Bangkok Massage Parlours
How to choose a massage (erotic) in Bangkok

Here is a short and straight forward list of Bangkok massage parlors. This article is focusing on the adult type of massage. For the normal massage and spas please read the Bangkok Famous Spas recommendations by Thai locals.

Bangkok Massage Parlours (Where?)

There are 2 main areas in Bangkok where foreign tourists could get a good erotic massage. Those neighbourhoods are Sukhumvit and Ratchadapisek. The differences are that Sukhumvit is almost exclusively geared towards tourists either Western or Asian, while Ratchadapisek shops receive a high number of local clients. From our experiences one will, almost always, receive better service in Ratchadapisek. But there are some inconveniences such as longer travelling distance and less spoken English at the Ratchada parlours. That is not to say that there are no good parlours in Sukhumvit. It’s just that it’s always a hit or miss. One must read the reviews and go for a place with constant good ratings.

Sukhumvit Erotic Massage Parlours

Since most hotels are located in Sukhumvit you’ll be probably staying somewhere in the neighbourhood. There are lots of massage shops here and we can recommend the ones below. Please keep in mind that therapists come and go but as a whole these places offer good service.

Top Rated Parlours in Sukhumvit

101 Premier Massage was the best we’ve tried. They normally cater to Japanese tourists and it’s possible that the shop owner is Japanese. Anyway, their massage menu book features photos of the girls and you could also book online. Highly recommended. Click here to read more details and reviews about 101 Massage Bangkok.
Mango Massage – Very aggressive (in a good way) and experienced massage girls and top notch service. They seem to know what the customers want and deliver with enthusiasm.
Dream Heaven Massage – Good service but make sure you tell the reception exactly what you want. Especially if you are looking for a special session with 2 girls.

Ratchada Massage Places

We’ve always had a great experience at Colonze 2 and Nataree. The management seems to be proactive and the massage girls always smiling and offering their best.
Nataree Massage has the largest selection of massage girls seen in the city. Most therapists arrive after 4 PM when it starts to get busy. But at anytime you will find at least 20 or so girls in the lobby. Take your time and take your pick. Click here to read the Nataree review.
Colonze 2 is a personal favorite due to extreme friendly service received. The location is a little off the main road but very near to the famous Lord Palace. Colonze have a good selection of massage therapists and you can read the details here.

Bangkok Massage Parlours Prices

1 hour sexy massagebetween 2000 and 3000 Thai Baht (60 USD to 100 USD)
When it comes to erotic massage the prices don’t vary much. A higher cost does not mean better service. Again, you have to do your homework first before you buy. The luxury massage venues as Lord Palace, Caesar and a few others have models that charge about 200 USD and more per session.