Indian Massage Types
Indian Massage

Indian Massage

This 3000 years old Indian medication system is more effective and efficient against chronic diseases even in the time of modern medicine. Indian Massage is more effective for any of the chronic body pain than any other modern medicine.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a scientific manipulation of body tissues to normalize the tonal quality and relax the body tissues.

Massage helps with back pain or any other body pain and stimulates blood circulation across the body parts. Better blood circulation to every organ of the body increases better absorption of nutrients in the body and increased secretion of waste thereby restoring the natural physiological body process.
It is also effective for a woman in labor or a person suffering from a migraine. A migraine does not have an effective remedy in modern medicine but massage using a herbal oil on their forehead would work wonders for a person.

Effectiveness of Massage

Massage therapy is effective against pain and other symptoms associated with a different number of conditions. It is useful for chronic back pain or neck pain and pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee. It also helps in relaxing body muscles.
The best of mother nature herbs are also used to treat mental instability and intestinal disorders. There different types of massage based on the purpose of the and all these different types are done with different types of oils.

Types of Indian Massage

Preventive health massage
Relaxation massage
Massage for beautification
Massage for pain relief
All these massages are very fruitful when done regularly. They help in driving away your mental stress and also by relaxing your body muscles.

Oils used in Indian Massage Therapy

Olive oil
Mustard oil
Coconut oil
Sunflower oil
Sesame oil
Using these oils for massage helps in keeping a person’s skin smooth and glowing for longer periods¬†and keeps your skin feeling fresh and young. These oils do not just reach outer layer of the skin but
penetrates to the deeper layers as well and benefits other organs too.

Ayurvedic Massage = Indian Massage

Ayurvedic or Indian massage uses the knowledge of different body sites and pressure points to increase the results of itself.
Nature has blessed Kerala with its best. Its climate and weather is the main supportive element which has made a various variety of herbs and medicinal trees growth possible. Kerala is considered to be a leading destination for Indian Ayurvedic massages.
Indian Ayurvedic massages have always been more effective against any type of the body pain as the herbs and oils used for this process bear no side effects and provide more than one benefit to a person’s body.

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Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is present everywhere in the body except for brain muscles and spinal cord and is considered to play a primary role in detoxification of the body wastes and is a crucial part of our immune system.
Lymphatic massage has become popular in today’s time. Indian massage increases the flow of the lymph system thereby making this system work more smoothly and efficiently. Massaging gently in rhythmic strokes in the direction of lymph flow helps in flushing out toxins and excess fluids.

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