Kuala Lumpur Massage Places 2020

Kuala Lumpur Massage Places 2020

Kuala Lumpur Massage Places 2020

Kuala Lumpur is well known for being a tourist destination. As such, it is only natural that many massage places would sprout up there, seeing as tourists want to relax and experience some good times here.

That doesn’t mean that all tourists are looking for the same kind of massages. Some may be want to get no more than a simple massage, which is surprisingly cheap even in the highest-end places. Some, however, will want a little extra, which can cost quite a bit higher, but still better priced than most in most countries in the world. Here is a list of both kinds of places, as we leave it up to you, the reader, to pick and choose which kind of massage you may want. One thing we can tell you is that no matter which one you pick, regular or adult, massage parlours in Kuala Lumpur will leave you satisfied and begging for more.

Regular Massage Services

Perhaps you are a man (or a woman for that matter) who simply wants a massage. Maybe you are on vacation with your family and obviously can’t be doing erotic massages. Maybe you don’t even care for erotic massages. Whichever the reason may be, you may still think of massages to be relaxing and want to relax on your trip here. For those who want a regular massage in Kuala Lumpur, I would recommend the following places for it. They are not ranked in order of price or effectiveness, and many of them are just as good as the rest on the list. All of these parlours will provide you with some of the best messaging experience available in east Asia. You might be even tempted to try all of them.

List of regular massage shops

Alam Beauty and Wellness Spa

Located inside Anggun Hotel, the Alam Beauty and Wellness Spa is situated inside a very rustic looking wooden building. The spa is gorgeous and nostalgic in its decor, hankering back to some of the classiest massage parlours available in the good old days. They also happen to provide facials and manicures alongside their massages. The beautiful massage beds are adorned with silk sheets that make the experience very luxurious. The masseuses in the establishment are professionals who have a very good idea about what they are doing. They offer many different packages, such as offering an hour of head, neck and shoulder massage with foot reflexology at a very affordable rate of 100 Ringgits. Situated in the heart of the tourist zone of KL, Bukit Bintang, makes it an easy massage destination for tourists.

Uroot Spa

The Uroot Spa, situated in Mont Kiara, is another great place to get a relaxing massage. The spa looks less so like a massage parlour and more like a beautiful resort by the beach. Even their massage chairs are styled so that they look like beach chairs. They cost a little more than some in this list but that is to be expected from their unique interior. They also sell some specialised services that may not be found elsewhere, such as pregnancy massages that cost around 120 Ringgit an hour, and jet lag recovery massages for tourists who may have arrived from a vastly different time zone for around 130 Ringgit an hour. They also offer a specialised sports massage for those more athletically inclined, which is sold 75 Ringgits for half an hour. Comparable massage packages to other parlours consist of foot massage with power back massage, and a standard foot, head and shoulders massage. The first one comes in at 110 Ringgit per hour, while the latter is only around a hundred Ringgits an hour. As you can see, these basic packages are much more affordable.


One of the most affordable KL massage places on this list, if we include happy hours, is KL Footsie Massage. They don’t have too many gimmicks going. They offer classic Thai massage solutions, but during their happy hour, you will seldom find a better price in Kuala Lumpur for a massage. From 12 PM to 4 PM on the weekdays, Footsie offers a one-and-a-half-hour traditional Thai massage for only 78 Ringgit. A foot, shoulder, head and neck massage, which is a lot less specialised and a lot more basic, costs a mere 59 Ringgit. There is also a specialised massage package for couples who can go get aromatherapy for both at 148 Ringgits, meaning per hour per person it’s a measly 74 Ringgit. There are also several entertainment options, ranging from mini theatres to watch movies at while you get your massage, or grabbing a book while you get your feet massaged.

Reborn Wellness Malaysia

If you’re interested in specialised Chinese Massage, one of the best Kuala Lumpur Massage places to get it is at Reborn Wellness Malaysia, situated in Kuala Lumpur. They feature authentic foot reflexology at only 66 Ringgit per hour – that is $16 USD. Their traditional Tui Na massage is also very popular, as many choose this 83 Ringgit an hour massage. With many outlets in KL and Klang Valley, it’s almost certainly going to have one close to your hotel or BnB. However, different branches have different themes, such as the one in Bandar Sunway having a sleek modern look, whereas the branch located at Chinatown has a more Chinese influenced look.

Happy Feet

Contrary to the name, Happy Feet Massage place offers more than massage options that make your foot happy. They offer body massages as well, and they are quite good at it. However, it’s their foot massages that are the stars of the show. Oil and Thai massages are quite affordable at 88 Ringgits an hour. Foot reflexology is even cheaper with costs going down as far as 68 Ringgits an hour. If you happen to have pain that is more intense and needs a little more than force, try cupping. A 30-minute session costs only 46 Ringgits. Technically the outlets may be situated outside of KL, but it’s still easy enough to get to thanks to modern Malaysian infrastructure. Besides, Petaling Jaya is quite close to KL, to begin with.

Kuala Lumpur Erotic Massage

One of the biggest sources of tourism in Malaysia and the rest of East Asia is adult tourism. Many around the world come here to get some action, and there is nothing to be ashamed of if you want the same. Malaysia has some of the hottest girls available for erotic massages, while still being quite affordable. Here are some of the places that offer sexy girls to massage and thoroughly relax you.

Sky River Spa

Sky River Spa is one of the more trustworthy places for a tourist to get a good erotic massage. They have a lineup of beautiful girls consisting of different nationalities, such as Thai, Chinese and Malay girls. You may even find Indian girls available at times depending on when you visit Malaysia. Situated in Bukit Bintang, they will almost certainly be near whichever hotel you will be staying at. For their rates, minus tips, you would have to pay around 200-300 Ringgit – $50 to $70 USD depending on the girls’ nationality, skill set, and beauty. Some special girls can cost even more. It is customary for the clients here to pay the girls some tips as well, so that should also be considered.

Escort Spa 88

Situated near Berjaya Times Square in Hotel Mercury, the Escort Spa 88 is also a wonderful choice for a tourist to get a massage or a happy ending, or even both. You can find a website dedicated to their business easily on Google, and you simply give them a call when you reach the place. That’s when they pick you up and show you their selection. They have a nice selection of beautiful girls of all ages, most of whom are ethnically Chinese. The girls are not pros at giving massages, but they certainly know their way around a man’s body. That being said, their massage skills aren’t lacking either, and you would certainly feel quite relaxed even before the happy ending. Depending on which girl you have chosen you may get someone more inclined to give you a happy ending versus those who will be more reluctant, but most will have the skill to relieve you in some way. The cost varies with skill and beauty, and it ranges from 190-300 Ringgit – $45 USD to $70 USD for the session.

KL Playboy Massage

One of the least massage centrist massage place on this article, the KL Playboy does not have a very good team of masseuses. What they have is a team of beautiful girls who are willing to go above and beyond their call of duty to give their client relief. Their massages may be average, but they more than make up for it in their skills elsewhere. The price for an hour session for any of these girls can range from 180 Ringgit onward, with some going as far up as 500 Ringgit. They also feature girls of different ages, nationalities and body types, ensuring there is a little something for everyone.

Freelancers Massage

The parlours listed above all provide out-call massage options, but that does not mean they are the only way to get a massage at your hotel room. There are many freelancers online, and walking the streets of Bukit Bintang, who are willing to offer happy endings, with or without a massage before it. There are even freelancers who are international, meaning if you want a European, American or Hispanic girl to have a relaxing session with, a freelancer will probably be the most reasonable idea for you. However, freelancers come with their own risk. For one, the freelancers are individuals, and may not be very safe. This means you will have to put some extra energy and time into vetting whichever girls you are interested in, and nobody wants to do extensive researching during their vacation. Besides, freelancers also know their worth better and will usually put a higher price tag on their services, making them much more expensive. The rarer the nationality in Malaysia, the better the body, the more expensive their services.


Overall, Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur, is a great tourist destination. There are some wonderful massage parlours here along with some stunning beauties, and both will give you an unforgettable experience.

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