Where to get a good massage in Taipei

Taipei Massage Places 2020 is an update list of massage parlors and shops. Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, the island off China with a fascinating culture and history. To help you relax when you are soaking up the unique mixture of Chinese, Japanese and local Hakka culture we have provided you with information on two of the best massage venues in the city.

Taiwan is a perfect place to get a massage. You know, it’s about the Chinese traditions combined with the island atmosphere. Read on below for our recommended Taiwan Massage Places. That if you don’t want to waste time searching through all the reviews. We can tell you that these are some of the best massage parlors in the city.

Apart from massage there are many other things to do. But some of our favorites and actually on the list of all visitors are these 3: food, food and food.

Where to get a good massage in Taipei

These 4 Taipei massage places with their branches in different cities and recommended by the locals.

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Villalike Thai Traditional massage 悅禾泰式養身美容莊園

They have three branches in Taipei, they are basically the same.

No.97, Sec. 1, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.) This one is the latest opened branch.

No.6, Ln. 27, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

No.9, Ln. 171, Sec. 2, Anhe Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Website: //

Villa Like Taipei massage prices

Thai traditional massage

1 hour at NT$1,200

Foot scrub and Massage (Gift)

Traditional Thai Massage

Back Essential Oil SPA

Head and Neck Muscle Masage

Shoulder, Neck, and Back Herbal Heat Massage

Facial and Head SPA

Body Yoga (with help of masseuse)

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Taipei Luxury Hotels in the neighborhood: Les Suites Taipei Ching Cheng, The Okura Prestige Taipei Hotel, San Want Residences Taipei, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hotel Royal Beitou, Hotel Proverbs Taipei

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Thai aromatherapy oil treatment series

A. 1 hour at NT $1,600 ($56 USD)

B. 1,5 hours at NT $2,300 ($80 USD)

C. 2 hours at NT $3,000 ($104 USD)

Strengthening specific parts of the body:

A. SUNDRI facial treatment

75Min / NT $1,800 ($62 USD)

B. Zhou Zen aromatherapy SPA top of the head

SPA 75Min / NT $1,500 ($52 USD)

C. Foot Relaxation Massage

75Min / NT $1,500 ($52 USD)

Four Hands Royal Treatment (2 masseurs)

A. Zhou Zen head+foot aromatherapy SPA

75Min / NT $2,500 ($87 USD)

B. Thai traditional massage+facial treatment

2HR / NT $3,250 ($113 USD)

C. Aromatherapy oil treatment+facial treatment

2HR / NT $4,000 ($139 USD)

What do customers like:

This one is the best and the most famous massage place in Taipei. These are just some bloggers and Vloggers review for this great massage heaven. We can’t even find any bad reviews online, it ranked 4.9 stars on google as well.

Royal Paris/Royal Bali 皇家養生集團

They have three branches in Taipei at the following locations:

No.82, Kunming St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

No.146, Sec. 1, Fuxing S. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

No.48, Sec. 1, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Royal Paris /Royal Bali Massage Services and Prices

Body massage + Shiatsu – 60 mins at NT$ 950, 90 mins at NT$ 1,400 and 120 mins at NT$ 1,850

Body massage + Oil foot massage + Foot bathing 5 mins – 105 mins at NT$ 1,600

Body massage + Oil massage – 60 mins at  NT$ 1,150, 90 mins at NT$ 1,600, 120 mins at NT$ 2,050

Body oil massage – 60 mins at NT$ 1,399, 90 mins at NT$ 1,899, 120 mins at NT$ 2,399

Calf relaxing + Foot massage + Foot bathing 5 mins.  45 mins at NT$ 600

Neck relaxing + Foot massage + Foot bathing 5 mins. 65 mins  at NT $900 and 85 mins at  NT$ 1,199

Oil Spa Calf relaxing + Foot massage + Foot bathing 5 mins. 45 mins at NT$700 and 65 mins at NT$1000

Oil Spa Calf relaxing + Pedicure + Foot bathing 5 mins. 75 mins at NT$ 1,200

Foot massage + Body massage + Foot bathing 5 mins. 105 mins at NT$ 1,485

Oil foot massage + Body massage + Foot bathing 5 mins. 125 mins at NT$ 1,899

Shanghai style Pedicure + Foot bathing 5 mins. 35 mins at NT$ 500

Scrubbing at NT$ 700 each

What do customers like:

About Royal Paris

See photos here:  //

This place has a romantic and European exotic style while being a modern establishment with fresh renovated rooms.

They offer some tea and cookies after your relaxing massage.

About Royal Bali

The price is very reasonable price, and the masseurs are very strong, the massage is vigorous and it might hurt comparing to other places, but you will feel even more comfortable after the treatment. They offer tea and cookies too.

Royal Bali Massage Taipei

Royal Bali Massage Taipei

What customers don’t like:

If you can’t stand the hurt, royal Bali might not the place for you, but you can still go to royal Paris.

Tips and words of advice:

If you are using coupons, you may not be allowed to choose the masseur/masseuse.

The Garden SPA泰谷養身會館

Address:  No. 81, Minyue Rd, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (click on the link to open map), Phone:+86 2 2225 2625

Pros: One of the best things about getting a massage in the Garden Spa is the ambience of the place.  The parlor is decorated in a classic Thai style and is staffed by friendly and helpful staff.  It also offers a variety of different treatments from Chinese, Thai and Japanese massage to body scraping, head and foot massages. The parlor has been awarded with the title of best Thai massage venue in Taiwan for the past 5 years running.

Cons: A great place to go to unwind however sometimes can feel a little corporate.

Massage costs: A 2hr Thai style massage will cost NT 1399 (USD 44) whilst body scraping treatment is 799 ($USD 25) for 30 minutes.

Kinraku Massage

Address: No. 324, Section 2, Bade Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan (click on the link to open map), Phone:+86 2 2771 1928. Website:

Pros: If foot massage is your thing, then go to Kinraku!  Sit back and enjoy excellent service and great facilities whilst having your feet massaged by one of Kinraku’s excellently trained masseuses.  The parlor also offers a full body meridian massage which helps clients unwind through the art of acupressure massage on meridian energy pathways.

Cons: As you would expect from a parlor specializing in foot treatments their foot massages are amazing whilst body massages can be hit or miss.

Taipei Massage Costs: A 40 min foot massage followed by a 60 min body massage will cost NT 1500 ($USD 47).

Young Spa

Young Spa is a small massage shop located near Tonghua Night Market in central Taipei. Check out the article for other set of prices and services.

Massage places in Taichung

For those looking for massage in Taichung we have a small articles discussing prices and locatios and the shops in this fast growing industrial city.

Taipei Massage Places for Adults

For customers looking for adult massage in Taiwan we recommend them to read the Taipei Hotel Massage section. There are agencies that have out-call services and send their sexy masseuses to your hotel room for a more intimate type of work.

Booking Taipei massage online on Android App

It is also possible to book Taipei massage online on our app. The Android Massage App facilitates therapists to list their services and be contacted by the massage clients.

Here are some of the reasons one may use the online massage app instead of walking in to a shop:

  1. It is easy to search and contact therapists in a specific location.
  2. The app is free of charge when contacting therapists via the email.
  3. You can also contact the therapists via the whatsapp or phone, SMS.