Ear cleaning Tokyo
What is ear cleaning and why in Tokyo?

You won’t have a complete “Japanistic experience” if you haven’t tried ear cleaning Tokyo or otherwise anywhere else in Japan. One of the yearly (monthly?) pleasures of the Japanese salary men is to get their ears cleaned. Yes, you’ve read that right. It seems that the normal guy needs that ever so often but not from the medical nurse at the local clinic but prefers to leave this job for the pretty girls. Akihabara is probably the best place to have that done. As one of the many “special” services offered in this part of Tokyo.

This surely is a tradition of some kind. Apparently with the ear washing service comes a bath and occasionally even some “extras” depending on the girl, negotiations skills and of course on the client’s willingness to leave a well deserved tip.

Ear cleaning prices in Tokyo

Prices start at 3000 yen for a 30 minutes session which also includes a full hot bath.

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Normal massage prices in Akihabara start:

2500 yen for 30 minutes

4500 yen for 1 hour

It is certainly more entertaining than their Indian equivalent composed of hordes of young men trying to gain your trust and access to your ears for few rupees. Let’s put this way – I won’t get my ears cleaned on the streets of India. But in Japan? I wouldn’t hesitate. Though from what I understand it would be advantageous to speak Japanese and converse with the “service providers”. Same situation that applies to the maid cafe establishments where the “maids” play their roles trying to please the “master” by holding interesting or rather cute and silly conversations.

How does it work? After you pay and go into the room, you get to take a bath and then put your head into the girl’s lap. With soothing voice and words she will start healing you. Well, perhaps that’s not the correct word. The tools used are small wood sticks with a fluffy cotton head on one side and a tiny scrapper on the other.

In regards to Akihabara, lots of strange things happening there at least from a western mind point of view. This neighborhood is filled with maid cafes and other establishments of the same type. Walk on most of the streets in the evening and you’ll see packs of young girls inviting men to their massage rooms. Oficially Akihabara is a place for the die-hard gamers and especially for the ones that love arcades and music games. But you’ll find any kinds of gaming places here. This area definitely needs exploration. There are some interesting (and weird) sex shops and even an AKB48 Cafe for the fans. If you are looking for massage places in other parts of Tokyo see the rates and shops in Shinjuku which is the biggest transport hub in Asia.

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