Massage Places Taichung
How much a massage costs in Taichung, Taiwan

Looking for massage places in Taichung? This article is for those lost and wandering in this big industrial city on the coast of Taiwan. Taichung is one of the fastest growing areas in the country due to industrial development. Business hotels are full and once in a while you’ll even spot some tourists. Massage shops are not as abundant as in the capital or Kaohsiung however there are a few places one has to try out.

Massage Places Taichung

Tangcunritz Foot & Body Massage

Address: Near National Taichung University at the crossing of Guangda Street and Gongyuan Road (click here to launch map)

Tangcunritz is located centrally not far from the city’s main Taiwan Boulevard and minutes walking from Taichung National University. The shop has it’s own building which looks impressive at night. The interior is very nice and modern as well. A very important feature is that they are open 24 hours which give you the option to use their services anytime of the day or night. See details of services on their web site or find more on their Facebook page.
The menu looks simple and consists of three big basics: Foot Massage, Body Massage and Foot Spa/Massage. A whole body massage costs 1000 TWD (30 USD) for a 1 hour session. See below the entire price list and photos.

Massage costs Tangcunritz

1 hour foot massage costs 700 TWD (21 USD)

1 and half hour foot massage costs 1050 TWD (32 USD)

2 hours foot massage costs 1400 TWD (43 USD)

1 hour body massage costs 1000 TWD (30 USD)

1 and half hour body massage costs 1500 TWD (46 USD)

2 hours 10 minutes body massage costs 2000 TWD (60 USD)

2 hours package foot & body massage costs 1700 TWD (52 USD)

Hotels near Tangcunritz, Taichung

Located minutes walking from the Taiwan Blvd, Tangcunritz is one of the best massage places Taichung with many affordable hotels nearby. On of the hotel with best rates, great location and very nice rooms is Royal Seasons Taichung Hotel. Stay at the top floor and enjoy a great view of the city. On the budget side we can recommend Mou Hotel not far from the National Museum of Fine Arts, but also business hotels like Kao Yuan Hotel, Talmud Business Hotel and Kiwi Express.

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