Indonesian Massage Therapy
Massage in Indonesia

Thailand is the most famous when it comes to massage. However it is not the only place in Asia.

Surely you’ve heard about Thai Massage, Swedish Massage and Chinese Massage but what about Indonesian Massage Therapy? We can tell you that massage is very important in Indonesia however it seems that some of the traditions are lost.

The place where you can try any type of massage therapy is, of course, Jakarta but there are plenty of shops in Bali as well. Jogjakarta and Surabaya are also big cities in Java, hence places where you can receive traditional therapy.

Some places in Bali offer different types of full massage and one good example is Riverview Spa. But of course these are exceptions and most places have Thai Massage, Stone Therapy or Swedish Massage on their menu.

One city in Indonesia where massage is not particularly cheap is Batam. Due to its location, near Singapore and Malaysia, Batam massage shops hiked their prices in order to target Singaporean weekend tourists. However, generally with higher rates clients should experience also a higher quality of services.