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Philippines Massage

That everything is more fun in the Philippines is a well known fact. So it goes the country’s tourism agency motto. But not only when it comes to touristic destinations in this beautiful “country of islands”. By the way, did you know that there are over 7400 islands in the Philippines? Somehow,  the island life and the beach area is synonymous to relaxation and of course massage and spa

Here are a few reasons why you should indulge in a Philippines Massage as a tourist, as a foreigner or even as a local. The locals know it best though. That’s why this article is mostly for those new visiting this amazing place.

Why should you get a Philippines Massage

1. First of all, everybody speaks English in the Philippines. So it’s not hard to communicate and receive the service you need. As opposed to Thailand where is kind of guessing of what you’ll be getting, unless in a very touristic area.

2. There are options and more variety in terms of types of massage. You could definitely have a Swedish, Thai, Balinese, Shiatsu massages and even Acupuncture.

3. Prices are affordable since there is a large competition so you’ll get better rates than Malaysia and even parts of Thailand and Vietnam.

4. Easy to find and book a massage session. Many of the massage therapists are registered online. For example search on MASSAGE OPEN website for numerous Filipino Massage shops. Or download the Android Massage App and chat with masseurs and masseuses instantly, on your phone.

Which cities have best massage

Definitely bigger cities have always more options. When looking for massage in the Philippines we recommend sticking to Manila, Cebu, Davao, Boracay, Bohol and a few others. Read below for a list of shops/parlors that already registered online and you can contact directly.


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Philippines Massage App

List of the latest registered massage therapists. All these masseurs and masseuses are part of our user database. All you need to do is sign up and contact them via chat. Otherwise, leave a comment on their page and they will message you back.

Install our Android app FREE and contact these shops. Don’t waste time and chat directly with the therapists.


Philippines Massage Therapists 2018

The latest therapists registered on our Android App. Check them out below and sign up free to contact them. There are thousands in Makati, Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao and other cities in the Philippines.

Massage Therapist in Iloilo City, Philippines – Username Camilo – Licensed Massage Therapist on Panay Island

Massage Therapist in Pasay City, Manila, Philippines – Username Jane

Massage Therapist in Davao City, Philippines – Username Marjorie88

Massage Therapist in Davao City, Philippines – Username Eva 25 years old

Massage Therapist in Pasay, Philippines – Username Darren

Massage Therapist in Paranaque City, Philippines – Username Charm

Massage Therapist in Sagada Mountain Province, Philippines – Username Clyde

Massage Therapist in Malabon City, Philippines

Massage Therapist in Iloilo City, Philippines – Username John

Massage Therapist in Tacloban City, Philippines – Username Jeralyn

Massage Therapist in Quezon City, Philippines – Username RJ

Massage Therapist in Laguna, Philippines – Username Erom Dab Barr

Massage Therapist in Baguio City, Philippines – Username Regina Banay

Massage Therapist in Lonavala, Philippines – Username Sunny Spa

Massage Therapist in Butuan City, Philippines – Username Mariefe

Massage Therapist in Marikina City, Philippines – Username Almer

Massage Therapist in Pasay and Makati, Manila – Username Kyler Masseur – Relaxation massage at 500 Philippines Pesos. Massage services offered: Swedish, Shiatsu, Lomilomi, and Thai Massage. Massage to hotel or residence service available, near Pasay Rotonda, outside the area only with 200 Pesos Taxi supplement.

Massage Therapist in Cebu City – Username Jerayl – Masseuse that can do accupressure and Swedish Massage at a reasonable price.

Massage Therapist in Cavite, Philippines – Username Nyca

Massage Therapist in Quezon City, Philippines – Username Sally

Massage Therapist in Cabanatuan, Philippines – Username Jovz

Massage Therapist in Manila – Username Kenneth

Massage Therapist in Muntinlupa, Philippines – Username Oli

Massage Therapist in Tuaran, Philippines – Username Sandy

Massage Therapist in Meycauayan, Bulacan – Username Mhel Orolfo – Hilot Wellness Massage, Filipino New Life Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapist in Camanava, Philippines – Username Yuji


Massage Therapists in Asia

For a list of other therapists and app users please see the article with Indian Massage Users and also the Massage Therapists List including Asia, Europe and America.

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