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Gay Massage Kuala Lumpur

Gay Massage Kuala Lumpur

Looking for Gay (Man to Man) Massage in Kuala Lumpur? Of course, it is possible, but not may be easy to find. Man to man massage in KL can be ordered out-call to your hotel or apartment, residence, etc.

How to order Gay Massage Kuala Lumpur

You can call +60166424204 and speak with Alex or order directly via Whatsapp, below.

Foot Massage – RM 50 for 1 hour

Full Body Massage – RM 65 for 1 hour


Kuala Lumpur Gay Massage Menu

Foot Massage – RM 50 ($13 USD) for 60 minutes
Full Body Massage – RM 65 ($16 USD) for 60 minutes

Locations for out-call

You could stop by in Chinatown and get your massage at the shop. Otherwise, a boy massage therapist will come to your hotel. Please check with the provider as there may be a charge if your location is far from Kuala Lumpur city center. Locations such as Chinatown KL, Pudu and Bukit Bintang should be covered in the initial price.

Massage App for Kuala Lumpur

In these new times of lock-downs, quarantine, MCO (Movement Control Order), short circuits or any other fancy names the governments apply, one must still get a massage. Or what is your opinion? What if this lasts forever? is this the first time humanity confronted a virus or any pathological danger? I think not. We’ve been doing this for millions of years.

Anyways, this is not to encourage people to bypass the laws, so when the quarantine is over know that you can order a massage from your mobile phone and there is no booking fee. Search for local massage listings and contact massage therapists in Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Johor and any other places in Malaysia. Check-out the latest massage app listings from places all over Malaysia and Asia. All from the Book Massage App on the Android Google Play – all you need to do is install it.

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Outcall Massage Kuala Lumpur

Outcall Massage Kuala Lumpur

When in Kuala Lumpur you must try a more unique type of Yoga and Bodywork massage. The on-call bodywork is offered as a combination of breathing technique and Thai or Malay Massage or Aromatherapy Massage. As well as a Therapeutic Flying which is Massage and Deep Stretching on air.

How to order Outcall Massage in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You can call +60177297976 or order directly via Whatsapp, below.

Bodywork Massage – RM 100 for 1 hour

Therapeutic Flying Massage – RM 70 for 20 minutes


Kuala Lumpur Massage Menu

Bodywork (whole body massage or specifics)
Min 1 hour at RM100 (Malaysian Ringgit)
90 minutes at RM130
Max 2 hours at RM150

Therapeutic Flying
Min 10 minutes at RM50
15 minutes at RM60
Max 20 minutes RM70

Bodywork + Therapeutic Flying
Min 1 hour at RM130 (50 min bodywork + 10 min therapeutic flying)
90 min at RM160 (80 min bodywork + 10 min therapeutic flying)
Max 2 hours at RM190 (50 min bodywork + 15 min therapeutic flying)

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