Guwahati Thai Massage Centres
Guwahati Thai Massage Centres

People in Guwahati, and India as a whole, are big lovers of Thai Massage. A visit to Assam is never complete without indulging in a relaxing massage therapy. Indian massage centers in Assam provide a fresh and leisurely experience and this experience should not be missed. See below a list of 3 parlours that offer the top Guwahati Thai Massage. But of course there are other options such as Swedish and native treatment sessions.

Guwahati Thai Massage Centres

There are a number of massage therapy centers and spas that provide oil massages and other massages to rid you of your stress and sore muscles.

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The 3 best massage places in Guwahati (that offer Thai Massage services) are:

1. SB Thai Spa

This spa is located in Guwahati and is has highly experienced and professional staff members. The Shine Blond Thai salon is redefining the Indian Massage and has a variety of massage options for its customers. The Shine Blond Thai prides itself on offering some of the best Guwahati Thai Massage services. In fact this is their number one feature.
Massages offered at this salon are as follows:
1. Thai Massage – It is a traditional Thai body massage based on pressure points which are scattered throughout our body. The pressure points focused on this therapy helps in better circulation of blood.
2. Swedish Full Body Massage – Thus body massage focuses on applying pressure to few key points and rubbing them in the same direction to increase blood flow.
3. Deep Tissue Full Body Massage – This massage therapy concentrates on deeper muscles and tissues within the body. It will help in riding the body of any chronic pain.
Apart from the above massage therapies this place also provides foot and hydrotherapy.
Price: Prices for different massages vary based on the time. Full Body Indian Massage costs 2100 Indian Rupees (32 USD) for 1 hour.


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2. Sylvio Salon and Spa

If at all your body is asking you to pamper it or your neck or shoulders are a little soar then this massage centre is the place to visit. Their trained massage therapists will provide a highly relaxing massage for you to forget about your body pains. This Guwahati massage place provides its customers a diverse range of massage therapy such as Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Special Thai Body Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Facial Detoxification.

Price: Thai Body Massage costs 1800 Indian Rupees (27 USD) for 1 hour and Aromatherapy will cost 2500 Indian Rupees (38 USD) for a whole 60 minutes. The cost is dependent on the type of massage selected and its time duration.

3. Kurls and Spykes Hair Studio and Spa

If ever your body craves for a little pampering Kurls and Spykes has all the massages at your service. Kurls and Spykes Spa Centre is available to both the male and female and provides a wide range of massages.
Massages provided at this Spa:
1. Back massage
2. Head, Neck and Shoulder massage
3. Swedish body massage
4. Four Hand Massage
5. Herbal Compress
6. Aromatherapy
7. Kerela Massage
All these services are very well performed by their highly trained staff and will leave you fully stress-free and light.
Price: This place provides membership options for its customers to avail offers and services at a certain price. Also, the prices of massage therapy vary based on the type and time duration.

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