Erotic massage advice for newbies
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Erotic massage advice for newbies

Erotic massage advice for newbies traveling in Asia; especially in Thailand, The Philippines, Japan and a few other countries.

Recently there has been an increase in erotic massage requests from visitors traveling in Asian countries. It is a fact that most single adult males will be, at some point, tempted to try erotic massage. This is an article that aims to help newbies avoid the common traps. And believe the older folks, there are quite a few traps.

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Warnings and advisories regarding the legality of erotic massage

Isn’t the internet grand? We sit in our chairs, or plane seats, and read about what is legal, illegal, allowed or otherwise forgotten in purgatory. But let’s get to the point. Please know that in some countries erotic massage is illegal as it is synonymous with sex. However, I have never heard of any prosecutions or big trouble. Some netizens have reported police stings in Vietnam and Laos – basically, police staff looking to cash in from lusty foreigners. In most cases, this is not a problem since the local police (in Asian countries) would be collecting their fee periodically from the massage parlors.

What is an erotic massage

Erotic massage also called happy ending massage is self-explanatory, however, there are a few forms and variations depending on the country you’re in. Here are some quick facts about sexy massage:
1. It may or it may not feature a happy ending (though a happy ending is an actual goal and purpose)
2. It usually features the client in the nude while the masseur/masseuse might keep the clothes on.
3. It could start with normal massage and end with handjob (HJ or hand masturbation) or, in some cases, with a blowjob or full sexual contact.

4. Some fancy spas offer Body to Body Massage which involves the therapist using a lotion and massaging the client with their body. There are variants with oil and of course the popular Japanese Nuru Massage.

What not to do when it comes to happy ending massage

This is not a comprehensive list by any means. However here are some important things to know. And avoid.

  1. Know that this involves a degree of risk and be prepared to ditch if necessary. Better to give up than to get in trouble.
  2. Do not get romantically involved with the therapist. This has been preached over and over again but still happens all the time. Nothing good will come out of a relationship of this kind.
  3.  Exercise caution when ordering massage from freelance therapists. Know that some may be prostitutes that don’t even know how to massage.
  4.  NEVER trust photos of any kind! Some therapists will send you doctored, photoshopped or fake photos. If you order out-call massage from an unknown source you will ALWAYS get a different massage therapist. Or the same person but looking totally different from the pictures. This is happening 99% of the time. Or more likely 100%!
  5.  Do not pay with a credit or debit card unless it’s a well-trusted venue. For example, part of a hotel, spa, etc.
  6.  Always negotiate the services BEFORE the massage session! Otherwise, you’re risking getting some very high price quotes for things you may want during the session.
  7.  Do not fall for freelancer massage tricks such as tip requirements, taxi or transportation money.
  8.  Do not pay in advance unless in a well-established spa where they can give you a legal payment receipt, etc.
The answer is a rather simple “everywhere”, however, the concentration of massage shops is in big cities such as Bangkok, Tokyo, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Singapore, Manila, and Seoul.
But let’s do a breakdown of the options:
  1. Regular Massage Shops and Spas – these are most trusted places, however, most do not allow erotic massage. Some therapists might give you a handjob or even more but might get fired if the spa owners find out.
  2.  Spas that provide only erotic massage – these are a type of shady establishments since they operate in a grey area. Rarely they get raided by the police unless they pay their taxes.
  3.  Freelance massage therapists – this option I recommend the least since there are some risks involved. Unless recommended by a trusted source.

Erotic massage characteristics by country

Thailand Erotic Massage

Needless to say that Thailand is still number one when it comes to regular body massage and also sexy massage. The reasons are behind are not only the Thai Massage fame but also history and culture. But let’s not get into socioeconomics.
Thailand Overall Stats 

Risk – Low
Quality of Service – High

Current 2018 Massage Rates (Thailand)
1 Hour Erotic Massage Price in Thailand is around 2000 to 2500 Thai Baht which is equivalent to 60 to 80 USD.
Bottom Line for Thailand
The best ratio for price/services. The only potential negative could come from the quality of service in very touristy areas. Try not to order from very busy establishments such as gogo bars, etc. Look for nearby parlors with less foreign customers. Best places (if they accept foreigners) are the ones that cater mainly to Japanese customers as they require quality.

Japan Erotic Massage

Japan’s red light district and the sex industry is gigantic and it can only be compared to China and Thailand. Whether is Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Kumamoto or other cities, do expect medium to good service, lots of rules to follow and lots of money to pay. This is the most expensive country for massage in Asia. Followed closely by Singapore. Be sure to read our and other erotic massage advice in order to get the best massage for the money.
Japanese Sex Massage Notice!
A peculiarity is that in Japan the erotic massage is legal as long as there is no sex during the act. Sex as in actual intromission. Everything else is allowed and on the menu as long as you’re willing to pay. Of course, it depends on the therapist, the agency and not in the least on the client. It is said that most Japanese masseuses would not service foreigners. While that’s true you won’t have a problem finding a therapist that will take care of you. The other little impediment is that they won’t speak much English. Speaking Japanese would help a lot in communicating what you want. That would result in better service.
Japan Overall Stats  

Risk – Low
Quality of Service – Medium

Current 2018 Massage Rates (Japan)
1 Hour Erotic Massage Price in Japan is from around 15000 yen to 50000 yen which is equivalent to 130 to 450 USD.
Bottom Line for Japan

Not a great selection available for foreigners. Expect lots of rules such as no kissing, no touching, etc. Expect high prices.

Indonesia Erotic Massage

Some of the massage providers in Indonesia do include special (or plus) massage services to men and women. Even though Indonesia is a Muslim country this does not stop or regulate these type of service. They are merely underground but not deep hence easily available. Indonesia is such a large country with a huge population and it’s best to know where to look for those services and where not to attempt. Best options are of course in the capital city of Jakarta. But also in Surabaya, Medan and a few other populous cities. It is best to refrain from looking for erotic massage in the very religious regions of the country. Though those are definitely not “dry” places.

Where to look for erotic massage in Jakarta

In one word “North Jakarta” and that basically means everything North of Monas (Monumen Nasional). Yes, this seems like a vague location but it is a good bet that you’ll find erotic massage in this area. More specifically walk around at night around Gajah Mada and Pasar Baru neighbourhoods and you’ll get lots of offers. Don’t be afraid to negotiate as it is expected. The risk is low but of course, for improved safety and comfort, there are lots of spas that offer just the same thing.

Indonesia Overall Stats

Risk – Low
Quality of Service – High

Current 2019 Massage Prices
1 Hour for 400000 Indonesian Rupiah (about $30 USD)

Bottom Line for Indonesia

Personal experience is that therapists (and people in general) are way friendlier than in Thailand. Service prices are cheaper than in Thailand and massage quality is very good. The exotic factor is high. You can even have massage with snakes. That is a rare feature though.

Your opinions and advice are important

This information is in a collective – This erotic massage advice is for all of us and from all of us. Don’t be shy to share your experiences and remember that they will stay anonymous. When you help someone that person will most likely help you back. When you share your wisdom other will respond with theirs.
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