Phnom Penh Massage
Riverside is THE place in Phnom Penh

One of the best places to get a Phnom Penh massage is of course the famous Riverside. Here is where most hotels, hostels, restaurants and massage shops are located. If you are a tourist in Cambodia chances you will stop in Phnom Penh on the way to or from the Siem Reap temples or the seaside resorts. And most likely you will stay near the Riverfront area where you can visit the Royal Palace or just…chill and have an Angkor beer.

Comparing to other countries in Asia, in Cambodia services are a lot cheaper. Same is true for massage which starts at around 3 USD. Please below a comprehensive list of prices and a menu taken from one of the shops on street.


Traditional Khmer Massage – 1 hour at 7 USD

Aroma Massage – 1 hour at 8 USD

Traditional Thai Massage – 1 hour at 8 USD

Oil Massage – 1 hour at 8 USD

Head, Arms and Shoulder Massage – 1 hour at 8 USD

Four Hands Massage – 1 hour at 15 USD

Swedish Massage – 1 hour at 9 USD

Aloe Vera Massage – 1 hour at 12 USD

Herbal Hot Compress – 1 hour at 12 USD

Swedish Foot Massage – 1 hour at 7 USD

Relaxing Foot Massage – 1 hour at 7 USD

Massage shops near hotels and hostels

Some hotels have their own massage service. Otherwise just ask your lodge reception and surely they will recommend you a shop nearby. There are too many hotels and hostels around but we can recommend Lovely Jubbly Place for the backpackers on budget – it is only 4 USD a night if you book online and 5 USD for walk-ins.

The massage places we would like to point out are U & Me Spa, Khmer Aloe Vera Spa, Khmer Aroma Massage and Amatak Beauty Spa.