Book Massage India

Book Massage India

Book Massage India

Would you like to book massage in India? Whether is Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or other cities in India, there is a massage therapist ready to knead. All you need to do is to make the call, or in this case, install our app, choose your masseur and send him/her a message. Now you can actually send a booking request with date/time and desired location.

Santhosh provides outcall massage in Chennai. Click here to contact Santhosh and Book Massage in Chennai. See below for the types of services offered. Please note that these may differ from therapist to therapist and place to place – hence make sure you’re asking the service details and prices.

Book Chennai Massage by Santhosh

Indian massage in Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore

Here are the latest therapists registered on our massage app. Make sure to contact them as it is free of charge!
Book Gurgaon Massage by Sunny

Book Pune Massage by Akshay

Book Gurgaon Massage by Pradeeprana

Book Lucknow Massage by Sonu

Book Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Massage by Ashok Kumar

Book Kolkata Massage by Arijit

Book Pune (Puna) Massage by Gajanan

Types of Services Provided

Indian Massage
Swedish Massage
Full Body Massage
Thai Massage

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