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What to expect at a Massage Spa Shop in India during the Pandemic?

What to expect at a massage or spa shop in India during the pandemic?

We all know that a Massage Spa is to get a full relaxed mind and luxurious feeling. It is to enjoy the most unforgettable and splendid experience of pampering. But, is it safe to visit a Massage or Spa shop right now? We all know how the importance of staying at home or maintain hygiene & physical distancing with others. It can help us to keep our loved ones and ourselves fit and healthy.

In India, almost all the major or metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and others have Massage/Spa centers. By the way, this industry is continuously growing at a fast pace for the past few years!

Why do we need a massage and a spa treatment?

There are tons of benefits one can enjoy from a regular Massage Spa:

  • – Helps in better breathing
  • – To get relief from different kinds of stress
  • – Avoids wrinkles and aging issues
  • – To get strength in the weak muscles
  • – Helps in maintaining better heart rate
  • – To release the stored tension
  • – Lessen the blood pressure
  • – To relax the muscles
  • – Cures back pain, fibromyalgia, back pain, arthritis, and rheumatic conditions
  • – A sound night sleep
  • – Relaxation from chronic muscle pain
  • – Body detoxification
  • – To treat temporary paralysis, nerve damage, internal bleeding, and allergic reactions in facial massage
  • – Enhance alertness
  • – Digestive wellbeing and better bone blood supply
  • – To get out of pains and aches
  • – Helps in reducing body weight
  • – To give relief from constipation and gas
  • – Enhance the circulation and flow of Blood
  • – To control stamina and anxiety
  • – Rectifies muscular imbalances
  • – To maintain emotional balance and better concentration power
  • – Helps in the development of the immune system
  • – To flush out the metabolic wastes
  • – Fewer Headaches, More Happiness
  • – To enhance the energy levels
  • – Relaxation from Fosters
  • – To break the Scar Tissue
  • – Rehabilitation of the Injured Muscles

The big query is, is it Safe to attend a Massage Session in this Pandemic Period?

Let us briefly look at the common doubts people generally have in their minds and answers. All of them might help you to find the answer to the above big query!

Do you book a Massage/Spa online or by phone?

It depends from one service to another about whether they are allowing online or telephonic appointments or not. It is the best option that you should try to avoid getting yourself exposed to a large number of the public at the waiting lounge of the spa center!

Do you walk in directly or wait outside the Spa until they call you?

Once you have the appointment, it is best to inform them about your presence and wait until they call you. It can help you to maintain a safe distance from other people inside. Otherwise, you need to walk-in and discuss your requirements.

How are clients being kept separated from other Guests?

Most of them take care of staggered entry with proper social distancing to a limited number of their clients.

Do people get infected at the Spa or Massage shop?

Till both the clients and staff follow the safety protocols and hygiene, the infections can be prevented from spreading much. You can consult about the procedure before finalizing any service. As an alternative, online therapy and consultation are better solutions that the Massage centers can try.

Do people still get a massage now, or are they afraid?

During the lockdown, most people suffer from poor mental health, stress, sleep disorder, and depression. As per WHO, wellness is to achieve social, mental, and physical well-being.

After going through the above benefits of taking massage and Spa, we cannot deny that this therapy will keep us fit and healthy. But the main issue is that people fear the new COVID-19 virus!

Are the massage spa therapists still employed, and are they afraid to work?

Yes, of course, since the staff is also normal humans. They are having the risk of being working in proximity to many new clients every day. However, every problem has a solution.

The Spa industry also needs to come forward and promote their service. They need to find newer strategies to offer their service to prove it completely safe for their clients.

Is it safe to take professional massage?

Spas already included Ayurveda in their treatment process that denotes ‘Ayur’ life and ‘Veda’ or knowledge. So a Spa or Message is beneficial but Labor intensive service.

Today many spa management is following the right precautions. It can help you save your clients and staff from the virus to ensure their business runs like ever. Today, you can find the following changes in the spa centers;

  • – It is mandatory for the staff to wear gloves and face masks and do not hesitate to use sanitizers whenever required.
  • – Regular monitoring of body temperature.
  • – Fitness certificate of clients from a Doctor.
  • – They are maintaining proper required hygiene.
  • – Top-notch air circulation and purification systems.
  • – Using better quality of water.
  • – They are discarding used face covers and gloves properly after the suggested usage limit.
  • The shops won’t take a booking from travelers that arrived in the country without following the proper travel protocol. Covid travel restrictions do play an important role.

You can also follow proper precautionary steps from your side like Family vehicle is the safest transportation mode.

Final Thoughts

People love to be at home to maintain social distancing as much as possible, so these services’ demand has dropped a lot. Appointments for spa and massage were dropped at a fast pace since the rise of the pandemic. It is all because the therapy heavily relies on human contact.

There is still a possibility of danger for many small businesses and need support from their clients to survive further. Many spas or massage centers still need to realize the importance of switching their company on online platforms. They can use digital marketing to revolutionize their sales.

Many massage spa businesses offer gift cards, voucher codes, and discounts to their clients for long term benefits. They at least need to target the local people who are living within small motorable distances. They must avoid temporary discontinuation or complete closure of services.

Some people do not like the squeaky sound coming from the latex gloves and the disinfectant smell. Anyhow, we all need to manage and fight the ongoing issues for a better future.

By the way, the main motto of the spa is to get a piece of mind without any stress. If you still fear getting harmed by the virus, you should avoid it this time and be safe from any chances of counter-productivity. So it is best if you estimate everything before taking the final decision.

If you are still in doubt, it is better to avoid taking only a feel-good massage for some more time. It is just a tough time for the Spa and Massage centers. Otherwise, this is an ever-growing industry. After all, almost everyone among us would like to stay healthy and look great!

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Massage Bangalore India

Massage Bangalore India

What do I remember about Bangalore? Except for the massage you’d say. Well, it’s a lively place with many people looking to sell and buy massage. There are businesses (IT and other industries) and employees and students so the market is quite big.

As far as touristic options I remember visiting a nice park and I also liked the train station architecture. I could see much more bars and liquor shops down in Bangalore comparing to other cities in North India.

About Massage in Bangalore, India

It is very easy to book massage. You can call +919980567308 or order directly via Whatsapp, click on the link below to order on Whatsapp.

Click to order on Whatsapp

Other Bangalore Massage Therapists

Book Pune Massage by Akshay

New Massage Therapists in India

Of course, apart from Bangalore, there are plenty of other beautiful destinations in India. To visit, enjoy, work and get a massage. Here are some of the latest massage ads from Indian locations such as Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata.

Hyderabad Massage Therapist
Ranjit Massage Therapist in Chennai
Chennai Massage Therapy for Women
International Massage Therapist Subhasis in Kolkata
Deep tissue, aroma therapy, swedish, Thai Massage and Scalp Massage in Mumbai
Gujarat India Massage Therapist
Massage in Pune Maharastra by Suraj
Massage in Ludhiana by Simer
Kerala Ayurvedic Massage by Alex in Delhi
Massage Therapist in Kochi, Kerala by Raku
Massage by Chandu in Hyderabad
Massage in Mumbai by Padmalochan Bhoi

A faster way to order is to install the free ANDROID MASSAGE APP. You could also chat directly with other therapists in Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and other locations in India.

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Book Massage India

Book Massage India

Would you like to book massage in India? Whether is Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or other cities in India, there is a massage therapist ready to knead. All you need to do is to make the call, or in this case, install our app, choose your masseur and send him/her a message. Now you can actually send a booking request with date/time and desired location.

Santhosh provides outcall massage in Chennai. Click here to contact Santhosh and Book Massage in Chennai. See below for the types of services offered. Please note that these may differ from therapist to therapist and place to place – hence make sure you’re asking the service details and prices.

Book Chennai Massage by Santhosh

Indian massage in Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore

Here are the latest therapists registered on our massage app. Make sure to contact them as it is free of charge!
Book Gurgaon Massage by Sunny

Book Pune Massage by Akshay

Book Gurgaon Massage by Pradeeprana

Book Lucknow Massage by Sonu

Book Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Massage by Ashok Kumar

Book Kolkata Massage by Arijit

Book Pune (Puna) Massage by Gajanan

Types of Services Provided

Indian Massage
Swedish Massage
Full Body Massage
Thai Massage

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India Massage Online

India Massage Online

India is a huge country and with a large population. However, for some reason, is not that easy to find trusted massage therapists. We are listing the latest therapists registered on our Massage App and website. You can contact and book India massage online in just a few seconds. Install the Android Massage App here or take a look at the latest listings on the Massage Open website.

Massage Therapists in India

Book Bangalore Massage by Sunil
Book Delhi Massage by Kumar Aman
Book Bangalore Massage by Bangalore Boy
Book Delhi Massage by Rahul Dev
Book Malegaon Massage by Ganesh
Book Bangalore Massage by Adish
Book Delhi Massage by Aman99
Book Delhi Massage by Rishab
Book Patna Massage by Rabindar Raj

How much massage costs in India

1 hour costs from about 10 USD to about 30 USD depending on the masseur or masseuse.

Services Provided

These are some of the types of Indian and Thai massage services by some of the providers above. Do ask individually which therapists are available and which services are being offered at the time of booking.
Full Body Massage
Ayurveda Massage
Kerala Massage
Thai Massage

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Book Massage Delhi

Book Massage Delhi

Do you live in Delhi or travel to this amazing city? Know that there are options to book body massage and have therapists delivered right to your house. Or hotel room.

Rishabh provides outcall massage. Contact Pate and chat with him directly on Massage App HERE. Or otherwise, see his massage services and rates below.

Book Massage in Delhi (WhatsApp)


Delhi Full Body Massage Prices

1 hour at 500 INR (Indian Rupee) – $7.20 USD

Services Provided

Foot Massage
Legs Massage
Thigh Massage
Full Back Massage
Arms Massage
Head Massage
Full Body Massage

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Outcall Massage Indore

Outcall Massage Indore

Indore is a beautiful city with an amazing palace. We like the city, the weather, and the vegetation. But we also like the massage provided by Arnav.

Book Outcall Massage in Indore

It is very easy to book massage. You can call +919977616918 or order directly via Whatsapp, click on the link below to order on Whatsapp.

Click to order on Whatsapp

Indore Massage Menu

Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Oil Massage, Cream Massage, Dry Massage, Traditional Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Massage, Reflexology Massage, Aroma Massage, Body Cleansing massage, Full Body Scrubbing & Polishing Massage, Erotic Massage, Back & Butt Massage and Pain Relief Massage.

If you would like to CONTACT ARNAV please install the free ANDROID MASSAGE APP. You could also chat directly with other therapists in India such as in Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and other locations in India.

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Outcall Massage Cochin

Outcall Massage Cochin

Cochin (or Kochi) is one of the most important cities in Kerala. Visit for the foods, the beach and the chinese fishing nets.

Book Outcall Massage in Cochin, India

Easiest way to book massage in Cochin, Kerala is to call or text Lithin. You can call +918075754249 or order directly via Whatsapp, click on the link below to order on Whatsapp.

Click to order on Whatsapp

Cochin Massage Menu

Types of massage offered by Lithin in Kochi, Kerala.

Ayurveda Massage
Alovera Gel Massage
Papaya Gel Massage
Bundle Pack Massage
Relaxing Massage
Energizing Massage
Hot Oil Massage
Full Body Polishing

You can also CONTACT LITHIN massage therapist on the free ANDROID MASSAGE APP.

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Outcall Massage Bangalore

Outcall Massage Bangalore

Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in India. I love the food served here, their Botanical Garden and the weather. Know that there are a few massage and spa shops in Bangalore. But if you would like to order outcall massage Bangalore at your hotel, house or apartment see the ad below from Udaya.

Book Outcall Massage in Bangalore, India

It is very easy to book massage. You can register online on the website and contact therapists, free of charge.

Bangalore Massage Menu and Prices

The prices are in Indian Rupees or RS. 1 USD = 68 Rs (June 2018)

1. Swedish Massage – 1 hour at 1000 Rs ($15 USD)
2. Deep Tissue Massage Therapy – 1 hour at 1500 Rs ($22 USD)
2. Thai Massage – 1 hour at 1200 Rs ($18 USD)

If you would like massage please install the free ANDROID MASSAGE APP. You could also chat directly with other therapists in Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and other locations in India.

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Book Massage Online India

Book Massage Online India

Want to book massage online and have the therapists service you at your hotel? Or even residence. It is possible now with new technologies emerging. All you need is a massage app that lets you search for masseurs and masseuses right from your phone.

Big locations such as Mumbai and Delhi have the largest list of the therapists. But there are users registered in other parts of India as well. Just take a look at the listing below.

To contact all these massage therapists install the Android Massage App. The app is entirely free and it takes just 20 seconds to register your account.

List of Massage Therapists Online in India

Massage Therapist in Bangalore, India – Book here massage by Rajan
Massage Therapist in Delhi, India – Book here massage by Prince
Massage Therapist in Tiruchirappalli, India – Book here massage by Siva King
Massage Therapist in Indore, India – Book here massage by Arnav
Massage Therapist in Delhi, India – Book here massage by Pate
Massage Therapist in Bangalore, India – Book here massage by Venki
Massage Therapist in Delhi, India – Book here massage by Amit
Massage Therapist in Bangalore, India – Book here massage by Amruth
Massage Therapist in Chennai, India – Book here massage by Healing Hands
Massage Therapist in Hyderabad, India – Book here massage by Ram
Massage Therapist in Kolkata, India – Book here massage by Rony Kolkata Massage
Massage Therapist in Jalandhar, India – Book here massage by Jatinder
Massage Therapist in Amritsar, India – Book here massage by Jatinder
Massage Therapist in Kolkata, India – Book here massage by Rohan Daa
Massage Therapist in Mumbai, India – Book here massage by Vishal
Massage Therapist in Mumbai, India – Book here massage by Massage77
Massage Therapist in Ernakulam, India – Book here massage by Deb7710
Massage Therapist in Pune, India – Book here massage by Arun
Massage Therapist in Bangalore, India – Book here massage by Udaya
Massage Therapist in Akluj, Solapur, India – Book here massage by Rahul
Massage Therapist in Cochin (Kochi) Kerala, India – Book here massage by Lithin

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Outcall Massage Surat

Outcall Massage Surat

Traveling lots to Gujarat? I do like this state and cities here for the nice fresh foods and, of course, the Indian massage. Again, you do need to know a trusted massage therapist, should you be looking for quality services. Don’t hesitate and order an outcall massage Surat here.

Sahil Sk is a Gujarat Massage Therapist that offers outcall massage services to your residence or at a hotel. Locations serviced are Surat, Baroda, Bharuch, Ankleshwar, Bartoli, Navsari, Valsad, Vapi, and Anand. And of course in the capital city of Ahmedabad.

How to order massage in Surat, Gujarat

Email Sahil Sk directly at [email protected] to place your order. Or otherwise, see his massage services and rates below.

Gujarat Massage Menu

Pain Relief Massage – 800 Rs (Indian Rupees)
Relaxation Full Body Massage – 1000 Rs
Ayurvedik Oil Massage – 1000 Rs
Full Body Massage with Happy Ending – 1500 Rs
Keraliyan (Kerala) Therapy Full Body Oil Massage – 1500 Rs

Extra Options

Steam Bath – 300 Rs

Other massage options in India

For those traveling to North India know that there are more options. Cities such as Delhi, Guwahati, Kolkata and many others have great massage and spa offers.

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