Sihanoukville Nightlife
Fun and beach clubs in Cambodia's first seaside resort

Sihanoukville is a fun place to be anytime of the year. Sihanoukville nightlife it is vibrant not only on the beach but also at the many clubs and at the local KTVs. Even in the so called rainy season you’ll be able to see the sun almost everyday. The beaches are nice and, what’s most important, the prices are most affordable in this part of the world and actually could compete with any other seaside resort anywhere. Serendipity Beach seafront is a nice place to walk and have your breakfast or lunch while watching the waves. Fried fish costs about 3 USD, fresh coconut 1 USD and breakfast starting 3 USD. The most delicious meal I had on the beach was lobsters that the local ladies sell from a basket they carry on the head. For 5 USD you get 3 lobsters which are not large but they are tasty. Foot massage, body massage and pedicure services are being offered right on the spot on the beach and start at 1 USD.

Fun on the Beach in Sihanoukville

Almost all foreigners in town prefer the beach bars and discos and most of those are on the same renowned Serendipity Beach. Actually the two places to be are The Dolphin located on the west side near the touristic boats pier and JJ’s Playground on the other side of the beach. Both bars employ backpackers to attract tourists and sometimes they have fire dance shows and happy hours starting late at night. Walk on the beach in the evening and you’ll probably get a “2 for 1” coupon to come visit them later when the crowd gathers which is usually after 10 PM. Alcoholic drinks cost from 2 USD and up while orange juice and soda costs 1 USD.


As I said these beach places are usually filled with Europeans, Russians, Australians and locals but of course you will see occasional tourists from China, Singapore and other Asian countries. There is a small percentage of working girls present and, though they come and say hello or smile at you, they are not aggressive. You will see them here every night though. Some of the cute ones seem to disappear often after the party gets started so if you like any of them don’t be shy to start the chat early.

The bars at the Lions (statue)

There are also plenty of other bars owned by locals or expatriates. The zone near “The Lions”, which is an intersection where a big statue of lions can be seen, has many hostess bars where you could have a few drinks, eat, play pool and chat with the girls. It is a fun, relaxing and friendly place and I went there every night I was around. Here you’ll see a selection prettier girls though some of them will hit the beach when they are off at night.

The old glory Victory Hill

Yet another bar zone is Victory Hill a short ride away (1 USD by moto taxi) from Ouchetel and Serendipity. I personally I don’t think is worth visiting unless your hotel or guest house is located in the area. It is mostly hostess bars but the girls I saw did not impress.

Khmer Style Karaoke

Downtown Karaoke places are nice but most definitely go with your Cambodian friends. The ones I’ve been to with a Cambodian family looked like a hotel and had at least 2 girls in each room to set the sound system and eventually sing for you. They do serve food but everybody had beer and fruit salad on their tables. I guess this is the place to find the most beautiful girls in town but “you have to know people” that sing and dance Khmer. Price was OK – room and drinks for 5 people made my bill around 30 USD.

Khmer Nightclubs

If you prefer something more classy you could try the clubs located in the city proper. Those are OK however it is mostly rich locals that are probably already drunk. Some of the ones worth mentioning are City Gold, Amazon and LV Disco Bar all being near the Ekareach Street. I have visited the ones above and they are all the same: lots of bodyguards, very loud music, young people dancing funny, bottles of whisky and food on each table. I would recommend to get inside with a group of local friends and follow what they do. By the way, you can not go to the toilet without a bodyguard escorting you. Prices are obviously higher but still fair. Don’t forget to check the bill before paying. If you are looking to hook up with the girls here make sure they are single. It is very hard to distinguish between working girls and normal girls in these places unlike the beach establishments where they come to you. Also you will mostly see groups of people and probably won’t be able to break inside their circle. Make acquaintance on the beach then go to the club together – always is a better way to do it.


There are many options in this little seaside resort but don’t expect it to be Phnom Penh. It is more quiet with less people and facilities are not fancy. I haven’t noticed a live music bar like they have in Siem Reap. But surely you will have lots of fun.