Covid Travel Restrictions

This the cornerstone article for the Covid Travel Restrictions.

More and more restrictions are piling up making it difficult to buy groceries. Let alone travel around the world. Luckily there are still (very few) countries that allow travelers. With certain conditions such as “virus testing” or whatever that means, quarantine, travel insurance requirements and others.

We will post news regarding your Covid travel. Want to know if you need to wear a mask in a certain country? Do you need Covid travel insurance for your weekend getaway? The answers to these questions is what we hope to post in this category.

The list will contain mostly countries, their current travel and border status. However we may need to list only cities or provinces as sometimes the governments lock certain regions with a different degree of restrictions.

The other issue is that most destination discriminate based on citizenship. An example is Japan allowing Indian and Chinese nationals to visit – this when India has some of the most cases of “Covid” infections in the world. Other countries with a lot less “cases” are still on Japan’s travel ban list. Of course, these are political decisions but they do affect us all. But that means that different countries are closed for different nationals. This is not very different from before though – citizens from poor countries were not allowed to visit many other places. The situation has simply amplified.

The situation is volatile and ever changing. One day the borders are closed but they are open the next day. One example is today’s opening of borders in Belarus, after being closed for one day.

Covid Travel Restrictions by Country