Bui Vien Massage
Bui Vien is the center of Pham Ngu Lao, heart of touristic Saigon

Looking for a good Bui Vien massage and spa? Here are our recommendations for this famous street in the Pham Ngu Lao district of Saigon. Vietnam is one of those countries where everything is cheaper than what you expected however read our reviews to avoid bad service. Also, please your experience with other visitors and travelers so you can help increase the quality of the services offered.

What is Bui Vien? It is a street in the Pham Ngu Lao neighborhood filled with shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, hostels, guesthouses and massage parlors. Though always full with tourists looking for souvenirs and bargains it is the nightlife that makes this place full of life.

Bui Vien Massage Prices and Services

One of the recommended massage shops is Sunflower Spa located at Bui Vien Number 53

BODY MASSAGE (prices in Vietnamese Dong)
Body massage standard 100.000 40min, 130.000 60min
Body massage Thai or Shiatsu 140.000 40min, 170.000 60min
Body massage Swedish 110.000 40min, 150.000 60min
Body massage with hot stones or herbal 160-000 60min, 200.000 80min
Body scrub (+ quick massage) 250.000
Facial Standard 130.000 for 60 minutes
Facial Special 170.000 for 60 minutes
Eyelash curling 80.000
Eyelash extensions 400.000
Foot massage standard 70.000 40min
Foot massage with hot stones
Foot scraping + quick massage  80.000
Foot scraping + pedicure 120.000
Foot scrub and parafine treatment 130.000
Hand scrub and parafine treatment 120-000
Back +Neck +Shoulders 100.000 40″ 130.000 60min
Facial +Foot +Back +Shoulders +Head 290-000 120min
Facial +Neck +Back +Shoulders +Head 260.000 120min
Foot +Neck +Back +Shoulders +Head 270-000 120min
Manicure (+ quick massage)  – 20.000
Pedicure (+ quick massage)  – 50.000
Nail color – hand or foot/ both 20.000 40.000
Nail art – hand or foot/ both 70.000/ 130.000
French manicure – hand or foot 50.000
Upper lip or chin or eyebrows 50.000
Armpits 70.000
Half – leg or arm or back or bikini line 150.000
Full – leg or back 260.000
Full bikini 270.000
Sunflower Spa address
53 Bui Vien Street, Pham Ngu Lao
District 1
Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam
cell phone number: (+84) 0935183173

Another good place to visit is TAY CO SPA & BEAUTY SALON for women and men at 123B Bui Vien Street. Phone: 0909-112579

Their menu features a wide range of services and affordable prices. With these services you get a FREE 30 minutes FOOT MASSAGE!

BODY MASSAGE (prices for 1 hour in Vietnamese Dong)
Vietnamese Massage (Massage Toàn Thân) 120.000
Thai Massage 150.000
Shiatsu Massage (Massage Nhat) 150.000
Hot Stone Massage (Massage Da Nong) 170.000
Hot Oil Therapy (Massage Dau Nong) 150.000
Mud Therapy/Herbal Mask (Dap Bun Toan Than) 400.000
FOOT MASSAGE (prices in Vietnamese Dong)
Foot Massage (Massage Chan) 45 minutes at 80.000
Foot Herbal 30 minutes at 80.000
Foot Hot Stone Massage 45 minutes at 100.000
PACKAGE DEALS (prices in Vietnamese Dong)
Massage Facial/Head/Back/Foot 2 hours at 400.000
Massage Shoulder/Head/Neck 30 minutes at 65.000
HAIR SALON (prices in Vietnamese Dong)
Hair Cut at 60.000
Hair Washing at 50.000
Hair Coloring (Woman) 210.000 to 300.000

Julie Nail and Spa offers a great selection of waxing and scrubs along with massage products. We will cover here the beauty services only while attaching their menu booklet below. Their phone number in Saigon is 0907-288034 and the address is 141 Bui Vien, District 1, HCMC.

Under arms waxing – 5
Full arms waxing – 10
Full legs waxing – 15
Half leg waxing – 8
Full back – 12.5
Bikini wax – 12.5
Milk Salt Scrub – 45 min at $10
Milk Coffee Scrub – 60 min at $12.5
Avocado Scrub – 60 min at $15
Milk Potato Scrub – 60 min at $10
Strawberry Scrub – 60 min at $12.5