Sukhumvit nightlife
Sukhumvit nightlife still fun for you?

For me the Bangkok nightlife is a bit overrated. Sukhumvit even more so. Why do I think that? It’s because everybody talks about the fun they had in Sukhumvit with Thai girls near Nana Plaza (self titled world’s largest adult playground), Soi Cowboy and around the area. What they’re getting is some third class chicks that all they look for is money without giving much in return. First of all everywhere in the Sukhumvit area you will find only bar girls and other kinds of sex workers. But even if you are looking for pay to play girls I still don’t think you’re getting your money worth. Bangkok has changed a lot recently and most agree that not in a good way.

Nana Plaza

Near Nana Plaza you will find so many bars and it’s easy to get a girl to your hotel for an hour or even for a night. The older you are and the richer you look the more you would probably have to pay but that is not the problem. In my experience all the girls working here have either some minor body defect like scars on their body or an ugly belly, etc that they were hiding well. Once you get to the room you will see their true face. The lighting in the bars are hiding the not so pretty parts of their body. They are not smiling anymore but just want to get over with the deed so they can get back to make more. One can not blame them of course. These girls sleep with so many men that it is basically impossible for them to keep on acting nice and happy all the time.


Wake up people, they are working girls

Don’t expect them to fall in love with you or be grateful that I am there to have a good time with them. What I am saying is that these girls receive specific training to how to rapidly take your money and give less and less in return. Then they ask for the tip even though their performance was so poor and they know that they don’t deserve. To give you an idea these sex workers even have their own TV show. I understand that the concept of the bar girls was created by and for the foreign (mainly American) stationed in Asia. The guys feel good having a drink at the bar chatting with a pretty younger girl. Some even fall in love. That sounds ridiculous since both know (or should know) the games before hand. The girls know that the guys want to play and the men know that the ladies are there for the money. The Thais and other Asian customers will rarely/never be seen in the bars. There are some Japanese guys that go directly and pick up the girls from the GoGo dance clubs but they don’t waste time trying to make the girls “fall for them” buying expensive lady drinks.


Massage places are offering better service

My reasoning to all this is that I am comparing my experiences in Sukhumvit to the hugely superior service I am getting at the massage places in Rama 9 and Ratchada and even at the massage parlors on Sukhumvit Soi 24 near Asoke and Phrom Pong BTS or Sky Train. My rule of the thumb is that the farther I go from Sukhumvit the better service I get. There are exceptions yes. But 99% of the ladies working at the bars on Soi 4 and Soi Cowboy are veterans and won’t be what you expect from the famous Thai girls. Of course, we men, are partly to blame as well.



I honestly believe that one can not even begin to compare the fun and the girls in Bangkok with the ones in Jakarta for example. On the bright side Sukhmvit is still a 100 times better than the old Patpong.


Funny Stuff

I always thought it was funny to read the Bangkok metro sign TO BANG SUE. That does not literally mean that you will take the metro to go and bang one girl named Sue but of course that is the train’s final destination. Though on the way you could stop in some banging places like the massage parlors on Ratchadapisek.