Penang massage places and prices
Where to look for good massage in Penang

There is probably no better city in Malaysia when it comes to food that’s why it is called a “food heaven”. However when it comes to massage Penang (Pulau Pinang) is trying hard to rival with the impressive offers list of the providers in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore read on to know where to get your money’s worth and visit some of the best Penang massage places.

SC Foo and Sons

Address: Near Golden Sands Resort, Batu Feringgi (click here to launch map)

If you ever visit Batu Feringgi and your body craves for a massage, look no further than SC Foo and Sons. Located a stone’s throw away from Golden Sands Hotel, Foo has been working as a masseur for over 20 years at the same location, near the Bay Watch Tower.
Working together with his son Tommy and son-in-law Nelson, the team not only takes the tension out of your body but they are even experienced enough educate you on the problems that you are having with your body, sometimes just by touching your feet! Located by the seaside, customers will be serenaded by the sound of the waves while a pair of experienced hands works its way across your tensed legs or body.
For a 30 minute foot massage, SC Foo and Sons charges only a small RM30. A 60 minutes foot and body massage would cost RM60. There are so many reviews from countless numbers of customers who not only applaud their skill, but complimented on their passion towards the job. However, there are customers who prefer the comfort of an air-conditioned premise as compared to an open air massage by the beach, who could be on the high side of the temperature scale during noon.

Massage price:  30 minutes foot massage costs 30 Ringgit (7 USD) and 1 hour foot/body massage costs 60 Ringgit (15 USD)


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Ting-Ting Foot Reflexology, Sungai Dua

Address: Near Tesco Extra Sungai Dua (click here to launch map)

You know you have found a good massage place when even the locals would frequent it. Located beside the famous Tesco Extra Sungai Dua, Ting-Ting Foot Reflexology employs professional Thai masseurs who provide exceptional Thai Massage service at a fair rate.
The centre has been operating for more than 7 years now and employs more than 13 Thai masseurs under their brand. Step into their centre on a working weekday and you would be surprised that it is filled with customers, mostly locals who are looking for an hour or two of relaxation.
The centre charges RM30 for an hour of foot massage and RM40 for an hour of full body massage. Aromatic oil will be used for both massages and clients will exit the premise feeling not only refreshed but would smell fantastic as well.
Locals who frequents the place sometimes calls it “The Best Thai Massage” in town and the name holds for itself, considering the immense amount of traffic and the high number of returning customers. The downside of the massage would be its location, which could be quite far away from the tourist attractions.

Massage price:  30 minutes oil body massage costs 40 Ringgit (10 USD) and 1 hour foot massage costs 30 Ringgit (7 USD)


Danai Spa @ Tanjung Bungah

Address: Tanjung Bungah (click here to launch map)

Termed as the first garden spa in Penang, the 8000 square feet bungalow boasts both an indoor and outdoor space in its premise. Stepping into the premise itself is an uplifting experience, where clients will be fascinated by the indoor pool and its exquisite design.
Danai Spa provides a wide range of services to take away the stress away from your body, from spa treatments to body massage or little indulgence such as facial spa and manicure service, clients will be spoilt with choices.
The massage menu includes Danai’s Signature Massage, a blend of different massage techniques such as Acupressure, Swedish, Traditional and Thai to create a blissful healing signature massage which costs RM160 for 90 minutes of relaxation. There are many other ranges of massages available, namely the aromatherapy massage, herbal pouch massage, volcano heated rock massage, pregnancy massage and the Hawaii kahuna massage.
Danai Spa is definitely one for those who are looking for more than a physical relaxation amidst the busy township. Of course, the price is a bit on the steep side and that could be a turn-off for some budget travellers. However, despite the higher scale of price, many clients still finds the value that Danai Spa provides.

Massage price:  1 hour and 30 minutes healing massage costs 160 Ringgit (39 USD)