Krabi Massage
Rubs in the town of Krabi

Get your Krabi massage at any of the shops in town or on the Ao Nang beach. If you are down in Krabi Town chances are you won’t see many tourists and that drives the prices down whether is food, drinks, lodging or massage. This is a lovely little town with many food options and markets and a few cheap hotels and hostels. There are not too many massage places but you will see them especially near the Chaofa Park and Chaofa Pier.

Krabi Massage Prices and Services


With prices lower than Bangkok or the more commercial islands nearby Krabi is an excellent place to relax and get those muscles massaged. Or perhaps you need a new pedicure? And if you spent too long in the sun on the Rai Ley and Ao Nang beaches then surely you must heal your skin with the famous Aloe Vera Massage. While the coconut oil massage is a bit more exotic you may want to try the lotion instead.


Foot Massage – 200 Thai Baht per 1 hour

Thai Massage – 200 Baht per 1 hour

Oil Massage – 300 Baht per 1 hour

Thai Oil Massage – 350 Baht per 1 hour

Aloe Vera Massage – 350 Baht per 1 hour

Coconut Oil Massage – 300 Baht per 1 hour

Aroma Massage – 300 Baht per 1 hour

Face Massage – 300 Baht per 1 hour

Anti Cellulite Massage – 500 Baht per 1 hour

Aromatherapy – 350 Baht per 1 hour


Other options:

Body Scrub – 350 to 400 Baht per 1 hour

Milk Oil Massage – 300 Baht per 1 hour

Herbal Compress Massage – 550 Baht per 1 hour

Detox Massage – 300 Baht per 1 hour


Some of the massage shops we wanted to mention are: Tiger 2, Son Thai Massage, Andaman Pearl Massage and Sunflowers Massage.


Weekend and night food markets


While there are so many things to do on tours starting from here, we wanted to recommend the evening food market with myriad of tasty little dishes. Even more rich and a feast for all gourmands are the weekend markets in the middle of the town. You can try the now world wide famous Pad Thai but many others Thai foods, fruits and sweets of all kinds. Take your time and enjoy this place. We know that you will.