Singapore Massage Rates 2020
Either in Geylang, Little India or Serangoon

Singapore massage rates are pretty high up there comparable only with Japan and Korea in Asia. But Singapore having a majority of Chinese population has strong traditions when it comes to massage and relaxation. Also, one can find Indian massage parlors especially in the Little India side of the city. And of course there are the Thai shops that complete the service offer. It is also worth mentioning of the erotic massage services provided mostly in Geylang and in the Orchard area. You can read here about Geylang massage. Though many Singaporeans prefer to drive to Johor Bahru for the happy ending type of relaxation.

Massage rates in Lavender

Xiange Massage is offering a 35 dollar deal for 1 hour foot massage at their shop on Lavender Street! Also get a 10% OFF coupon good at their new location at #23 Kampong Bahru.

Violet Spa & Wellness is a prominent massage parlour in the Lavender area. Click here to get a 20% OFF coupon from their web site! Current deal of the day is 10 Dollars for 10 minutes Head and Shoulder Massage.

Body Massage – 1 hour at 55 SGD (Singapore dollar)

                           – 90 minutes at 80 SGD
                           – 2 hours at at 100 SGD
                           – 150 minutes at 120 SGD
Foot Massage  – 1 hour at 40 SGD
                           – 90 minutes at 60 SGD
                            – 2 hours at 75 SGD

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Massage Promotions from the You Me Spa

30 minute Body Massage + 30 minutes Foot Massage – 50 SGD
45 minute Body Massage + 30 minutes Foot Massage – 60 SGD
60 minute Body Massage + 45 minutes Foot Massage – 75 SGD

You Me Spa is located at 288 Lavender Street and the shop telephone number is 62982129

Another massage shop nearby is Young Sanctuary & Foot Reflexology. Their prices are:

Foot Massage30 minutes at 20 SGD, 40 minutes at 22 SGD, 60 minutes at 33 SGD and 80 minutes at 44 SGD

Body Massage30 minutes at 22 SGD, 45 minutes at 33 SGD, 60 minutes at 44 SGD and 90 minutes at 66 SGD

About Singapore Massage Prices

As you probably know, when it comes to massage and other services, Singapore is one of the most expensive places in Asia. That along with Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Check-out the Taipei Massage Rates article to see the difference in costs and services.

If you are looking to get a massage on a weekly or a monthly basis we recommend the following alternatives – outside Singapore. Though with the new Travel Restrictions it is harder to reach those places.

  1. Get a massage in Johor Bahru instead. Since Johor is right across the bridge, this is not far for a weekend getaway. The massage is Johor is way cheaper and there are quite a few options. CAUTION: You do need to do your research about what venue to use in Johor.
  2. Get a massage in Batam, Indonesia. The largest of the Riau Islands, Batam is a short ferry ride away from Singapore. It is also worth visiting for a weekend or even longer. Prices in Indonesia are a lot cheaper when compared to Singapore. Check-out the Batam Massage info on our site.

Massage Near Little India in Singapore

Do you know that Little India is a perfect place for tourists wanting to experience the Indian foods and restaurants, Indian shopping stores and even Indian massage. There are a few massage shops on the Serangoon Road but those are a little expensive. Do explore the little parlors on the inside streets. You may even get an Indian Head Massage at one of the local barber shops. Actually all of the Indian barbers do offer a head and shoulders massage right after a haircut or shave.