Book massage app

The current article describes how to find and book massage online via the app. An app is a special software built for the smartphones. The app in question is called “Massage Open” and it is available only for Android devices with any operating version installed. Though the newer Android versions will help run the app faster.

How to find massage on the app

Mirror mirror on the wall, please tell me what is the best therapist of them all. You could try this approach or use the Massage Open app to see masseurs and masseuses near you. The year 2018 brought lots of new technologies which help us find many things. However, when it comes to massage services there are only a few options online. One of them is, of course, our massage application (see the Facebook page here) which lets providers list their services and clients book massage online.
To see who is offering what services do a quick search after installing the Massage App from Google Play. Or you can try it on the web, easier and faster. You will see lots of new listings added every day. Each provider has the option to add how much they are charging for a massage per hour, what type of massage service they’re providing and which location (city, area) and to add a more specific description. Clients can also add a request saying which city they’re looking for massage and eventually match with providers. There is also a facility to add comments to rate your experience or ask questions. Clients and therapists can contact each other via the private message function.

How to book massage

Our massage application has a new feature which is: Booking Request. This feature lets clients request a time and location. When the booking request is sent the massage provider receives is as a private message and via the email. The provider may respond to the client via email or phone.

Latest massage therapists in November 2018

Below are some of the latest massage therapists registered in November and December 2018. There is no city or country filter – most listings are from Indonesia, India, Malaysia, The Philippines but also the United States, Taiwan, and Greece. Among many other countries.