Cambodia Massage
About massage in Cambodia

Read on about where to get that good Cambodia massage whether you are in the capital city, at the Angkor Wat temples or at the beach. Probably you heard of the Khmer Massage which is quite similar to the neighboring country Thailand Massage but it is of course cheaper. It is also a quality ritual though it has never reached the fame of the Thai Massage.

Where to get a Cambodia Massage

Main places to get a Khmer Massage is of course in the big cities like the capital Phnom Penh, thebeach and party seaside resort which is Sihanoukville but the highest concentration of massage shops is of course in Sieam Reap where hordes of exhausted temple visitors need a good foot and body massage.

How much costs a massage in Cambodia

Again it really depends on the establishment and the location. A small street shop might charge you 6 USD for one hour traditional massage while the 4 and 5 stars hotels have luxurious spas with massage prices around 20 to 50 USD. What you need to know is that most therapies at the normal establishments start at 4 USD. See below a service (massage menu in the photo gallery) and price list at a Riverside massage shop in Phnom Penh.