How to book a flight in 2020

How to book a flight in 2020? “Book a flight to nowhere.” This could be the title of an adventure novel. In a normal world. Unfortunately this could be happening to you if you don’t pay attention. Booking an international flight in 2020 is really a headache since there are so many unknowns. Honestly, I was hoping that soon we will witness Moon and Mars colonisation. Instead we can’t even take a flight to the neighbouring country.

Parts of the advice and recommendations here would have been looked at as ridiculous just 2 months ago. But this is the new status quo. 

So here is a list with situations to observe and advice of how to book a flight in 2020.

Make sure that the borders at destination are not closed

First of all make sure that your destination country is open to receive international flights. It may sound ludicrous but some airlines are selling tickets to countries in quarantine. For example at the beginning of May, you can buy tickets from UK to Portugal but the country is closed. Except for its citizens and a few other exceptions. And there are many other examples. You can purchase a flight ticket to many destinations but you can fly to almost none.

How can you check if flights land at your destination and if you’re allowed on the plane? And that you’re allowed to disembark.

  • Check with the airline. Most times you’ll have an unpleasant surprise of being turned away by the airline at check-in. Hence do call the airline before purchasing your flight tickets.
  • Check with embassy of the country of your destination.
  • Check with the Immigration department of the country of your destination. This may be a challenge but there is a chance that they do respond to email messages. Some are even active on Twitter.
  • Check the IATA Travel News and Travel Restrictions. It is not guaranteed that all their data is accurate but is one of the best sources of travel restrictions listed by country. And is being update daily.

Get a flexible or a refundable ticket

Do not hope that your ticket will be refundable or extendable due to certain circumstances. It used to be the case but you’ll find that a huge number of would-be passengers are still waiting for their refunds – which they will probably never receive. Make sure you ask and get proof that your ticket can be refunded or changed. If you’re making a flight search through SkyScanner for example, you will see that some flights are marked as “Flexible.” Read on the details to understand the conditions.

Purchase travel insurance that guarantees flight refund or change

Alternatively, you could purchase through various travel agents that offer insurance. The terms of the insurance varies from agent to agent. They usually work independently from the airline and will cover part of the fare. However make sure that you read all the terms and conditions of the offer. As there may be a catch.

Don’t buy a ticket long in advance

With this virus pandemic situation in certain countries changes often; it could be either way. Booking your flight way ahead of your travel date becomes risky. There is no way to know in advance should the borders will be closed.

As the airlines are trying to assess the situation, at the moment flight fares criteria are in disarray. Booking in advance becomes risky since we don’t know which way the market is going. I do not see an advantage in booking a flight way ahead as the cost can’t reflect the reality. You might get lucky but that is another thing. For example, at the moment I am stranded in Bali, Indonesia. Searching for flight options everyday is a habit now. The logistics are incredible for flights of long duration. It is not a problem finding flights to the capital Jakarta. But just to Singapore (which by the way does not allow transit passengers or “short-duration” passengers) one would have to fly through Tokyo or Taipei (which also does not allow transit passengers).

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Food Delivery Apps in Bali (Grab vs Gojek)

If you’re like stranded in Bali due to Coronavirus, such as myself, then you need to eat well. And since most restaurants, small and big, are closed down you need to find a way to get food. You could walk around the town and scout what is still open but that might vary from day to day. You also cook if your accommodation has a kitchen. Cooking, however, is definitely not a great option since you’ll need to buy groceries first. And if there are few restaurants still open there are even fewer grocery and supermarkets open. And in many cases the groceries are more expensive than cooked food. But yes, the quality of the groceries you buy would be better. And there are items such as certain imported vegetables and fruits that you won’t find on restaurants’ menu. That’s when you need the tech – food delivery apps in Bali are just a finger tap away.

Eating in Bali during the Coronavirus times

We are still lucky in Bali since there is no real quarantine that keeps you inside the house. Of course you can’t go to the beach, you can’t visit the waterfalls or the museums and local attractions and you can’t spend the night out at a club either. So, you could take a walk on the street or ride around town on your rented motorbike. But the choice of places where you can get food is very limited. Yes, there are some warungs (small family owned restaurants) that serve local Indonesian food. But you can’t have the rice, chicken, fish, tempeh and tofu everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or perhaps you can?

Food delivery apps in Bali

Enter the virtual food ordering options – the food delivery apps in Bali and Indonesia as a whole. As with transportation systems such as hailing a virtual taxi or even a motorbike taxi, there are apps that let you order food and deliver it to your hotel or home. Actually they are the same apps – in Bali, and Indonesia in general there are two apps that compete against each other. They are Gojek and Grab. Gojek is a local startup while Grab started in Singapore – or with Singapore backing and ownership.

Gojek Go Food vs Grab Food Delivery

These two apps share most of the market. There may be other smaller companies that deliver food but they’d be virtually insignificant. I am only aware of these 2 apps as I’ve used them in the past 4 years.

There are only minor differences between Grab and Gojek when it comes to transportation or taxi services. In fact, when it comes to taxi fares they basically mirror their prices – or otherwise have a very similar price calculating algorithm. In most situations the transportation fares from A to B is virtually the same when it comes to motorbike taxi rides. But I did find that Gojek car rides in “smaller vehicles” tend to be cheaper than their Grab counterparts.

The apps are also similar in most aspects of the food delivery as well. There are minor differences however they are worth mentioning. Yes, you could save a little money, if you’re on a tight budget, in the long term, by using one or the other app. If that is important to you then you need to develop a strategy. Otherwise just use any of the two.

Similarities of the Grab and Gojek Food Delivery Apps

  • They are both free and easy to use.
  • Both apps have a huge selection of restaurants and warungs (some restaurants appear in both apps and some are exclusive to a network).
  • Prices are very similar though certain promotions can help you discount up to 50% of the price.

What I like about Gojek Food Delivery App

  • Fine-grained search. Search lets you find a specific food item quicker by bringing highlighted results on the main screen.
  • It shows price category in search results.
  • Gojek Go Food app has a system which responds better when certain restaurants are closed. Grab on the other hand does not which sends customers and food delivery drivers on a wild goose chase. This is from my own experience.

Download here the Gojek Android App – Food delivery and Taxi, Moto-taxi

Gojek Gofood food delivery app in Bali and Indonesia. This app lets you order food to your hotel
Gojek Gofood food delivery app in Bali and Indonesia. This app lets you order food to your hotel

What I like about Grab Food Delivery App

  • Grab App features a wide range of discounts and promos.
  • There is a rating for restaurants that are rated 4 stars and up. (I am not sure how true the ratings are though but certainly the higher the rating the higher the menu costs).
  • It seems to have more restaurants and better deals – but I might be wrong since I only have 1 month experience in ordering (at least 2 orders per day).

Download here the Grab Android App – Food delivery and Taxi, Moto-taxi

Grab Food Delivery App lists a wide range of restaurants. You can order and pay by cash on delivery or with credit card online.
Grab Food Delivery App lists a wide range of restaurants. You can order and pay by cash on delivery or with credit card online.

Food Delivery Prices in Bali

While Bali is probably the most expensive region in Indonesia (generally speaking and that’s valid mostly for tourist areas) food and especially food delivery items are quite cheap. Yes, there are expensive restaurants in Jakarta, Batam (due to proximity to Singapore) and regions like Papua in the East; but as an average Bali is still more expensive. The reason why the food delivery is cheap is due to high competition – there are so many restaurants registered. And of course the labour is cheap hence delivery fees are keeping low. Of course, as everywhere else in the market, the food prices vary from restaurant to restaurant on factors such as popularity, size and quality.

When ordering food there will be basically 3 price segments:

  1. Food Cost and Tax
  2. Convenience Fee (usually symbolic and waived by many restaurants)
  3. Delivery Fee (for the motorbike driver that delivers the food)

Example of food delivery price for a pack of Indonesian foodRice, Vegetables and Grilled/Fried Fish

  1. Food Costs and Tax – starting at 40000 IDR ($2.5 USD)
  2. Convenience Fee – starting at 0
  3. Delivery Fee – starting 0 but usually at around 4000 to 10000 IDR (roughly $0.5 USD)

Example of food delivery price for: 1 Pizza

  1. Food Costs and Tax – starting at 80000 IDR ($5 USD)
  2. Convenience Fee – starting at 0
  3. Delivery Fee – starting 0 but usually at around 4000 to 10000 IDR (roughly $0.5 USD)

Gojek and Grab Coupon Codes

The promos and discounts have certain limits such a maximum use per day or a minimum order amount. Grab has lots of coupon codes to apply. Usually you apply the coupon code to your cart after adding items. This is solution seems to work best for me. Gojek instead seems to let restaurant owners discount individual food items then list them. I haven’t done the maths but I think Grab solution is more advantageous for buyers – which could also be beneficial for a seller that uses this strategy to attract more customers.

App specifics and generalities

Grab operates in more countries in Asia such as Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Grab and Gojek operate and deliver food basically anywhere on the island of Bali. However, especially now, in times of the coronavirus in Bali, there are less active drivers and there is no guarantee that you will find someone to deliver your food in far away areas such as Uluwatu or in the North part of the island.

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Massage in the Coronavirus times

Why a massage during the Coronavirus?

It is important that we take care of ourselves. We could be locked inside without sunshine, without movement and without a proper physical exercise. A massage cannot replace all those but it does help. Our bodies need the feeling, skin and muscles need the touch. Massage can alleviate stress and even help you sleep better. 

Would you take a massage during the quarantine?

Would you get a massage during the coronavirus pandemic or whatever this may be called. I am sure most folks would say “no way, not a chance” and I can’t blame them. But what if this takes more months, more years? What if life as before never returns? As I understand, there has never been a vaccine created for any coronavirus of any type. Let alone the all feared COVID19. Or perhaps this entity is not exactly what it seems and we have been scared by the media. In any case, we must adapt, as humans always did. Read THIS ARTICLE about a 100 Million years old virus that still lives inside of us. There is nothing to fear but to understand.

We do live in interesting times. Perhaps not the happiest, it is true. But make no mistakes, happiness grows everywhere, you just need to pick it up. The past few decades brought change at a speed and pace never before seen. So, try to relax a bit. And see how you can get a massage without fear.

Criteria for getting a safe massage during the coronavirus times

Here are some ideas as how to stay safer when ordering a massage. This is just a small list and we always must exercise caution. But completely disconnect we should not.

  1. Have your wife, husband or someone in the family give you a massage.
    You’d be the first to admit that this is the safest way. True, probably not the best rub, but you decide what’s more important. And there are many videos online – one can learn how to pull those muscles back. And there is time. Plus, is also the most affordable. Though that I can’t bet.
  2. Find a massage therapist you can trust.
    “Trust is a must. And it’s good for you too.”  That’s how an older song goes. And it’s a valid reason. You could ask a friend or a colleague to recommend you a massage therapists. And then, when you trust that therapist you can contact him/her when needed. This relationship may bring mutual benefits to both parties.
  3. Find a rated massage provider
    This is still a better idea than just getting a massage at the shop in the corner. Not all massage establishments are alike. Even if you need to pay a little more know that safety is worth. Places with reputation strive to keep that reputation. They will hire massage professionals and will check their health as a routine. This is important.
  4. Finding massage therapists online
    This option requires most scrutiny as anybody could offer massage services on the internet. It is wise to ask for their massage certification proof. Unless you’re much into adventures and risk. There are quite a few options out there. Best to stick with massage listings that give you the most options. One we recommend is Book Massage App on Google Play, which is only for Android phones. Should you decide to use their services, know that there are a few ways to contact the therapists. The simplest would be a booking via the email. But if you’re looking for an immediate answer there are also these options: phone call, SMS and Whatsapp contact. What is best is that you can post a rating after receiving the service. These ratings and reviews bring more trust into the application community.

Stay optimistic and smile

So, it is not really the end of the world. You could get a massage during the coronavirus times. And other dark times. Let’s keep ourselves optimistic, constructive and ingenious. 

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Massage Shops Kuching

Massage shops Kuching

Nothing beats a nice, hour-long massage after a hard day of work. It makes you stress-free and ready to face the world. Or, at least, makes you ready to face another workday. Kuching is not known for having great massage shops. Yet, there are still several massage shops in Kuching that deserve your attention and bank-balance as they have masseuses that are worth both. Here is a list of massage places that any massage enthusiast would be happy to spend some of their time at.

Mirage Spa

The Mirage Spa is a massage shop that is higher-end than most of the parlours in this list. You’d have to spend 88 Ringgit for an hour of body massage at this facility. However, this is an example of when the premium price is indicative of superior quality as the spa offers some truly remarkable masseuses and the experience is a memorable one. Most of their customers are regulars of the establishment and swear by the excellence of their service.

Being situated quite close to the major hotels of the city, the Mirage Spa is an excellent spot for tourists to be relieved at.

They offer a variety of different kinds of massages. They have everything from traditional Borneo massages to body wrap massages, which is a very modern method of massaging. The environment of the parlor is quite relaxing and feels relieving just to be inside the establishment.

It’s also the number one massage establishment as rated by TripAdvisor in Kuching, so any massage enthusiast worth his salt should visit Mirage Spa and get their joints popped and muscles relaxed.

Their location is on the Jalan Padungan in Kuching.

Tribal Remedy

Frequented by both tourists and locals, the Tribal Remedy is one of the most popular massage shops in Kuching. This should also be your preferred massage place in Kuching if you are a part of a growing community of environmentally conscious citizens. Tribal Remedy uses only herbal ingredients environmentally friendly products.

Tribal Remedy will be pampering your body with ginger and massage you with massaging oil. Or perhaps you’d rather cool down with a swig of Tapai, a local rice wine that is a favorite of the patrons here. They offer many different kinds of massage. These massages include aromatherapy, post-natal massage, sports therapy massage, traditional Sarawak massage, etc. it’s rather difficult to get a massage here without advanced booking, so it is encouraged to book in advance before your trip to Tribal Remedy.

The establishment is situated in Chongling Park in Kuching, on Jalan Tabuan.

Thai Legend Traditional Reflexology Center

The Thai Legend Traditional Reflexology has a great pedigree. It has the distinction of being the first spa or massage center in Kuching that comes with recognition from the Thai Massage Association. It is said to be the best Thai and Aromatherapy massage center in Kuching, with a soothing interior for the customers. Stepping into the shop you’ll be greeted by calming Thai music and a relaxing environment. To get away from the stress of city life, this massage center is the best option for you.

The parlour offers various services such as Anti-stress massage, Thai foot massage, and the Traditional Thai facial massage. The best part about this center is that it provides pick up service for the guests, so if you don’t want to spend time searching for the place you can always ask them to pick you up from your hotel. The services cost from 88 ringgit for one hour of massage to 138 ringgit for two hours. It seems a bit costly at first glance but given the comfortable environment and the services provided by them, it’s quite a bargain.

Thai Legend Traditional Reflexology Center is situated at Brighton Square in Kuching. You can call or go to their website for reservation whenever you want to get rid of the built-up stress from daily life.

Batu Lintang Blind Center

The Batu Lintang Blind Center has some of the best rates in the city compared to the professional massage service they offer. They have a very unassuming look but don’t let that fool you in thinking that they are not good at giving massages. The average masseuse at the Batu Lintang Blind Center has years of experience in handling muscle and joint pains.

As the name suggests, it is no ordinary massage parlor. It is, in fact, a rehabilitation center and employment opportunity for the blind community of Kuching. The Batu Lintang Blind Center provides training and employment almost exclusively to blind people. As you are getting your massage, you can also be relieved by the fact that you are doing a service to the community by paying these previously underprivileged people.

The massages at the Batu Lintang Blind Center start from 25 ringgit for one hour. At this rate, it’s the cheapest massage you could find in Malaysia while also being very professional.

The establishment is situated at Jalan Batu Lintang in Kuching.

About Massage in Kuching

Kuching is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and greenery. If you’re a person who enjoys massages, you should certainly try these places out after exploring Kuching.

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Massage places Johor Bahru

Massage places Johor Bahru

Muscle and joint pains are just the worst. After a long day of work, its only natural that any normal adult would get these pains. Regardless of whether or not you do physical labour, your back and neck, sometimes your feet, are bound to ache. Nothing feels quite as good as a massage after a long day of working hard. Massages work fantastically to relax your body and soul. It can be difficult to find good massage parlours, so here is a list of the best massage places in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. You will feel more relaxed after a trip to any of these.

Sabye-Sabye Massage

Located in Plaza Sentosa, Johor Bahru, Sabye-Sabye is easily one of the best massage parlors in Johor, if not the entirety of Malaysia. Considering how low their prices are, they provide quality massages at an absolute bargain.

What makes their massage special is that they don’t use oil for their oil massage. Instead, they use a kind of balm. The balm feels a lot like Tiger balm, but better. It is a secret to all, as the parlor refuses to sell the balm. It feels very strong and it’s very effective at relieving pain in the muscle and joints.

Their prices are almost silly considering how inexpensive they are. You can get a 60-minute foot massage for only 35 Ringgit. One hour-long session of body massage will cost you 55 Ringgit, and only 75 Ringgit will get you one hour of fantastic oil massage.

Sabye-Sabye is located on the ground floor of Plaza Sentosa in Johor Bahru. They open at 10 in the morning and close at 10 PM. They are very timely. Most therapy shops will let you have a massage at any time, even if they are about to close. Sabye-Sabye, however, will not. Make sure you get there on time if you wish to get the experience.

Let’s Relax Spa

Another massage parlor at Plaza Sentosa, the Let’s Relax Spa is located right next to our previous entry in the list. Their massage parlor has been successful enough to have Sabye-Sabye lower their massage prices. For context, Sabye-Sabye does not change their prices at all but faced with stiff competition in the form of Let’s Relax Spa, they were forced to do so.

This is not a random occurrence. A former Sabye-Sabye employee, one of their best masseuses, left the parlor to open this spa. The employee brought in many other competent masseuses and together are running one of the popular massage places in Johor.

One of their main features in the sofa massage bed. Other massage shops shun this as it’s not a traditional massage bed, but the sofa bed is much more comfortable, and on par with some of the most expensive massage parlors in the Asia.

Let’s Relax Spa has a more relaxing massage style compared to its competitor, as the name suggests. All of their massages are the same price as the prices of Sabye-Sabye’s from before, which means 5 Ringgit more than the prices listed above.

Let’s Relax Spa is located on the ground floor of Plaza Sentosa in Johor Bahru.

Century Health Care

Century Health Care is one of the more hard-hitting massage parlors in Johor. If you are weaker physically or mentally, this may not be the massage shop for you. However, for those who can withstand it, there are few therapists as relaxing for your body as Century Health Care staff.

Despite the Chinese words everywhere and Thai massage branding, the parlor is run mostly by Indonesian masseuses who practice a tougher Japanese style of massage. There is a chance that you scream from the pain, but the massage will not leave any bruises, and you will see the positive effects of the massage in the days after your visit.

They provide many different kinds of massages, but they have a unique package called Full Totality. In this package, you will get a 60-minute full-body massage with 60 minutes of foot massage. The package costs only 110 Ringgits, a bargain for any massage enthusiast.

Century Health Care is located in Level 1 of KSL City Mall in Johor Bahru.

Thai Imperial

The Thai Imperial lives up to its name by having a very gorgeous, royal-looking interior. The moment you walk in, you feel like you’ve walked into a high-end resort in Bali.

The prices are quite reasonable for the premium experience. You can get one hour of Thai massage for 75 Ringgit, one hour of Thai oil Massage at 85 Ringgit and one hour of foot massage at 63 Ringgit.

They also offer a membership program that cuts down on the prices drastically. For 300 Ringgit a year, you can get 90 minutes of traditional Thai massage for 69 Ringgit only.

Thai Imperial is located in Taman Abad on Jalan Dato Sulaiman in Johor Bahru.

Wang Zu Bu Luo Massage Johor Bahru

Another high-end massage parlour in the list, the Wang Zu Bu Luo is a parlor that specialises in Chinese massages. The sauna and the snacks buffet is free upon purchase of 128 Ringgits or more of service. They are also open till very late at night, making it a great option for those who are only free during the night.

They offer massages at a more premium price point than the previous entries. They have a style of massage not used by many, giving them an edge over the competition.

Wang Zu Bu Lao is situated on Jalan Sutera in Taman Sentosa in Johor Bahru.

Other massage shops in Johor

There are many great massage shops in Johor Bahru. You should at the very least try out the ones listed above. You are bound to be relaxed. Read here about massage therapists in Johor or other places in Malaysia.

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Kuala Lumpur Massage Places 2020

Kuala Lumpur Massage Places 2020

Kuala Lumpur is well known for being a tourist destination. As such, it is only natural that many massage places would sprout up there, seeing as tourists want to relax and experience some good times here.

That doesn’t mean that all tourists are looking for the same kind of massages. Some may be want to get no more than a simple massage, which is surprisingly cheap even in the highest-end places. Some, however, will want a little extra, which can cost quite a bit higher, but still better priced than most in most countries in the world. Here is a list of both kinds of places, as we leave it up to you, the reader, to pick and choose which kind of massage you may want. One thing we can tell you is that no matter which one you pick, regular or adult, massage parlours in Kuala Lumpur will leave you satisfied and begging for more.

Regular Massage Services

Perhaps you are a man (or a woman for that matter) who simply wants a massage. Maybe you are on vacation with your family and obviously can’t be doing erotic massages. Maybe you don’t even care for erotic massages. Whichever the reason may be, you may still think of massages to be relaxing and want to relax on your trip here. For those who want a regular massage in Kuala Lumpur, I would recommend the following places for it. They are not ranked in order of price or effectiveness, and many of them are just as good as the rest on the list. All of these parlours will provide you with some of the best messaging experience available in east Asia. You might be even tempted to try all of them.

List of regular massage shops

Alam Beauty and Wellness Spa

Located inside Anggun Hotel, the Alam Beauty and Wellness Spa is situated inside a very rustic looking wooden building. The spa is gorgeous and nostalgic in its decor, hankering back to some of the classiest massage parlours available in the good old days. They also happen to provide facials and manicures alongside their massages. The beautiful massage beds are adorned with silk sheets that make the experience very luxurious. The masseuses in the establishment are professionals who have a very good idea about what they are doing. They offer many different packages, such as offering an hour of head, neck and shoulder massage with foot reflexology at a very affordable rate of 100 Ringgits. Situated in the heart of the tourist zone of KL, Bukit Bintang, makes it an easy massage destination for tourists.

Uroot Spa

The Uroot Spa, situated in Mont Kiara, is another great place to get a relaxing massage. The spa looks less so like a massage parlour and more like a beautiful resort by the beach. Even their massage chairs are styled so that they look like beach chairs. They cost a little more than some in this list but that is to be expected from their unique interior. They also sell some specialised services that may not be found elsewhere, such as pregnancy massages that cost around 120 Ringgit an hour, and jet lag recovery massages for tourists who may have arrived from a vastly different time zone for around 130 Ringgit an hour. They also offer a specialised sports massage for those more athletically inclined, which is sold 75 Ringgits for half an hour. Comparable massage packages to other parlours consist of foot massage with power back massage, and a standard foot, head and shoulders massage. The first one comes in at 110 Ringgit per hour, while the latter is only around a hundred Ringgits an hour. As you can see, these basic packages are much more affordable.


One of the most affordable KL massage places on this list, if we include happy hours, is KL Footsie Massage. They don’t have too many gimmicks going. They offer classic Thai massage solutions, but during their happy hour, you will seldom find a better price in Kuala Lumpur for a massage. From 12 PM to 4 PM on the weekdays, Footsie offers a one-and-a-half-hour traditional Thai massage for only 78 Ringgit. A foot, shoulder, head and neck massage, which is a lot less specialised and a lot more basic, costs a mere 59 Ringgit. There is also a specialised massage package for couples who can go get aromatherapy for both at 148 Ringgits, meaning per hour per person it’s a measly 74 Ringgit. There are also several entertainment options, ranging from mini theatres to watch movies at while you get your massage, or grabbing a book while you get your feet massaged.

Reborn Wellness Malaysia

If you’re interested in specialised Chinese Massage, one of the best Kuala Lumpur Massage places to get it is at Reborn Wellness Malaysia, situated in Kuala Lumpur. They feature authentic foot reflexology at only 66 Ringgit per hour – that is $16 USD. Their traditional Tui Na massage is also very popular, as many choose this 83 Ringgit an hour massage. With many outlets in KL and Klang Valley, it’s almost certainly going to have one close to your hotel or BnB. However, different branches have different themes, such as the one in Bandar Sunway having a sleek modern look, whereas the branch located at Chinatown has a more Chinese influenced look.

Happy Feet

Contrary to the name, Happy Feet Massage place offers more than massage options that make your foot happy. They offer body massages as well, and they are quite good at it. However, it’s their foot massages that are the stars of the show. Oil and Thai massages are quite affordable at 88 Ringgits an hour. Foot reflexology is even cheaper with costs going down as far as 68 Ringgits an hour. If you happen to have pain that is more intense and needs a little more than force, try cupping. A 30-minute session costs only 46 Ringgits. Technically the outlets may be situated outside of KL, but it’s still easy enough to get to thanks to modern Malaysian infrastructure. Besides, Petaling Jaya is quite close to KL, to begin with.

Kuala Lumpur Erotic Massage

One of the biggest sources of tourism in Malaysia and the rest of East Asia is adult tourism. Many around the world come here to get some action, and there is nothing to be ashamed of if you want the same. Malaysia has some of the hottest girls available for erotic massages, while still being quite affordable. Here are some of the places that offer sexy girls to massage and thoroughly relax you.

Sky River Spa

Sky River Spa is one of the more trustworthy places for a tourist to get a good erotic massage. They have a lineup of beautiful girls consisting of different nationalities, such as Thai, Chinese and Malay girls. You may even find Indian girls available at times depending on when you visit Malaysia. Situated in Bukit Bintang, they will almost certainly be near whichever hotel you will be staying at. For their rates, minus tips, you would have to pay around 200-300 Ringgit – $50 to $70 USD depending on the girls’ nationality, skill set, and beauty. Some special girls can cost even more. It is customary for the clients here to pay the girls some tips as well, so that should also be considered.

Escort Spa 88

Situated near Berjaya Times Square in Hotel Mercury, the Escort Spa 88 is also a wonderful choice for a tourist to get a massage or a happy ending, or even both. You can find a website dedicated to their business easily on Google, and you simply give them a call when you reach the place. That’s when they pick you up and show you their selection. They have a nice selection of beautiful girls of all ages, most of whom are ethnically Chinese. The girls are not pros at giving massages, but they certainly know their way around a man’s body. That being said, their massage skills aren’t lacking either, and you would certainly feel quite relaxed even before the happy ending. Depending on which girl you have chosen you may get someone more inclined to give you a happy ending versus those who will be more reluctant, but most will have the skill to relieve you in some way. The cost varies with skill and beauty, and it ranges from 190-300 Ringgit – $45 USD to $70 USD for the session.

KL Playboy Massage

One of the least massage centrist massage place on this article, the KL Playboy does not have a very good team of masseuses. What they have is a team of beautiful girls who are willing to go above and beyond their call of duty to give their client relief. Their massages may be average, but they more than make up for it in their skills elsewhere. The price for an hour session for any of these girls can range from 180 Ringgit onward, with some going as far up as 500 Ringgit. They also feature girls of different ages, nationalities and body types, ensuring there is a little something for everyone.

Freelancers Massage

The parlours listed above all provide out-call massage options, but that does not mean they are the only way to get a massage at your hotel room. There are many freelancers online, and walking the streets of Bukit Bintang, who are willing to offer happy endings, with or without a massage before it. There are even freelancers who are international, meaning if you want a European, American or Hispanic girl to have a relaxing session with, a freelancer will probably be the most reasonable idea for you. However, freelancers come with their own risk. For one, the freelancers are individuals, and may not be very safe. This means you will have to put some extra energy and time into vetting whichever girls you are interested in, and nobody wants to do extensive researching during their vacation. Besides, freelancers also know their worth better and will usually put a higher price tag on their services, making them much more expensive. The rarer the nationality in Malaysia, the better the body, the more expensive their services.


Overall, Malaysia, especially Kuala Lumpur, is a great tourist destination. There are some wonderful massage parlours here along with some stunning beauties, and both will give you an unforgettable experience.

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Adult Massage Hotels Jakarta 2020

Adult Massage Hotels in Jakarta 2020

Jakarta is one of the most popular cities in the world today. Many people come to this place for business, leisure, or school. Many great things are offered by this city. It is the capital city of Indonesia. If you visit Jakarta for any reason, you may want to consider trying the adult massage in Jakarta. Some popular massage centers are available in this city. Some of these places offer adult massage sessions for all customers. This massage session can make you enjoy your time while you are in Jakarta.

How much is the adult massage in Jakarta?

The price varies between one adult massage hotel and the other. You have to take a look at some popular massage places before you can decide to visit the best one for yourself. The price of one massage session is usually ranging from $40 to $1,000. This is the normal range of adult massage session in Jakarta. However, some places offer their private massage sessions at a more expensive rate than the regular rate. Here are some popular places in Jakarta that offer great massage sessions for all customers.

Top Adult Massage Venues in Jakarta

Malio Hotel

It is one of the most famous places that can offer the best massage service in Jakarta. This hotel has a modern look and design. It has a nice spa area, a strip club, and also karaoke rooms. You can find more than 100 beautiful girls who are working in this hotel. Most of them are Indonesian. Malio Hotel also has some girls from Vietnam, China, and also Uzbekistan. Most of these girls are beautiful and sexy. The price of these girls is ranging from $50 to $300 depending on the girls that you choose. You should try the body to body massage when you visit this hotel.

Hotel Travel

If you are looking for the best adult massage place in Jakarta, you can take a look at this place. This place offers great massage service at a very affordable price. In general, you only need to pay for about $30 to $50 for each massage session. You can also pay more if you want to have a threesome massage service from your favourite girls. Most girls from Hotel Travel are in their early 20s. They are very attractive and cute. You will never forget your experience when visiting this place.

Classic Hotel

This is another great place that you should visit when you are in Jakarta. The massage parlor is located on the second floor of this hotel. When you come to this place, you are going to meet a lady who comes with some pretty girls. This lady is going to introduce you to all pretty girls, so you can choose your favourite girl easily. It is a good idea for you to take some time by ordering a beer first in this hotel, so you can check out all the girls who are available in this hotel. Classic Hotel also has live music every night after 9 pm.

Emporium Hotel

Emporium Hotel is located in North Jakarta. It is managed by the same group that also runs the Malio hotel. Therefore, this hotel has some similarities with the Malio hotel. When you come to this place, you can meet a lot of beautiful and attractive girls who are ready to give you the best adult massage in Jakarta. The price of all girls in this hotel is ranging from $100 to $200 depending on the quality of your favorite massage therapist. This price will include the use of the spa area inside this hotel. Those are some of the most popular massage places in Jakarta. When you want to get the best adult massage in Jakarta, you can visit any of those places. Those places are very popular for their happy ending massage services. It is recommended for you to bring enough cash when you visit any of those places. Don't forget to give a good tip to your massage therapists, so they can give the best service to you. They will be very happy to make you get an unforgettable massage experience in Jakarta. Jakarta will be the best place for you to have a good adult massage session in your life.

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Asian Massage Therapists by Country in 2019

Asian Massage Therapists by Country in 2019

Mobile apps are becoming used more and more by all of us. It is easier now to pay for groceries, bills, transportation and even massage booking – all of these by tapping a few times on the screen of your smartphone. In order to make it quicker for users to find massage, the Massage Booking App team has made a few changes improving the search results, making it clearer how to sign up and login. Also, slowly we are enhancing the design so that user interface is friendlier and easier to use.

Since massage is most popular in the Asian countries there are of course a lot more users registered in our app’s database. Most users registered in 2019 are from Indonesia (especially Jakarta, Bandung and Medan) and

We are expanding to Europe, the USA and Africa as well. Those listing can be found in the app just by searching with a city keyword. Examples: London, Berlin, Las Vegas.

Indonesia massage providers by city

Indonesia is one of the countries with large population. While Java Island is the most populous (and one of the smallest islands in the archipelago country) there are large cities in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua regions. Indonesian Massage is a famous in this part of the world and most people often get a massage. It is a well-known health benefit that the locals enjoy. Among the biggest city we can mention Jakarta (the capital city), Surabaya, Bandung, Medan and Denpasar on the Bali island.

Here are the latest massage therapists that signed up and added their services.

Vernadio, Massage Therapist in Bandung, Indonesia

Dave, Massage Therapist in Jakarta, Indonesia – $10 USD per 1 Hour

Robyrefresh, Massage Therapist in Surakarta (Solo), Indonesia – $20 USD per 1 Hour

Adie Romeo, Massage Therapist in Bandung, Indonesia

Vrasta, Massage Therapist in Surabaya, Indonesia

Rifky, Massage Therapist in Bandung, Indonesia – 200000 IDR per 1 Hour

Aria, Massage Therapist in Jakarta, Indonesia

Andre Reflexcy, Massage Therapist in Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Rudi Purnama Milano, Massage Therapist in Jakarta, Indonesia

Mutiaa, Massage Therapist in Medan, Indonesia

India massage providers by city

India is a powerhouse which heads proudly into the future. Even though some parts of India are still developing and in the process of catching up on new or even recent technologies, one could say that the country is advancing quickly. Fortunately, perhaps, is the fact that the small entrepreneurs have somehow bypassed the traditional “pay by card” payments and jumped directly to “pay by mobile” concept which is faster and more accessible to most buyers. In India most people have a mobile phone but not a large percentage of the population has a bank account. This natural evolution makes it simpler for app developers to use this concept familiar to users and launch new similar applications.

Also, Indian people are an avid massage consumers segment where the demand is by far surpassing the supply. Hence many more massage therapists are needed in modern India. It is probably a good career path to study the art of massage. Some of the masseurs/masseuses are relocating from the remote parts of the country to big cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other booming metropolises.

Here are March’s new massage therapists from India:

Rahul Sharma, Massage Therapist in Gurgaon, India – $10 USD per 1 Hour

Manu, Massage Therapist in Palakkad, Kerala, India – $15 USD per 1 Hour

Sanjeev, Massage Therapist in Mumbai, India

Deepak Jagale, Massage Therapist in Pune, Maharastra, India – $20 USD per 1 Hour

Ankit, Massage Therapist in Mumbai, India

Rajesh Chandran, Massage Therapist in Bangalore, India

Atik Body Therapy, Massage Therapist in Dwarka, India

Puja, Massage Therapist in Hyderabad, India

Amol, Massage Therapist in Pimpri Chinchwad, India – $600 INR per 1 Hour

Raja, Massage Therapist in Kasepur, Uttarakhand, India

Philippines massage providers by city

People in the Philippines are also great massage lovers and they order massage weekly, in the least. However it is possible that in Manila there are a few too many therapists for the demand. Hence it would be a good idea if some of them would travel to India and cover the market inequality there. That’s just a joke. However, even with a high number of service providers it’s not easy getting the right service, or to find one available at the right time. Enter Massage Open Booking App that gives your the option to contact the providers from your phone via private chat. Otherwise send a Booking Request and you will quickly get a response.

See below a list therapists in the Philippines:

Ian341, Massage Therapist in Marikina, Philippines

Rex, Massage Therapist in Pasig, Manila, Philippines

Other Asian cities massage listings

There are of course many other countries in Asia and all of them love massage. Hence, don’t forget to use our app when searching for massage shops or individual certified massage providers.

Ra Sajiba – Massage Therapist in Dhaka, Mymesingh, Bangladesh

Moe, Massage Therapist in Amman, Jordan

Rizal, Massage Therapist in Batam Sekupang

Rina Indian Girl, Massage Therapist in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ninis Masseuse, Massage Therapist in Jakarta, Indonesia

Patel, Massage Therapist in Ahmedabad, India

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Find massage therapists online 2019

Find massage therapists online 2019

The latest listings in the Massage App in the year 2019

Are you still looking for an easy way to find and book massage therapists? We are still suggesting the “Book Massage Therapists” App on Android. And there are a few reasons why. We will list them below:

  • It is easy to use. Anybody can tap and make a booking.
  • Book Massage Therapists App is 100% Free!
  • Quick registration – 30 seconds or less.
  • Large user database (particularly in Asia).
  • Private message options (chat directly with therapists).
  • Book Massage Online option (request services at your convenience).
  • Leave comments and ratings after receiving service.

CLICK HERE TO INSTALL THE APP (and book massage instantly)

If you went through the above list and are happy then go for it. Install the Massage App from Google Play and find massage on your phone. You can make the booking and have the masseurs/masseuses come to your hotel or condo/apartment.

Massage Therapists registered in January and February 2019

Wanting to see a sample of the latest therapists registered on the app? Look no further, we have an iteration of the therapists registered in January and February 2019. Though are many others registering as we speak.

Massage in Sidney, Australia by user Topten

Professional Swedish Massage in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA by alisa024

Body Massage in Bandung, Indonesia by Meilani Azhari

Massage Therapist in San Diego, California by Dezz

Licensed Massage Therapist in Daytona Beach by Yogiron (also Yoga Instructor)

Massage by Putra Aryadi in Bekasi, Jakarta, Indonesia

Natural Massage in Jakarta, Indonesia by Naturale

Massage in Chennai, India by Kan

Outcall Massage Therapist in Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Massage in Ahmedabad, India by Massage Therapist Srinevasatava

Massage Pijat in Jakarta Selatan by Cahayaspa

Massage Therapist in Colorado Springs, Colorado by abbytotallybeautiful

Full Body Massage Therapy in Bogor, Indonesia by pijachikung

Gay Massage Therapy in Cavite, Manila, Philippines

Male Massage Therapy in Capetown, South Africa – Jason Therapist

Full Body Massage in Al Rayan Doha, Qatar by Mathayus

Massage in Cirebon, Indonesia by Andiloh Therapist

Body Massage in Mumbai, India by DJ

Massage (2000 INR rupees) in Mumbai by Sameer in Bandra Boy

Mobile Service Massage in Belgrade, Serbia

Massage in Wayanad Kerala, India by Abhilash

24 Hours Outcall Massage in Bandung, Indonesia by Mr Therapist

Massage ($50 USD) by Joe in Lebanon

Massage in Denpasar, Bali by azhary98

Paranaque (Manila) Massage in Philippines by experienced therapist Roshelle

Massage in Cairo, Egypt by Bondok. This is a first in Egypt.

Whole body massage in Marikina, Philippines by Chris

Massage in Alor Star by Refleksologi and Bude Massage

Massage in Central Jakarta by Nafia Experienced Therapist

Massage Therapist in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania by Nawalito

Scientific Body Massage in Rourkela, Odisha, India by Subashtherapist

Massage in Setaibudi Jaksel, Indonesia by Dani

Vancouver Massage Therapist on app, by Sam (50 USD)

Mumbai Massage Therapists by GO FREE 90 Therapists Group

Massage in Medan City, Sumatra, Indonesia by Triasaja (15 USD)

Relaxation and oil massage in Pune, Maharastra, India by Ravi (20 USD)

Massage Allahabad and Lucknow by Desmond (25 USD)

Massage in Hyderabad, India by ronykhan1988

Tantric Massage for Ladies in Cyberjaya, KL, Malaysia by Philip

Massage Male to Male by Kelvin Liando in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (30 USD)

Massage in Ujjain, India by Jatinp (1500 INR rupees for 1 hour)

Body Booster Massage in Abu Dhabi by Ljohn03 (40 USD)

Massage in Bijnor, India by Dr Neeraj Kumar Choudhary (1500, 2000 INR rupees)

Massage in Jalandhar, India by Manish (7 USD)

Massage in Pretoria, South Africa by Loubser123 (300 R)

Massage Therapist in Malang, Jawa, Indonesia by djibrylsakty

Swedish, Thai, Deep Tissue Massage in Al Hasa, Saudi Arabia (20 USD or 70 SR)

Massage in Ludhiana, India by Massage Master (6 USD)

Indian Massage in Chandigarh by Massage Master (25 USD)

Massage in Laguna, Philippines by Atashiro Romeo (250 PHP)

Massage for Couples in New Delhi, India by Kumar Raj (100 USD)

Body and Foot Massage in Mexico City, Mexico by Paco Coran ($20 USD)

Body Massage in Dubai, UAE by Drieangel (35 USD)

Outcall Thai Massage in Makassar City, Sulawesi by Haryansyah ($10 USD)

Outcall Massage Cebu City, Philippines by Raymond (500 PHP)

Body Massage in Balikpapan, Indonesia Kalimantan by Adri ($25 USD)

Full Body Massage and Totok Wajah in Medan City, Indonesia by Endang (10 USD)

Massage in Bangalore, India by Mani


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