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Massage App Bookings

Massage App Bookings

Need a faster way to find massage therapists and book their services? Your requests have been answered – now there is such an app. And it helps customers connect with massage providers. Read on about the details and how to use it.

How to find massage therapists online

There are two ways to use this app and find massage shops or massage clients.

  1. You can install the Massage App from Google Play – Click here to install.
  2. You can use the app on the web (without installing the app) at

Please note that the web version does not have access to features such photo upload or push notifications. But the main functions such as registration, search, contact, chat and basic profile editing are of course available.

It is easy finding massage therapists – just open the app and search for the city you’re in. The results will show which therapists are registered and also details such as prices and types of massage offered.

How to book on Massage App

Next step is to contact the masseurs/masseuses close to your location. Some users have their phone number posted. Otherwise, register your free account in seconds and Book Massage or launch a private chat. To ask specific questions the best way to contact via the Chat option. To book directly use the Book Massage button and an email/push notification will be sent to the provider.

Adding own massage requests

If none of the providers are meeting your needs don’t panic. You can add your own requests and receive messages from new therapists. Just add the desired location and this will be shown to therapists. This is obviously not a quick way to make contact but in time may be useful.

Location of massage therapists

The main question that arises: “Where are the massage therapists from?” And the answer is that users register from most countries in Asia and recently Europe and the USA. Of course, Asia is the primary market since massage services are more sought after there. As the ratio of registered users would put Philippines and India as the countries with the highest number of massage providers registered. They are closely followed by Indonesia and Malaysia.

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What you didn’t know about massage

What you didn’t know about massage

Did you know that massage is one of the earliest forms of healthcare? It makes sense, rather, since our bodies are the first tool. Massage is as old as the humanity.

What about the following interesting and possibly strange massage features? Some seem strange however true:
  • Most of the massage therapists (masseurs) in South Korea are blind or nearly blind. By law.
  • Because of the touch ability to reduce heart rate in can help to lower the blood pressure.
  • The skin has millions of touch receptors and massaging the skin helps fight stress and anxiety.
  • Massage helps with depression and insomnia by releasing endorphins. Ever fell asleep on a massage table?
  • When sleep deprived a good massage helps restoring energy. It is equivalent to a few hours of sleep.
  • The world record of a group massage is held by therapists in Indonesia which massaged 1000 people in one session.
  • Massage is able to reduce pain and also improve your body posture.
  • It can improve blood circulation throughout the body which in turn will make the recipient feel better.
  • Massage will also improve lymph flow in the body.
  • Lomi Lomi massage is a Hawaiian massage which in earlier times was accompanied by prayers, songs, and dance.
Also, people don’t sneeze while they’re asleep. Well, that’s for a different article :)
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