Would you like to know where to go for a great massage in Jakarta? Those who work in Jakarta, those who come on business trips, those who come for sightseeing, I think there are many people who want to go to a massage to get rid of their daily fatigue and refresh themselves.

How to pick the right massage shop in Jakarta

I’d say that the best way is to have your friends recommend it to you. When it comes to massage, it is definitely the quality of service and the word of mouth that bring the customers. We want to go to a massage when we’re tired. Even if you think about it, it’s a hassle to find out, and after all, have you ever stayed at home all day and greeted Monday morning without getting tired?

Massage spa shops in Jakarta offer great service and have qualified staff. You can get the same service as in Thailand, China, or Japan but the price is definitely cheaper than in the Western countries.

Jakarta massage shops are open to the public, locals or foreigners is not an important concept. As a foreigner, you can visit any of the massage businesses in Jakarta or Indonesia. This time we will introduce Jakarta massage shops recommended by people that have lived here and have a long history in Indonesia, so if you are unsure about choosing a massage shop in Jakarta, keep reading this article.

Kokuo Massage Jakarta

Kokuo is a famous chain store. You can easily go without making a reservation. You can do it all round from the acupoints to the whole body.

It seems that the staff here has received proper training. Even if they go to this store, there is no variation in the treatment for everyone!

The price is reasonable and there are many in the malls, so it is recommended for the end of shopping.

Massage Prices Kokuo

Foot, Hand, Back Shoulder Massage

  • 1 hour – 120000 IDR (about $8 USD)
  • 90 minutes – 180000 IDR (about 13 USD)
  • 2 hours – 240000 IDR (about 16 USD)

There is a discount for weekdays.

Meiso Massage Jakarta

This is another famous chain store. Most malls host the “Kokuo” shop or the “Meiso” introduced below.

The content is 30 minutes intensive foot massage. Then full body massage.

At this shop, you can use tools to pinpoint the acupoints on your feet.

I think it’s a place where some people like and some dislike it, but it seems to be popular among foreigners living in Indonesia.

Massage Prices Meiso

Body Massage

  • 1 hour – 130000 IDR (about $9 USD)
  • 90 minutes – 195000 IDR (about 14 USD)
  • 2 hours – 260000 IDR (about 18 USD)

Price does not include 10% tax.

ZEN Family Spa Jakarta

ZEN Family Spa is a well-known store that requires reservations! This is one of the best and insanely popular.

If only women go, they may be in separate rooms, but in some cases two people can be in the same room.

Some of the regulars love the 2 hours hot stone massage and that is not easy to get used to. This type of massage is recommended because it improves blood circulation.

Gaya Spa Wellness Wolter

It is a shop with a higher quality taste than ZEN. Reservation is not a must, but I think it’s a good idea to make one!

The price is higher than other shops, but the shop is beautiful and the rooms are large.

There are quite a lot of menus and you can arrange them to your liking.

The head massage is especially popular and recommended!

Gaya Spa has an Instagram Page here where you can book your services. If you’re looking to get massage therapists at your place, do check out the Book Massage App that can be installed free on Android.

Tipping for a massage in Jakarta

There are various theories about tips.

There is no tip culture in Indonesia so you don’t have to give it,

If you want to give a tip, you should give it about 10% of the treatment fee on your way home.

Massage in Indonesia is worth it

Despite being cheap, there are many shops with the same level of service as in Japan and even better than Singapore. We can even say that the services in Indonesia are similar to those in Thailand, China, and Taiwan.

In Indonesia, you can get a massage that costs only Rp 300,000 (about $20 USD) while in Singapore it costs about 50 USD (and higher) yen and in the USA it costs $80 and up.

Even if you don’t go to massage very often in your home country, it’s worth going while in Indonesia because the price is so affordable.

Massage in Yogyakarta

If you live in Java (Jawa) you’re definitely familiar with Yogyakarta, or you should be. Then you must definitely try their massage shops as well.

I would like to recommend a massage shop called Djmari, which has about 5 locations in Yogyakarta. It’s pretty clean, the service is good, and it’s cheap.

Yogyakarta is considerably cheaper than Jakarta, here you can get an hour and a half full body massage for just Rp100,000. That is less than 7 US Dollars.