Outcall Massage Yogyakarta

Outcall Massage Yogyakarta

Outcall Massage Yogyakarta (Jogjakarta)

Welcome to Yogyakarta, or Jogjakarta as an alternative name. This is the city where you want to be in Java, Indonesia. Beautiful ancient temples, either Buddhist or Hindu and so many more things to see. One could even go to the beach side and spend time in nature – some waterfalls and amazing forest views are located not far from Jogja. If you’re adventurous you could even climb an active volcano!

After all these activities your body might need a good massage. Give Kevin a call. He provides outcall massage Yogyakarta.

Book Outcall Massage Yogyakarta, Indonesia

It only takes a few seconds to book massage. You can call +6285669186909 or order directly via Whatsapp, click on the link below to order on Whatsapp.

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Yogyakarta Massage Menu and Prices

The prices are in Indonesian Rupiah. 1 USD = 14218 Rupiah (June 2018)

1. Body Massage + Scrub + Face Massage – 2 to 3 hours at 200K IDR ($14 USD)
1. Body Massage + Face Massage – 2 hours at 150K IDR ($10 USD)

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