Massage in Thailand 2017
The most offered service in Thailand

Massage in Thailand is probably the most offered service as these two words go together hand in hand. It is true that other Asian countries, and we can name here China as a top contender, have an ancient tradition in massaging yet Thailand gets the gold when it comes to places where massage is being offered and quality of service.

Best place for a Thai massage is Bangkok


One would think that the Thai tropical seaside resorts and islands, like Krabi, Surat Thani, world famous Koh Phi Phi islandKoh SamuiPhuket, Pattaya and jungle cities like Chiang Mai are synonymous with spas and massage establishments and it is true that most offer those services. However the capital Bangkok is always NUMBER ONE when it comes to density, variety, value for money and of course quality. That is good since most tourists visiting Thailand will usually fly into the City of Angels and spend a few days exploring the Grand Palace, the endless food stalls on the streets and of course having a taste of the nightlife.


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The massage and spa establishments are spread all over the big city however there are some touristic areas where is very easy to find the parlors. There are a few neighborhoods that offer massage services to different type of clients depending on their needs. Sukhumvit touristic zone caters to foreigners white and Asian alike with Japanese being probably the most frequent buyers. We have an article that lists the streets (soi) with massage shops in the Sukhumvit area and an informational course and price. Ratchadapisek is a zone in between touristic, business and also serving the locals while Rama is almost exclusively dedicated to local clients.


Massage in Thailand on the beach


The beach is another famous place in the Land of Smiles and that’s where you would find some of the best massage in Thailand. And the cheapest price. Expect a hard beating and rubbing of your back from the little local masseuses while lying on your belly. But don’t worry – Thai massage may look, and actually feel, a little terrifying but very relaxing after the whole ordeal is over. It’s a way better alternatives to my aching back while at the office. Plus don’t forget about the waves, sun rays, coconuts and beautiful girls walking in the sand.