Last update: June 20, 2020

Do you want to book massage Android App in 2020? With all this new technology that is supposed to be helping us, life is getting harder instead. As we are being locked inside our houses, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do certain things. You’d need a certificate to travel, to get a job, to live. And, of course, it is harder now to book a massage. The massage providers are out there and you are locked inside your home. We don’t promise that we have the best solutions. But you could give Massage App a try. It helps you connect with massage therapists in your city.

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Here are some of the latest massage therapists registered on the Book Massage Android App. You can install the app and contact the massage providers directly.

Massage in Pontianak, Kalimantan

Pontianak is an awesome place near the equator. Yes, that’s right, right on the line that dissects that planet. So you can basically stand both sides on the Earth, at the same time. A little imagination required. But there is a monument dedicated to the equator line. And there are awesome spots to visit in the jungle. Of course, this is not the only place where the equator crosses in Indonesia – the line also cuts inside Sumatra, Sulawesi and the North Maluku islands. What I’ve liked about Pontianak is the calm of the people and the good food. Especially the fish and the many types of exotic fruits. Indonesia is a marvellous country and it’s worth exploring, especially now when the travel restrictions are easing in the country.

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Massage in Pontianak by Ummi Anti

Massage in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We all know the famous Kuala Lumpur twin towers of Petronas. But that is not all what the Malaysian capital has to offer. There are the natural Batu Caves that can awe you. There is the old Chinatown to spoil you with Chinese snacks and then the hidden night markets where you can have the yummiest foods. The colonial architecture is a treat for a photographer and there is even a Little India for those wanting Naan & Dal for lunch. Kuala Lumpur is worth exploring for the old and the new. There is even a high-speed train in the works; between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, however it is being delayed. And for the massage – best areas being Bukit Bintang and Pudu.

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Massage in Padang, Sumatra

Welcome to Padang, the city and the region that gave Indonesia and the world the famous Masakan Padang or Nasi Padang cuisine. Situated on the West coast of Sumatra, Padang is a small sleepy city. Tourists could find enough to explore for one day, then heading North to Bukittinggi and even Lake Toba or Westward to the surfing islands.

There are not many major massage shops in Padang, but that’s OK as you can always book massage android app.

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Massage in Yogyakarta, Java

One of the main tourist hubs in Indonesia is of course Yogyakarta – also called Jogjakarta (short version Jogja). While Bali has a huge percentage of foreign tourists, Yogyakarta welcomes mostly Indonesian tourists. The most popular attraction nearby the city is the Borobudur temple complex. The others are Prambanan temple and the old town including the Kraton (Keraton) Palace. Jalan Malioboro is a beautiful avenue with lots of shops, restaurants and sometimes street singers and street shows.

I enjoy the traditional Nasi Uduk food in the small family restaurants. And the local coffee.

Massage in Yogyakarta (on the Android app)

Book Massage in Jojgakarta by Eka (Book by phone, email or SMS)

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Massage in Solo (Surakarta)

Solo is not as famous as its neighbour Jogjakarta. However it is an important place in Java’s history. From what I know the actual president of Indonesia comes from Solo. I have only explored Surakarta for a short while but it was a pleasant experience. And the food was delicious.

Massage in Solo by Wita (on Android app)

Massage in Manado, Sulawesi

Manado was a favorite Dutch settlement. The city prospered with spice, coffee and other exotic plants trade. Among the famous thing about the city, and the region, is the very spicy Manadonese food, the well-maintained diving spots and the fact that the dominant religion in the region is Christianity. Today, Manado is still a bustling city though recently you won’t see many tourists in the area. The local government is still waiting to see how the situation plays out. It is harder to find a massage center than, for example, Bali or Jakarta.

Massage in Manado by Bryan (Book by email, phone or SMS)

Massage in Manado by Kireyna (Book by email, phone call or SMS)

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Massage in Bangkok

There is no need to explain anyone that Thailand, and especially its capital city Bangkok, is the place for massage. To be more exact, we don’t know how it became so famous – it is possible that the huge number of tourists marketed the massage service more than any advertising. China is also huge on massage but I guess the Pattaya and Phuket beaches look better with massage chairs on.

Massage in Bangkok by Royal Outcall Massage

Book Massage in Bangkok by Bell (Free on Android App)

Massage in Bangkok by Jeab (On WhatsApp, Email or Phone)

Massage in Bali

Yes, you’ve been to Bali and you loved it. However, I don’t think that was very recent, was it? Well, I can tell you that there massage centers open in Bali, even now, yes there is massage during the coronavirus pandemic or whatever that is. Most of the massage centers are open now in Canggu and Ubud – these two locations retained most of the year-round expats living in Bali, and honestly probably the most expats living in Indonesia. People from Russia, Australia, Canada, Europe and not only, live and work here.

Massage in Bali by Leni Marsina

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