Makati Massage Manila
Massage prices in Makati 2016, 2017

Makati massage is readily available at many of the spa/massage shops located, well, basically everywhere. The rates are on the lower end comparing to neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan and in the same range with Indonesia and Thailand.

What is Makati

Here is the Makati Map: (Click here to open Makati, Manila in Google Maps)

Well located not far from the airport, Makati is a well known, modern neighborhood in the heart of Manila. This a business but also a touristic center with many big hotels, restaurants and nightlife venues set in walking distance or a short taxi ride. The distance to the airport is under 30 minutes when the traffic is good and a big shopping mall (Greenbelt) with restaurants and movies theaters about 10 minutes away. It is probably the preferred district for tourists and business people staying in Manila.

Where to find massage in Makati

1. You can order massage at your hotel. You can ask your hotel receptionist or concierge about best options for price and quality. They will call a massage shop which will send a therapist to your room. This is the easiest option but most likely the price will be inflated and probably it won’t be the best service. Most likely the hotel will cash in a commission as well.

2. You can walk around the neighborhood exploring the shops, service options and prices. This will be the cheapest option and, if important, you will get to choose the therapist.

3. Choose one of the many therapists available in front of the hotels especially Burgos Street and surroundings. If you are opting for this then understand the following or look for further advice.

– Burgos street is a nightlife spot with many bars and adult venues.
– Most of these massage therapists will offer extras such as full service (erotic massage) or variations of it.
– Some therapists are legit and will wear uniforms (sometimes) and can show their employee badge.
– Always check their IDs as some of the therapists may be underage offering illegal services.
– Have the hotel reception/concierge register therapists ID.
– Know that full service (sex massage) is illegal in the Philippines but from what we’ve seen the law is not enforced.
– Agree with the therapist and price/service details before starting the session.
– Makati is one of the safest areas in Manila but do pay attention to surroundings. As everywhere else.

Massage prices in Makati, Manila

Normal massage revolves around 400 to 500 PHP (Philippines Pesos) which is roughly 8 to 10 USD per session.

Erotic massage prices in Makati range from 1500 to 3000 Pesos (30 USD to 60 USD) depending on bargaining skills, length of sessions, massage type and so on.

These prices quoted in November 2016 on Burgos Street. Outside Makati and in the neighborhoods such as Pasay and Paranaque the prices will be cheaper. However these are not recommended due to safety issues. Unless accompanied by local guide or in a group, it is better to stick to Makati for massage options.

Recommended hotels near massage in Makati, Manila

From the hotels tested first hand by our team the best were Best Western Oxford Suites (Click here to check prices), City Garden Hotel (Click here to check prices) and Makati Palace Hotel. They are very good value for money, safe, right near the nightlife and it is very easy to find massage therapists nearby or on the street in front of the hotels.