Massage Therapists List, February 2018
Massage Therapists List in Asia, Europe and Americas

Massage Therapists List

Massage Therapists List is an array of users that offer massage services. Massage prices launched an Android massage app and web site. Here clients can find massage therapists from Asia, Europe and America. It takes a few seconds to sign up via email or Facebook. What makes it useful is that users can add massage requests and find massage in their city or while traveling.

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Massage Therapists Listings 2018 on Massage Open App

Here we are presenting a Massage Therapists List with the latest registrations. The order of countries and cities where masseuses or masseurs are located is rather random. However, it is easy to search by the city even without signing up.

List of June 2018 Massage App Users

List updated June 04, 2018

List updated April 18, 2018

List updated April 9, 2018
Massage therapist in Oakland, California, USA – Username Workswonders (whole-body professional massage and private yoga lessons)
Massage therapist in Manila, Philippines, Username Phlan 88 (Metro Manila, Prices start at 275 Philippines pesos per hour)

List of March 2018 Massage App Users

List updated March 23, 2018

List of February 2018 massage app users

List updated February 12, 2018

Previous list of February 2018 app users

Previous list of January 2018 app users

Massage Therapist LPerez from San Diego, USA: Massage Therapist LPerez from San Diego
Massage Therapist Rahulm from Delhi, India: Massage Therapist Rahulm from Delhi, India
Massage Therapist Frenchy from Stockholm: Massage Therapist Frenchy from Stockholm
Massage Therapist Prateek Gurgaon, New Delhi: Massage Therapist Prateek Gurgaon, New Delhi
Massage Therapist Wahyui in Jakarta, Indonesia: Massage Therapist Wahyui in Jakarta, Indonesia
Massage Therapist Jakarta City, Indonesia: Massage Therapist Jakarta City
Massage Therapist in Kolkata, India: Massage Therapist in Kolkata, India
Massage Therapist in Alexandria, India: Massage Therapist in Alexandria, India
Massage Therapist in Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia: Massage Therapist in Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia
Massage Therapist Romyy in Bandung, Indonesia: Massage Therapist Romyy in Bandung, Indonesia
Massage Therapist Priti in Mumbai, India: Massage Therapist Priti in Mumbai, India
Massage Therapist Makaspa, Ciudad de Mexico: Massage Therapist Makaspa, Ciudad de Mexico
Massage Therapist Lopez in Singapore: Massage Therapist Lopez in Singapore
Massage Therapist Ajiek in Jogjakarta: Massage Therapist Ajiek in Jogjakarta
Massage Therapist in Leeds, UK: Massage Therapist in Leeds, UK
Massage Therapist Nikolamarek in Los Angeles, USA: Massage Therapist Nikolamarek in Los Angeles, USA
Massage Therapist Candy in Houston, Texas: Massage Therapist Candy in Houston, Texas
Massage Therapist Pijat Refleksi Bogor, Indonesia: Massage Therapist Pijat Refleksi Bogor, Indonesia

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If you prefer using the Android app to find massage therapists, in Asia and Europe or even in the USA, you can download it free. The advantages of using the app are the following:
1. No need to log in everytime
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