Mandalay Massage Places
Top massage shops in Mandalay, Myanmar

Visiting Mandalay and not trying out one of their massage places is like going to the Andaman Islands and not seeing the sea. Their massage places are absolutely amazing and when you walk for so many time, you might need a bit of a rest. And with a massage included, what could be better?

Massage parlors in Mandalay

Mandalay has many small massage shops, however, they’re not all the same. Here are the three best options you have:

The Spa at Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel

Address: Near Yadanabon Zoo (click here to launch map) 

This is by far, the best place to have a massage. From the moment you enter the spa villa, it seems you are already in another place. The soothing lemongrass aroma and the calm and calm music are simply asking for a relaxation period.


You can have a full body massage with prices starting at $45, and a foot massage, with prices starting at $25. This may seem a bit pricey considering you are in Mandalay. However, customers don’t have anything bad to say about bad. Right on the contrary. They don’t only love the space, the staff who receives you with open arms, and the amazing masseurs.


Phone: +95 2 35 638


Amaravati Spa

Address: Corner of 62nd and 37th Streets, Mandalay (click here to launch map) 

If you want to get a massage but you just don’t want to pay that much, you can check Amaravati Spa. They offer high-quality massages provided by Thai-trained masseurs. If you want to get a foot massage, it will last for 1 hour and you’ll pay only $8. However, foot massages are done in an open room. So, some people might not feel so comfortable with this option however, it’s pretty peaceful. You can also get a full body massage starting at $15 for 1 hour. These massages are done in private rooms and you’ll love the decoration.


Amaravati Spa customers simply love the price they paid for the massages. However, some point the fact that the foot massage is done in public. Other than that, everyone seems to be very pleased with the Spa.


Phone: +95 9 444032013


Lime Spa Mandalay

Address: Near Mandalay University and Mya Malar Hostel. Approximate map directions (click here to launch map)

This last option is simply for men. This is a spa where only men can get their massages, solely done by men. You can try different kinds of massages here. The Fusion Spirit which will help you relax and increase circulation can be done for just 15,000 Kyats ($13) for 90 minutes, the Aroma Oil Massage only costs 90 minutes for 18,000 Kyats ($15), and the 90 minutes Candle Oil Massage is 25,000 Kyats ($21).


As you can see, you have a lot of different options in Mandalay to get a great massage. Either you like a more distinct place or a more affordable one, you can choose. And if you’re a man and never experimented a massage before because you used to feel uncomfortable by being surrounded by many women, this is your chance now. A massage place where only men are allowed to enter and where you can be sure you’ll feel completely relaxed.


Phone: +95 9 250 015 002