Top Langkawi Massage Places
Massage on the island of Langkawi

Perhaps not as famous as it neighbor Penang, this little island on top of Malaysia is a paradise for many tourists. Its proximity to Thailand makes it cheap to have good quality massage shops. Here are our 3 selections and prices as where to get a back or feet rub.

Alun-Alun Spa Langkawi

Address: Kuah Town (Bayview Hotel, Level 3), Pantai Tengah (Tropical Resort), Pantai Cenang (Opposite Casa Del Mar). Click here to open in Google Maps.

Phone: +60 4-966 9366. Website:

Pros: Alun-Alun Spa goes one step further than any other spas and massage places around the island when it comes to interior design. With high focus on customer’s relaxation, Alun-Alun Spa provides ambiance unlike no other, with a perfect combination for both sight and scent. Natural ingredients used during their spa treatment coupled with teams of professionally trained masseurs would be one of the factor why customers could not help but to recommend this place to their friends. This massage/spa facility is definitely in top Massage Shops Langkawi.

Cons:  Place could be crowded especially during the peak hours (7pm – 11pm) due to the fact that many are looking for relaxation and soothing treatment after a long day by the beach. Booking is advisable.

Massage costs:  There are a lot of treatment options available and it could be hard to make a choice. The most recommended package would be the Alun-Alun Signature Massage, which will cost RM180 (USD 42) for an hour of treatment.


Rumah Holistic (Holistic House)

Address: Lot 106, Kampung Ranggot Besar, Mukim Padang Matsirat, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. Click here to open in Google Maps.

Phone: +60 19-339 1831. Website:

Pros: Rumah Holistic is no doubt one of the most secretive but at the same time, well known massage place in Langkawi. Using a combination of traditional techniques and natural ingredients, the experts working at the place could take away the tension from any clients stepping into their centre. The place is not your normal walk in shop by the street and prides itself in its high exclusivity, giving guest a truly away from down experience.

Cons:  They are only able to serve 2 guests at the same time and there are not many taxi drivers who know about the place. Only a handful of taxi drivers are used to the place and are the recommended ones to choose from. High exclusivity. Advance booking is highly recommended.

Massage costs:  For RM180 (USD42), guests will enjoy a 2 hour Traditional Malay Massage which includes a natural coconut and rice based facial massage.  Perfect for those who are looking to relieve some tightness in their body.


Am Aya Spa

Address: Perdana Quay 1 Harbour Park, Lot H22, Ground Floor, Jalan Teluk Yu, Kedah, 07000 Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia. Click here to open in Google Maps.

Phone: +60 4-959 3959. Website:

Pros: Am Aya is not your typical spa. It might look like one, but their foundation is built on the concept of an energy healing centre. They offer many unconventional treatments such as the four hand massage, qissage, balancing massage as well as acupressure foot reflexology.  Guest could experience a new kind of relaxation as compared to the traditional strength on body treatments. Am Aya Spa offers  tours of Langkawi Island, which will take guests on a wonderful healing adventure and help them discover and awaken a spiritual self while being pampered in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Cons:  The location could be a bit far for those who are staying at the more popular area, Pantai Chenang. Price range is a bit on the high side especially for tours.

Massage costs: A 2 hour Lite Balancing Therapy session at Am Aya Spa would cost RM228 (USD 53) and it includes a range of different relaxation therapy, including a warm oil massage, herbal heat therapy and even alchemy sound therapy among many others.