About erotic massage in Kuala Lumpur

This is a short guest article about Kuala Lumpur Massage 2019 and especially erotic massage in the Malaysian capital. As many travelers know KL is not just another city in Asia but one with many massage and spa options.

It is always a hit or miss with the massage or escort agencies. That’s why we have reviews to rely on places that have been tested by other visitors.

KL Playboy Review

KL Playboy used to be a favorite massage parlors in Kuala Lumpur. Why you may ask. It is true that their selection is not big. They do have new girls coming all the time. It seems that KL Playboy had its sunset and is out of the market now in 2019. If anybody has news on this establishment do leave a comment. Their strength definitely lies in quality service. Here is about my first visit. Navigated on their web site and read some reviews and opinions. It appeared to me that the comments posted were indeed made by the clients and honest ones. Next I added them to WeChat and chatted with the person online. Not very fast in their response but very helpful when it started. Anyway, I was able to book a new masseuse that recently had arrived.


I got to the place, I waited about 20 minutes which I did not like but the girl I booked was still on the way. When she arrived I paid the guy 180 ringgit for 45 minutes. The girl was probably 23 or 24, Chinese with average body but smiling and very nice. Not a lot of English. We went to the room upstairs and started undressing. The room was nice and clean. As soon as we lost the clothes we started kissing and caressing. It was almost like love making which of course I liked. No time for normal massage; going directly to blowjob without condom and a long session of sex. We changed positions a few times and went at it for at least 30 minutes. Finally I asked if I can come in her mouth. She said yes. This is a nice girl that does what you want. She did not ask but since I liked the massage so much I gave her a tip. I believe her name was Ting Ting or something like that. And by the way I’ve gotten 1 hour and the girl said OK, no problem.

KL Playboy Rating

Price: 180 Ringgit – normal for the KL market
Location: Great. Seasons Towers in Bukit Bintang
Room: Good, clean and sturdy bed
Massage: Did not try
Extras: Excellent. Pretty girl and very willing


Which hotel to stay in Kuala Lumpur

The great thing about Kuala Lumpur is that hotels are fairly cheap comparing to other countries. So you could stay in a nice 4 or 5 stars for a low price. I would recommend that staying in Bukit Bintang since lots of the action takes place in that area. If you like to stay in a condo or apartment, there are a few newly opened called Luxury Condo Bukit Bintang, Lanson Place Bukit Bintang (great views and location) and Park Royal Serviced Apartments. But also a few fantastic hotels such as Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel, Hotel Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, The Westin Kuala Lumpur, Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur City Centre (try the sushi there!)

Escort Spa 88 Review

The second part of the article is about Escort Spa 88 which is one of the places you find searching online.

By looking at their web site (you could find easily it by searching “escort spa 88 kuala lumpur” on Google) I’ve already realized that is not a place I want to go. At the same time I had no other proven choice. It was late at night and I wasn’t getting any responses from the competition. And I didn’t want to go back to my usual place as their selection was rather thin at the time. Plus I was looking for a new feeling. Well, I got it. It wasn’t what I was looking for though.

The action is at Hotel Mercury behind Berjaya Times Square. On their website you could actually call or chat with one of their agents and book the masseur and massage session that you want. On there they tell you the hotel location and that you have to call them again when you are at the lobby.

When I got there the host took me to the room, showed me the girl and took the money – it was 190 ringgit. The girl was cute and had huge boobs but was chubby. Not what I would have chosen if she were in front of me. But I wanted a cute Chinese girl and since I was there I didn’t want to move around much. I said ok.

Anyway, inside the room was pretty dirty. These girls live there as I’ve seen clothing, luggage and personal stuff lying around everywhere. Not a pleasant environment. After the shower she gave me a good back massage – I was quite surprised since normally  they’re sloppy at this chapter. What happened after it wasn’t what I expected either. She didn’t want me to touch her at all but she kept complimenting my penis and my skin. Covered bj and normal sex in missionary and doggie style was alright but nothing to write home about. She started to complain that it hurts and she’s bleeding but she wasn’t that tight. I got bored and came inside the condom in her mouth.

The conclusion is that I won’t go back for the service, the girl or the place. It’s just not worth the money or the time.

Escort Spa 88 massage reviews and ratings

Price: 190 Ringgit – OK for the Malaysian market
Location: Good. Central right behind Berjaya Times Square
Room: Poor. Not clean and towels not fresh
Massage: Good, skilled Chinese masseuse girl
Extras: Poor