Jakarta Massage Plus 2020
About erotic massage in Jakarta 2020

Jakarta Massage Plus 2020

Jakarta, the city that never sleeps and now here is a Jakarta massage plus small guide. This is one of the biggest metropolitan zones in the world in terms of the area and inhabitants. Many of its surrounding rural areas are supporting the city economic growth and country’s central entertainments, governance, business and activities, creating what it called Jakarta Greater Area or “Jabotabek”.

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Indonesia has a Muslim majority population (largest Muslim country in the world) but that doesn’t stop Indonesians for being permissive to foreign lifestyle influence that in fact is on the favour of most of its youths.

See here a list of with most recent massage therapists in Jakarta, Indonesia and Asia.

This is including the entertainment business that has been culturally there since its inception, when there’s demand, there’s always supply that following it and just the matter where you can find the perfect massage parlor for you. Following the underground business it’s never easy without the right local connection, especially in Jakarta, you won’t always have a great experience if you don’t know what you’re doing. This guide is only a peek at the best place for Jakarta massage plus spas. Go explore and let us know your experiences.

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What's Good

The main good thing about Jakarta is the sheer number of places to get a good “plus” or “extra” massage. Most masseuses are friendly. Services are a lot cheaper when comparing to Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and even Bangkok.

Massage Prices 2017

150K Rupiahs (IDR) to 450K Rupiahs per session (11 USD to 35 USD)

50K Rupiahs to 150K Rupiahs for tips (4 USD to 15 USD)

Prices tend to be higher in some high-end spa and massage establishments but usually way cheaper than in Malaysia and even Thailand. Erotic massage for tourists (foreigners) starts around 400 000 Indonesian Rupees (30 USD) *March 2017 which may be reduced through negotiations. It can go up to 2 millions IDR (150 USD) or more depending on the spa or massage venue. Be careful in clubs that have massage offers as you drinks may be added to your check and those vodka shots and orange juices that your masseuse gets are not cheap. Alway check each listing for price details and call the provided number for updated price lists and service menu.

Usual Complaints

First timers usually complain about the massage therapists not speaking English and not understanding what are being asked. Also there are many complaints about the taxi drivers in Jakarta. If possible use BlueBird Taxi company which has a stable reputation.

Where to find massage

Jakarta Massage Plus seekers must know that North Jakarta is a sure bet for this type of erotic massage. This area is definitely one of world’s largest (unofficial) red light districts. Especially  in the Glodok and Mangga Besar areas. In South Jakarta they are concentrated around Melawai and Blok M. In the West Jakarta look for Kebon Jeruk and Dharmawangsa.


Our vote goes to My Place Spa which has good services at market prices. Their customer services and rating has been steady for the past few years. It’s true that this is a branded massage shop but at the same it’s worth it since each branch has local services providers.


Plan ahead of time due to chaotic Jakarta traffic! Have a trusted taxi driver or use a good trusted taxi company. Or even better, visit with a local if possible. Take a passport with you when travelling at night. Wear a helmet if riding a bike. Always, check menu prices if there will be drinks involved. At famous high-end clubs girls (masseuses or not) would ask for drinks then immediately their friends would come over and charge drinks on you. It’ll happen very fast then you get to pay a very fat bill.

  • Magnolia Spa (at Pantai Indah Kapuk and Arteri Pondok Indah)

If you want a little kinky massage with room themes (beach, library, etc), you can go to the branch at Pantai Indah Kapuk, the one at Arteri is the older one, offering similar services as Delta Spa, only cheaper. S.O.P is just like usual plus massage service.Therapists are trained, with both massage and plus service according to reviews.

  • MARS & RIZZ Spa (Jl. Margaguna Raya Ruko Plaza 1, Pondok Indah Jakarta Selatan)

Another good value for money, and for you the adventurous one, the one who are willing to do the extra miles. Some reviews said it’s a  good source to find gems. Standard S.O.P and facilities.

      • Delta Spa (Kuningan, Kelapa Gading, Gatot Subroto)

Among the top three of the biggest spa chains in Jakarta. The famous Delta Spa is on Gatot Subroto. This establishment provides massage plus however it is overcrowded and the quality is compromised. Of course it is possible that you get an unforgettable experience here. Some customer do review about the good service, although a little expensive. Good security practice with per locker number per people, possibly to handle many customers.

Where to stay in Jakarta. Best rated hotels for Solo Travelers (Luxury and Budget categories)

Great thing about Jakarta is that the hotels and apartments are cheap. You can get even a luxury hotel or apartment/condo booked at an affordable price. Here are a few recommendations:

Luxury hotels in Jakarta: Four Seasons Hotel JakartaThe Residences of The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Pacific Place (Aparthotel)Fraser Place Setiabudi Jakarta (Aparthotel)The Hermitage A Tribute Portfolio Hotel JakartaMandarin Oriental JakartaThe Ritz-Carlton Jakarta Mega KuninganOakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta (Aparthotel)Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta.

Budget hotels in Jakarta. Best rated, affordable but with great service: Grand Mercure Jakarta Harmoni (This is my personal favorite. for the views and value for money. Ask for a high floor to observe central Jakarta!), Millennium Hotel Sirih Jakarta (ask for a room facing Monas or National Monument Indonesia, very nice views and this is an affordable hotel), Hotel Santika Premiere Hayam Wuruk JakartaLiberty Hotel Thamrin JakartaMercure Jakarta SabangGrand Mercure Jakarta KemayoranAshley Hotel JakartaMercure Jakarta SimatupangHotel Kristal JakartaCitadines Rasuna Jakarta.

One of the big three, good S.O.P and therapists, the least crowded among the three, no complaints so far and could be your favorite place to go on spa.

      • My Place Spa (Many Branches, Senayan, Grand Wijaya, Kelapa Gading)

Famous among expatriates, good location, good therapist with value for money. They got professional massage also, shiatshu, herbal and body scrub. Go here if you want to get a good massage with plus service.

There’s not much review about this place, possibly not full plus service spa, but there’s a review mentioned that you can get a good Jakarta massage plus here, so it’s something that need to be explored.

Luxurious place with moderate price, good Standard of Practice, pretty much the same as others. Not many reviews about it though.

      • Mitra Sehat Spa (Gandaria, Grand Wijaya, Pondok Indah and Plaza Semanggi)

It’s a clean spa with hidden extra service, depend on your negotiation skill with the therapists. Once you’re a regular customer, you can expect more with them. It’s only more expensive for the extra.

This is actually a one stop entertainment complex, you got hotel, club, spa and also offering foreign girls with mostly Chinese, a little bit expensive with mixed reviews from good experience to rip offs experience.

Those are some spas in Jakarta to starting out. Beside them there’s more similar services worth mentioning below that is can be left for separate reviews

      • Crown Spa

      • Illigals Spa

      • Golden Hands Spa

      • Sumo Spa

      • Kupu Kupu Spa

      • Mayzo Spa

      • Java Spa

      • Orchardz Hotel Spa

      • Comfort Spa

Outcall Massage Jakarta

Recently there has been a hike in bookings done online, in Jakarta or elsewhere. There are good and bad things about this method. While it is easy and effortless to book massage services online, the bottom line is to book a trusted shop. You don’t know the quality of services unless someone vouches for that venue. While we don’t vouch for anybody in particular we do recommend the Outcall Fantasy Massage in Jakarta. They do have more than 30 therapists employed, that means you won’t have to wait a long time for the delivery. Also, there are good reviews from customers. If you would like to try their services give them a call at +6281273835959 or BOOK ONLINE via Whatsapp on THIS PAGE.

Other massage plus shops in Asia

Yes, Asia is well known for massage of all types. There are shops and spas that provide massage plus anywhere in Asia. You just need to know where to look.

Jakarta is arguably the city with most massage centers, right after Bangkok, however during these coronavirus times, Jakarta is more accessible. If you’re in Indonesia of course. But here are the other cities in Asia where one might find the right treatment.

Denpasar in Bali – the most important tourist destination in Indonesia is of course Bali. Here is a list with massage therapists in Bali.

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia – KL is another magnificent massage hub. Here is where to find massage plus in Bukit Bintang and normal massage in KL.

Bangkok in Thailand – The absolute capital of adult massage is indeed Bangkok (Krung Thep) of Thailand. Here is you can “legally” get a happy ending massage in Sukhumvit or other parts of the city. Or a back rub anywhere else.

Surabaya in Indonesia – The other megacity of Indonesia is Surabaya and while not as abundant in offers as the capital Jakarta, it is worth exploring. See these massage services in Surabaya. And also in Semarang, which is not too far on the East part of Java island.

Jogjakarta and Solo (Surakarta) in IndonesiaJogjakarta is a Java’s favorite tourist attraction. This is the place where locals spend holidays or at least go for a weekend break. See Jogjakarta massage offers here. And here is the latest Solo massage therapist registered. Other Solo services can be booked on this page.

Ahmedabad in India – This large place shares lots of therapist services with Surat and Rajkot which other two important cities in Gujarat. See the latest therapists listed in Ahmedabad.

How do massage businesses get clients?

Do you know that a massage business can increase its number of orders? It is important to get your customers from organic feeds and targeted sources. Advertising usually does not provide a good customer base as the ads may target the wrong customer types.

We can recommend the Android Massage App that can connect therapists with customers looking for body massage, reflexology, etc.  Registering and booking via email is always free. Businesses can also pay to upgrade and place their listing on the homepage. One of the popular features is to book massage via whatsapp, phone call and short message SMS.

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