Boracay Massage Price 2020
How much is a massage on the beach in Boracay

Relaxing in paradise is not ever complete without having a Boracay massage. After a full day of paddle boarding one needs a good body massage. But where to get it? And what are reasonable prices? This is what we’re trying to cover in this article. Boracay is a small but beautiful island in Philippines but there are quite a few spa services. Distances are short from hotel to the beach, shopping and restaurants areas. One can walk for 10 to 20 minutes or take a cheap trike. Read on for our recommendations.

Boracay Massage Prices 2020

Footzeez Spa at D Mall

Address: D Mall phase 4, Malay, Aklan, Philippines (click here to launch map) Phone number: +63 36 288 4264

D Mall is quite the center of the island and an important location when it comes to restaurants, shops and travel agencies. Here you will find your fast food, normal dining, scuba diving tours, beach wear stores and even small street vendors. It is a strategic location and no wonder that Footzez decided to open their massage shop.
Boracay Massage Footzeez is basically focusing their services on foot massage. However for those looking for back and full body massage there are options for that as well. Full body massage starts at 700 pesos (15 USD) for a 60 minutes session. See below the prices and menu photos.

Boracay Massage – Footzeez Massage Menu 2018

Individual Services

Foot Spa – 700 pesos (15 USD)

Foot Massage (30 minutes) – 550 pesos (12 USD)

Foot Massage (1 hour) – 700 pesos (15 USD)

Hand Massage (30 minutes) – 500 pesos (11 USD)

Hand Massage (1 hour) – 650 pesos (14 USD)

Foot Massage Packages

Foot Massage (30 minutes) & Foot Masque – 1200 pesos (26 USD)

Foot Massage (1 hour) & Foot Masque – 1350 pesos (29 USD)

Foot Massage (30 minutes) & Hand Massage (30 minutes) – 1050 pesos (22 USD)

Foot Massage (1 hour) & Hand Massage (1 hour) – 1350 pesos (29 USD)

Foot Massage (1 hour) & with Manicure or Pedicure – 950 pesos (20 USD)

Hand Massage (30 minutes) & with Manicure or Pedicure – 750 pesos (16 USD)

Room Service Outcall Massage

Full body massage – 700 pesos (15 USD)

Back massage (30 minutes) – 550 pesos (26 USD)

Back massage (1 hour) – 700 pesos (12 USD)

Boracay Massage on the beach

Boracay massage always costs less on the beach so head over and start walking. In no time you’ll find a some therapists under the shade of some palm trees. Hopefully, they also have a long chair or table for you. Beach body massage starts at 350 pesos (8 USD) for 1 hour and the same price applies to foot or dry massage. See the full menu in the photos below.

Massage in the Philippines

You could walk inside one of the massage parlors in Boracay or other cities in the Philippines, however, there is an easier way. And that is to find and book massage on the massage app. It is easy to signup, quick to find and you can contact the massage therapists directly. Give it a try as it is free and it takes only 10 seconds to register. Install the Android Massage App here and check-out the details on our Facebook page.

Massage therapists in the Philippines

The list below shows cities in the Philippines where massage therapists offer their service on the app. Apart from Boracay and Manila there are many other touristic places in the Philippines. We could only scratch the surface by mentioning Cebu, Bohol, Panglao, Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Davao and Puerto Galera.

Here are the latest providers registered on

Boracay Massage by Edlin

Manila Massage – Book Here

Cebu City Massage – Book on Massage App

Massage clients in the Philippines

The goal is for the businesses to connect with their clients. Our application aims to facilitate users to contact each other easily. Clients can login and contact therapists directly – therapists will receive a push notification on their phone or email message. In the future we will be adding a booking form so that therapy sessions will be booked on the fly.

Hotels in the Footzeez and D Mall neighborhood

D Mall is a central location in Boracay therefore there are many hotels in the area. Some of the high rates ones are Boracay Uptown Hotel, The District Boracay, Le Soleil de Boracay Hotel, Boracay Mandarin Island Hotel and even hostels like Boracay Backpackers for those traveling on a budget.