Top Shanghai Massage Places
Where to get a good massage in Shanghai

One of the best things about living in China is the ability to treat yourself to great massages and luxury spas without spending an arm and a leg!  Shanghai is one of the best locations in the country for relaxing massages to help you unwind but with a parlor on almost every corner it is important for your wallet and more importantly your body to choose the right venue.  Below are 2 of the top Shanghai massage places with information on costs, services and what makes them unique.

Da Ban Massage Shanghai (大班)

Address: 370 Dagu Lu, near Lao Chengdu Bei Lu 大沽路370号, 近老成都北路. Phone no: +86 21 6340 0366

Pros: Set up your ultimate chill out day with movies, massages and all you can eat buffets at Da Ban. Large groups can book private rooms, with massive flat screen televisions and DVD players. Da Ban has a selection of DVDs available to rent, and play.  Bringing your own movies is also an option.  Another great feature is the all you can eat buffet and massages include juice, soda, tea fruit platters, and a variety of other local snacks.

Cons:  The Dagu Lu location is so popular with both local residents and expats that you will need to book ahead otherwise you are unlikely to get a time slot. DVD selections can be somewhat limited.

Massage costs:  The best deal is the set menu which is a great 2hr combination of a 60 minute foot massage combined with a full body traditional Chinese massage for only 220 RMB (35 USD).  Members also receive promotional deals and 10% discounts on all listed services.

Body Talk Massage (玄香馆)

Address: 3/F, South Block, 30 Sinan Lu, near Nanchang Lu 思南路30号南栋3楼, 近南昌路

Pros:  A great way to test out traditional Chinese medicine without diving in at the deep end Body Talk offers a variety of treatments including massage, acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping.  There are English speaking staff to help guide you through procedures if you are a little nervous about treatments.

Cons:  Some of the treatments and massages especially for men can be a little “vigorous” however you are guaranteed to leave Body Talk feeling invigorated!

Massage costs:  A 60-minute health package for about 700 RMB (112 USD) includes; a simulating stomach massage and moxibustion to to improve the flow of Qi thus improving health.

Advice for massage in China

Unless you speak Chinese or you have a reliable guide you probably won’t get the chance to experience a quality massage in Shanghai. As with other places it is hard to discover the good spots unless you try lots of them. The bottom line is to avoid adventure and try one of the well tested massage parlors.