”. These are young ladies who have been trained in the art of massage and are there to offer relaxation and well being. But nothing else?


Really? No happy ending massage in Bangkok? That’s what everybody is telling me


Well, to be fair and truthful, most of the industry does not offer sexual or erotic massage, however, a small numbers of parlours, in Sukhumvit and Ratchada mostly, do and some male tourists are curious (to say the least) to try those services.


If you do decide to try their services we are not the ones to preach new morals. However, do read our advice for the sexy massage newbies.


Asian culture is different when it comes to body and morals. Even though recent trends are trying to emulate and borrow Western values you will still see beliefs that is nothing wrong or sinful with feeling pleasure. That coming either from a normal massage or even when the masseuse is stimulating all the erogenous spots on your body. Actually, this would be a complete or “full massage” but in its origins was not directed as to make a man ejaculate yet it was, of course, a possibility. The “happy ending” type of massage became more known and famous as curious Westerners wanted to try and those against this ritual were trying to stop it.

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In any case, should you be interested to try, there are some things you should know.


First of all a WARNING! It’s not only about the legality but morality. There are some cases (rare it’s true) where massage girls working were underage. Most masseuses working in this grey area massage shops are originally from either North and East rural provinces or even from Myanmar. You won’t have the chance to check their records or anything like that. Do you want to keep a clear conscience and obey the law? Then DO NOT try these services if you have the smallest doubt. It’s rather easy to distinguish between the ages a 30+ and an 18 or younger person. Do the right thing!


1. Since it started to be associated with being a bad activity only some girls will be willing to work and provide this type of services. We cannot be prejudiced but one could say that masseuses that work in places of this nature are little too easy and look for quick financial gain. There are stories where men fell in love with these girls and although some relationships worked out most did not. Just be aware of this and you will be alright.


2. When going to an erotic massage parlor don’t also expect an actual quality back rub or foot massage. Most girls there have no idea how to do it. But they know the other parts really well.


3. Due to almost prohibited nature or services, the erotic massages are obviously a lot more expensive than normal ones. Prices in 2018 start somewhere around 1500 Thai Baht ($45 USD) at some out of way parlors to a whopping 7000 Baht ($220 USD) or more. Touristic areas such as Sukhumvit and Ratchadapisek feature more expensive clubs. Some supposedly have very pretty masseuses and occasionally employing former Thai Penthouse models. Or so the word goes.


4. You can’t really complain if you did not like the quality of service. I mean yes you can but there is not really a customer service desk that will issue a refund or give a coupon for your next visit. But we are not surprised if that happens. Let us know!


5. It is probably a good idea to take a good shower before and after the session. Since there are so many people from everywhere in the world frequenting these clubs and you don’t want to catch an exotic disease.

6. One good thing (is it good though) is that you don’t have to worry about the legality of the happy ending massage. Like in neighboring countries for example. Do not worry about police raids.etc. In Thailand, as long as you’re paying you’re alright. We should insert a smiley face in here.


Disclaimer. The above statements are only goodwill suggestions and not medical advice whatsoever in any form and it should not be taken as medical or legal advice. Also, please know that in Thailand and anywhere else in the world some services may be against the law. It is entirely your responsibility to respect and follow the local laws.