Hong Kong Massage Guide
Where to find good massage in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of China’s most densely populated areas, as well as being crowded it is also a major economic and financial center and one of the busiest ports in Asia.  With all this hustle and bustle it’s not surprising that sometimes life in this fast past city can leave you tense and run down. Never fear however below are two of the best massage venues in Hong Kong to help you recharge your batteries and leave you feeling fresh and relaxed.


Address: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 15 Queen’s Road Central, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong

Pros: If extravagance is your thing then the Oriental Spa at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is not to be missed, the facilities are all modern and luxurious with numerous private rooms for treatment including traditional aromatherapy medicinal remedies devised by master specialists.

Cons:  As the Chinese say yi fen huo, yi fen qian, which roughly translates as you get what you pay for, so expect to pay top dollar for your luxurious experience in the Oriental Spa.

Massage costs:  Over 1,000 HK Dollars (130 USD) for one and a half hours of aromatherapy massage.


Low Cost, High Pressure

Address: Shop 15B, 15/F, Siu Ying Commercial Building, 151-155 Queen’s Rd. Central, 2736-5168, Hong Kong

Web site: www.haddy.com.hk

Pros:  A unique massage style which is employed in this venue is to put high pressure on a single spot of around 5-10 seconds which at times can be slightly painful but leaves recipients feeling amazingly recharged afterwards.  The massages are pretty much on the other end of the spectrum from the Oriental Spa as they offer down-to-earth no fuss massages but still leave you feeling great.  Customizable treatments are arranged for patients after a quick prognosis by your masseuse which is most probably trained in Chinese acupressure therapy!

Cons:  Lack of English service but the masseuses are extremely “tuned in” to their patients so a mild gesture should be enough to make yourself understood. Advised to book ahead as thee shop is frequently fully booked.

Massage costs: Just under an hour of a full Chinese acupressure points massage comes in at about 220 HK Dollars (28 USD) whilst a shoulder, neck and head massage is just under 150 HK dollars (20 USD).

Areas to look for massage in Hong Kong

This is a little Hong Kong massage guide so we won’t be able to cover most massage places in the city. However from our experiences Mongkok and Kowloon are places with most massage places in Hong Kong. The more north you are located the cheaper the massage is going to be. Very touristic areas like Causeway Bay have the most expensive services.