Seoul Massage Spa
What are cheap massage spas in Korean capital city

In most Asian cities, massage is associated with a nice spa facility. This is no exception in Seoul and going for a massage means going to spend time swimming and enjoy the bath, sauna other spa features. We are resenting here 3 of the top spa places in Korea’s capital city. The focus of this article is to show good rated and affordable spa/massage services.

Seoul Spa Sauna Locations

Siloam Sauna Hanjeungmak

Address: Located near the Seoul and Chungjeongro Stations. (click here to launch map)

If you are ever in Seoul and need a place to stay, but also want a nice relaxing sauna visit look no further than Siloam Hanjeungmak sauna. Siloam is directly across from the Seobu Station and is open 24 hours for your convenience. Many people stop here on their trips to Seoul, and it is easy to understand why. There are many amenities available for a low cost, and the staff are well trained.
A day rate for an adult is 8,000 won for a bath, and 10,000 won for access to the sauna. The night rate for an adult is 9,000 won for a bath, and 15,000 won for the sauna. These rates include usage of their fitness center, table tennis room, Baduk/Janggi room, childcare center, mobile phone charging/storage room, and valuable storage room, among other amenities.
Many customers are pleased with their service, the variety of options there are for baths and saunas, and how relatively cheap it is based on the service provided. However, there is a communication issue as many of the staff do not speak English, and it is an older building so it appears dated.

Bath and sauna price:  Bath rate: 8000 won for the day ($7 US), 9,000 won for the night ($8 US). Sauna rate: 10,000 won for the day ($9 US), 15,000 won for the night ($13 US).

Phone: +82 2-364-3944  Website: Siloam Spa Sauna Seoul

Dragon Hill Spa

Address: Located near Yongsan Station. (click here to launch map)

Dragon Hill Spa is a traditional Korean spa and is located in the heart of Seoul. The Dragon Hill has been listed on many travel sites, and was even featured on CNN, making it a favorite with tourists. The spa offers traditional Korean spa treatments, in combination with Western amenities such as an outdoor pool and game room in their large building. With so many amenities available it is hard to imagine leaving Dragon Hill Spa tense.
A day rate for an adult is 12,000 won, a night rate is 14,000 won, and the weekend/ holiday rate is 14,000 won. These rates include access to their additional facilities such as their modern gym, cinema, games room, Jacuzzi, and outdoor pool. Parking is free for 5 hours.
Many people enjoyed their facilities, the traditional look and feel to the spa, and the central location. However, some people were disappointed in the condition of the building, and felt that the spa becomes very crowded due to many tourists arriving at once.

Spa price:  Day rate: 12,000 won ($10 US). Evening and weekend rate: 14,000 won ($12 US)

Phone: +82 2-792-0001  Website: Dragon Hill Spa English Website


Spa Lei

Address: Located near the Shinsha Station in Gangnam Seoul, in front of the Riverside Hotel, making it a very convenient stop on your vacation. (click here to launch map)

Spa Lei is a unique female only spa that offers traditional Eastern European and Hungarian style services, in addition to the traditional Korean massages. The spa offers beauty treatments, massages, sleeping/resting rooms, baths, and various types of saunas, such as the steam mist sauna. This is the perfect place to have a girls’ day out and not worry about a thing.
The initial 12 hours cost 14,000 won, and an additional 1,000 won per hour afterwards. This price includes gown rental and access to all amenities on site, including a pool, steam rooms, resting rooms, and sleeping rooms. Parking is free for the first 10 hours.
Many of the reviews on Spa Lei really enjoy that fact that it is a female only spa, which is unique in Korea. They found the staff friendly and accommodating. However, English is not spoken by the staff and this caused some issues initially, and some tourists found the amenities run down.
From the many facilities offered at this location we should mention: locker rooms, private lockers, sleeping rooms, seawater tubs, massage tubs, massage, foot massage, skin care, salt room, open air bathtub, sauna, cold/warm tubs, internet access, etc.

Massage price:  Initial cost: 14,000 won ($12 US). Additional Hours: 1000 won per hour ($0.85 US)

Website: Spa Lei near Riverside Hotel in Seoul