Koh Samui Massage
Massage on the Party Island

Read on for price guide if you are looking for massage Koh Samui. Found yourself in this paradise in Thailand and want to experience the local Thai Massage shops? Koh Samui is probably the most known and visited island in Thailand. True, Koh Phi Phi islands are nominated for the most beautiful but when it comes to number of visitors Koh Samui beats them all.

Massage Koh Samui prices and locations

Main touristic area in Koh Samui is near the Chaweng Beach which is just a few miles away from the airport. Here you will find a high concentration of restaurants, bars, spas and massage places. It is very easy to stumble upon all the little establishments just by walking on the main road adjacent to the beach. A few names that we would like to mention are The Thai Thai Spa, Jamy Bar & Massage, Tuk Massage and Samui Lagoon Bay Massage.


Prices are mostly in the same range for small and medium size businesses.


Here is a list of services and costs:

Thai Massage – 200 to 250 Baht/1 hour

Traditional Thai Massage – 300 to 500 Baht/1 hour

Reflexology Foot Massage – 200 Baht/1 hour

Oil Massage – 350 Baht/1 hour

Coconut Oil Massage – 400 Baht/1 hour

Aloe Vera After Sun Massage – 500 Baht/1 hour

Aroma Massage – 400 Baht/1 hour

 Thai Herbal Compress Massage – 800 Baht/1 hour


Other services and options:

Manicure – 200 Baht

Pedicure – 200 Baht

Foot Scrub – 300 Baht

Body Scrub – 700 Baht

Aloe Vera Body Wrap – 800 Baht/40 minutes


Massage on Chaweng Beach

Of course there are quite a few masseuses on the beach should you be interested in their skills. No need to walk too far as these little shops are located about each 100 meters. Prices and courses are about the same as the ones offered in the main practices. The only difference is the sea views. A winner is the Aloe Vera Massage that helps your sunburned skin after falling asleep on the beach.


Fish massage or fish spa

One of the novelties in terms of Massage Koh Samui or anywhere in Thailand is the entertaining and healthy Fish Massage! You’ll wonder what that is. Basically you put your feet in a small (or large) aquarium filled with small hungry fish. We’ve been told that they are not piranha fish. Nevertheless these little ones will try eating your dead skin cells. We are not sure of how much that will help your skin but we know it tickles and it’s fun. To play with the fish costs 200 Baht for 20 minutes, 300 Baht for 30 minutes and 600 Baht for 1 hour.